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Fire doors and doorsets

Shadbolt International

Shadbolt timber-based fire doors provide fire resistance up to 60 minutes. Available as door leaves only or as doorsets, and as matching non-fire doors. Purpose-made for each project, with extensive freedom to choose frame and edge details, glazing designs and ironmongery. High quality appearance with veneered, laminate or paint finishes. Independent UKAS-accredited third party fire test reports or assessments for every individual door type supplied. Acoustic doors with fire resistance can also be supplied.

9. Hygienic GRP Fire Doors

Dortek Ltd

Dortek hygienic GRP fire doors are regularly tested for fire resistance to various International Standards. Our GRP fire doors combine safety without compromising high standards of hygiene and durability. Unique to Dortek, our patented concealed intumescant strip is built into the door during the manufacturing process. This maintains a smooth, seamless profile ensuring that there are no seams or ledges where dirt and germs can gather. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat of a fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.

Specialised Fire Resistant Door Hardware

Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

Fire and smoke protection measures are an essential, lifesaving precaution in a building. What’s more, they protect the property from the devastating consequences of the fire itself, and the damaging effects of hot and cold smoke. So it’s essential to get the product selection right, every time.

Pocket Door Pro Fire Rated

P C Henderson Ltd

Pocket Door Pro Fire Rated contains all the benefits of our regular Pocket Door kit as well as being a certified fire rated system to FD30 and FD60 standards. The kit contains intumescent seals and is made out of high quality FSC finger jointed Redwood. The system is available in seven different kit sizes; 120mm or 125mm finished wall thickness; FD30 or FD60 standards and self closing or non self closing applications. Please consult your building inspector prior to purchase to determine if you application requires a self closer. The kit should be specified in two parts (see below table) to combine the certified fire rated liner kit and the Pocket Door Pro hardware kit. The system has been independently tested and certified by Warrington Fire to BS476:Part22:1987.

Teckentrup Steel Door & Steel Doorset Guide - Fire Doors, Security Doors, Acoustic Doors, Ballistic Doors, External Enveloping Steel Doors, All Glass Fire Doors

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Steel Door Sets, Steel Fire Doors, All-Glass Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, Security Steel Doors, External and Internal Steel Doors - Teckentrup’s range of steel doors and all-glass doorsets is capable of meeting the application requirements of fire resistance, smoke protection, prison cells, sound insulation and acoustic attenuation, multi-purpose performance and internal use on commercial and industrial projects of regional, national and international size and scope. Teckentrup is committed to compliance at all times with statutory and mandatory requirements of UK Building Standards and Harmonized Product Norms. Products are certified in accordance with the Environmental Product Declaration. BREEAM is also fully adopted

Acoustic, smoke and fire door seals - datasheets

Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

Gaps around the four sides of a fire door leaf are essential its the only way the door can open + close. But these gaps create a point of weakness, where fire can take hold + destroy the door, + lethal smoke can pass through. Lorients intumescent seals protect those gaps. Most of the door seals shown here are multi-functional + provide protection against fire, smoke, sound leakage + heat loss. These seals are used in the top + vertical sides of door leaves, or in the frame. The bottom of the door should be sealed with a threshold seal from our architectural seals range.

Flameguard Fire Resisting Hinged Steel Doors

Bolton Gate Company

Bolton Gate Flameguard hinged steel doors have been successfully tested to BS476 Part 22 and EN 1634-1 for up to four hours fire resistance. The flush faced design combines smoothness with outstanding aesthetic appeal while the consistently high standard of performance makes Flameguard suitable for a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications.

Teckentrup Sliding & Lifting Insulated Fire Doors

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Fire protection Insulated Sliding Doors: Fire protection sliding doors perfectly merge modern styling, compact design, easy installation and simply operation. The fire-proof T90 sliding doors can be equipped with a wicket door and fire-resistant glazing. Teckentrup has been providing tried and tested fire protection for years. As early as in 1974 Teckentrup was granted approval for the first fire protection sliding door in Germany. Since then the tried and tested as well as permanently enhanced range of fire protection doors features solutions for all eventualities as per the specified building situation or individual demands. Simple control and reliable door operation are guaranteed thanks to cutting-edge drive and control systems.

