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Forza Doors Limited

The Imola partition system is manufactured in the Forza Doors West Sussex factory producing Forza doors ,frames ,fire screens and veneered panels . The Forza team are thus able to produce a fully co-ordinated project component delivery that recognises project lead times as crucial and when site events compress the completion schedule are able to support fast track demands. Performance characteristics available are FD60/60 and acoustics 54dBRw(mullion ) / 45dBRw (glass to glass joint) .

The Forza FD90/FD120 Fire Certificate

Forza Doors Limited

To ensure Forza third party certificated Fd90/FD120 fire rated products are supplied with a clear and easy to interpret method of installation, Forza have enhanced the fire certificate provided with each fire door . On completion of the product installation , the signed certificate is to be placed in the Building Fire Safety Manual (BS9999:2017) . In addition to the IFCC tamper evident numeric audit label attached to the top edge of the door, Forza provide with each certificate a Forza "Fire door keep shut" label for attachment to the frame at the hinge position or on the intumescent strip at the leading edge of the door .

IFC Fire Certification

Johan Doors Ltd

Johan Doors Ltd Fire certification for Timber Panelled Doorsets FD30,FD30s,FD60,FD60s Including testing of products to BS476: Part 22 & Part 31.

Deko Doors - Doors in Aluminium Frames


Much emphasis has been placed on the design and development of the DEKO door range. Doors make an important statement within an interior, which makes It important that they have good appearance, are of a high quality, and function perfectly. Our wide selection of interior doors makes it possible to comply with fire and sound requirements whilst providing an attractive and well designed solution. DEKO Doors are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and surface finishes. DEKO Doors can be installed in our own system partitions and glazed partitions as well as conventional types of concrete, brick, and drywalls. This makes it possible to use the same door construction throughout the building.

Teckentrup Steel Door & Steel Doorset Guide - Fire Doors, Security Doors, Acoustic Doors, Ballistic Doors, External Enveloping Steel Doors, All Glass Fire Doors

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Steel Door Sets, Steel Fire Doors, All-Glass Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, Security Steel Doors, External and Internal Steel Doors - Teckentrup’s range of steel doors and all-glass doorsets is capable of meeting the application requirements of fire resistance, smoke protection, prison cells, sound insulation and acoustic attenuation, multi-purpose performance and internal use on commercial and industrial projects of regional, national and international size and scope. Teckentrup is committed to compliance at all times with statutory and mandatory requirements of UK Building Standards and Harmonized Product Norms. Products are certified in accordance with the Environmental Product Declaration. BREEAM is also fully adopted

Door Brochure

Bluebell Architectural & Design Products

Oikos’ designer security doors and wall systems amplify project creativity. Although the brochure predominantly showcases modern, linear products, Oikos has the ability to create custom designs suitable for everything from listed Georgian buildings to glazed apartment blocks. Oikos doors are break-in resistance rated (from C3 upwards), water, wind, and fire resistant, with a steel frame and steel core.

French doors

Lomax + Wood Limited

Beautiful timber French doors made-to-order incorporating full height glass or panels, creating an elegant balcony or garden doorway. Made-to-order timber French doors ideal for conservation areas and new build projects. The doors are supplied with espagnolette locking, latch, mortice dead lock and door handles. Factory hung on hi-load lift off hinges with hinge bolts as standard. Operating and slave leaf provided with handles and espagnolette locking.

Entrance door

Lomax + Wood Limited

Presenting a grand entrance to the property our period timber doors make a statement and can be designed to match new or existing details. Made-to-order timber entrance doors incorporating a turn-key espagnolette which has been tested for Secured-by-Design schemes. Including two anti-push back claw hooks, deadbolt and latch. The Heritage Locking System incorporates a euro profile locking cylinder which is at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder pull and the lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed. This means that the entrance door maintains a traditional appearance while introducing security enhancing features.

Interlocking Doors

Safetell Ltd

Safetell Interlocking Door Modules are bullet and attack resistant and designed to securely control the access of persons from one area to another; typically from a public area to a secured area such as an office, reception, jewellers, or other at risk area. The outer door can only be opened when the inner door is secured, and similarly the inner door can only be opened when the outer is secured. The Safetell Interlocking Door Module contains tailgate detection systems that prevent the inner door from opening when more than one person attempts to pass through the interlock.

Security doors

Shadbolt International

Fully tested internal security doors and doorsets suitable for use, for example, as entrance doors to apartments within a residential building (not for external use). ShadPAS security doors are fully tested to PAS 24 and are suitable for most common security requirements including the Building Regulations Part Q for dwellings. ShadSecure doorsets provide a higher standard of security, having achieved the LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2 rating in independent tests.

Period Doors

TRC Restoration

Our period timber doors are carefully styled to suit heritage and conservation projects. These period doors are the optimum choice for replacement doors for listed buildings; while also complementing high-specification new-build designs. Available as heritage French doors and single timber doors, these period doors preserve the original design integrity while fulfilling todays acoustic and thermal containment demands. Original design touches add distinction, such as traditional putty for the optional glazing panels. Please browse our range to be inspired; or contact us to discuss bespoke door design options.

Showing 73-108 of 616