Steel Fire Doorset & Fire Door Selector I60 E120 EN1634-1

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Teckentrup's expertise is the manufacture of steel fire doors and steel fire doorsets. It has left its mark in on fire protection in Germany for decades. The UK & Ireland are the only major European markets where it is NOT mandatory to specify steel personnel fire doorsets and fire doors with both insulation and integrity fire ratings. In a fire situation an un-insulated, hollow metal fire doorset will contain a fire but offer little resistance to the passage of radiated heat. The Teckentrup T60-FSA Fire Resistant steel doorset and fire door is tested to EN1634-1. It provides up to 120 minutes integrity and up to 60 minutes insulation, increasing the safety of any people in proximity to the fire door in a fire situation. The Teckentrup 62 modular door is available with LPS1175 SR3 rating.

Fire Rated Plasterboard Door Access Panel - Flipfix

Trade Access Panels

Save yourself both time and money when using the Easy Install FlipFix Fire Rated Plasterboard Door Beaded Frame Access Panel and Loft Hatch. These are the easiest Access Panels to install on the market today due to the unique FlipFix Fitting device. Fitting requires no battening out of the structural opening due to the unique FlipFix Device which clamps the frame on to the rear of the plasterboard. These panels are designed to fit into a structural membrane of a joint-less plasterboard ceiling system. It is manufactured with a Beaded frame for tape and jointing/skim-coat plastering. The panel has a Plasterboard faced door for tape and jointing/skim-coat plastering. The panels door leaf is locked in place via a Budget Lock as standard other lock options are available upon request.

Classic SINGLE FIRE RATED Pocket Door System

Eclisse UK

Eclisse pocket sliding door systems are a stunning alternative to traditional hinged doors, used to create more usable space and a modern light ambience without compromising reliability and strength. Adaptable for use in both new buildings and refurbishments, the Eclisse system is a practical and beautiful alternative to traditional hinged doors. The strongest of its type, the Eclisse steel framework becomes part of the stud wall, thus allowing the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall offering the maximum opening without encroaching upon room space. Eclisse UK offer full technical advice and support, both pre-sales and after-sales, and are happy to discuss your individual requirements. All Eclisse products are guaranteed for a full 15 years.

Classic DOUBLE FIRE RATED Pocket Door System

Eclisse UK

Eclisse pocket sliding door systems are a stunning alternative to traditional hinged doors, used to create more usable space and a modern light ambience without compromising reliability and strength. Adaptable for use in both new buildings and refurbishments, the Eclisse system is a practical and beautiful alternative to traditional hinged doors. The strongest of its type, the Eclisse steel framework becomes part of the stud wall, thus allowing the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall offering the maximum opening without encroaching upon room space. Eclisse UK offer full technical advice and support, both pre-sales and after-sales, and are happy to discuss your individual requirements. All Eclisse products are guaranteed for a full 15 years.

Fire Rated Metal Door Access Panel with Beaded Frame

Trade Access Panels

Fire Rated Metal door, concealed frame access panel, 1 Hour fire rated in a ceiling, 2 hour fire rated in a wall. Supplied with a Three-way Locking system and Metal Key. Removable Flush Metal Faced Door. 1.2mm Thick Zintec Steel Frame. 1.0mm Thick Zintec Steel Door Tray. Polyester Powder Coated in matt white RAL 9010 20% gloss.

TYPE FR - 2hr Fire Rated Floor Access Door

Bilco UK

The TYPE FR Floor Access Door maintains the fire rating of a 2-hour floor/ceiling assembly for buildings where access is required between floors. Fire rated Floor Access Doors feature an automatic closing system, intumescent fire resistant coating, and pan cover designed to accept architectural flooring materials for concealed permanent, safe access.

The Passive Fire Protection Handbook: Chapter 8 - Smoke Barriers and Doors

Promat UK

The purpose of a cavity barrier is to prevent smoke and flame from penetrating and/or moving within a concealed space in a fire compartment. Building Regulations provide guidance on where such barriers should be located within hidden voids in a building and they give examples of deemed-to-satisfy barriers for voids in stud walls or partitions.

TYPE J-FR - 1hr Fire Rated Floor Access Door

Bilco UK

Fire Rated Floor Access Door to grant convenient access through a fire rated floor without affecting fire code compliance. The J-FR will contain the flames and limit heat transmission between fire rated floor/ceiling assemblies - it features fireproof coating, balanced cover operation, and is available with a specially designed closing mechanism to ensure the door closes automatically when a fire occurs. Complies with BS476: Part 22 for a 1-hour fire rating

Profab INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Door Fire Rated up to 4hrs

Profab Access Ltd

The Profab INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Door Fire Rated is a steel lockable riser door available in a variety of designs that can provide up to 4 hours fire resistance when used to provide access into jointless plaster/plasterboard and masonry walls and partitions. Used widely in service shafts, corridors and protected zones where access to mechanical and electrical services is required without compromising aesthetics and fire safety. Access is often a multi-door requirement and can be up to 2800mm in height. The INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Door is Certifire fire rated and has been bi-directionally fire tested. Certifire fire ratings of 1hr (1FR), 2hrs (2FR) and 4hrs (4FR) are available as well as a UL Certified (UFR) riser door with a 2 hour fire rating.

Profab VEGA 1500 Series Riser Door Fire Rated Technical Data Sheet

Profab Access Ltd

Technical data sheet for the Profab VEGA 1500 Series Riser Door Fire Rated provides information on configurations, construction, performance. The VEGA 1500 Series Riser Door is available with a fire rating up to 120 minutes. A range of options are available for both locking mechanisms and frame profiles. CAD drawings are included in the Technical Data Sheet.

Teckentrup Stainless Steel Door & Doorsets for Fire, Security, Smoke and Acoustic applications in architectural settings, clean environments, high stress & chemical sites.pdf

Teckentrup UK Ltd

In addition to steel doors and doorsets, Teckentrup also offers its door range in stainless steel. Products with Fire, Smoke, Acoustic, Pressure, Security and Thermal performance capability are all certified in both steel and stainless steel for full compliance. Stainless steel provides remarkably versatile solutions - popular in architectural settings for its contemporary, pure aesthetic yet hardworking in industry for its durability. For wet, heat, cold, chemical and high stress environments stainless steel doors provide high reliability: Hygiene: food technology, medicine, laboratories, pharmacy, sanitary rooms, etc. Wet rooms: indoor pools, saunas Environment with aggressive agents: chemical industry, paint shops, etc. At high stress: rail stations, schools and service areas

Ebios-fire bioethanol fires from DRU

DRU Fires

Bioethanol is an organic fuel and the fires are 95% energy efficient and burn cleanly with no harmful emissions. They include built-in models, table-top fires, freestanding fires and garden fires. Bioethanol releases water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by plants, making it a carbon-neutral fuel. Bioethanol fires need no chimney or flue, so they can be installed in modern houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants and many other locations. They provide warmth, atmosphere and comfort at a low cost and in a non-polluting way, so they are the perfect replacement for gas, electric or wood burning fires. They can be operated manually or by remote control and can be integrated into existing chimneys, false walls, kitchen units and many other places around the home.

DRU gas fires and Global by DRU gas fires 2019 price list

DRU Fires

The DRU Fires price list 2019 contains full details and prices for all gas fires under the DRU and Global by DRU brands. The prices are expressed as recommended selling prices including and not including VAT. They are the prices that are available from approved DRU fireplace retailers. Architects, specifiers and house builders that require prices for multiple occupancy schemes should email: info@drufire.co.uk

DRU Fires summer newsletter 2019

DRU Fires

The DRU Fires summer 2019 newsletter contains details about the new products being unveiled at the Hearth & Home exibition, June 9 - 11, 2019. They include Maestro 60, the first DRU hybrid gas/electric fire for all year round use. It is also the first time that the new DRU Global TruFlame gas fires have been displayed, including the new Global 55XT cavity wall gas fires, developed specially for new build houses. In addition, there are new Dik Geurts and Spartherm wood fires and stoves and the official UK launch of the ebios-fire range of bioethanol fires, which have zero emissions and are 95% energy efficient. Finally, there are interesting case studies and information about our work in the community, including the shirt sponsorship of an under 13s football team.

Coopers Fire Fire and Smoke Curtains Product Catalogue

Coopers Fire Ltd

Coopers Fire offer a standard range of fire curtains and smoke curtains tested to BS EN and UL standards. Our range branches into vertical fire and smoke curtain products (FireMaster and SmokeStop), horizontal fire curtain products (FireMaster Horizontal), multi-sided fire and smoke curtain products (FireMaster Concertina) and angled fire curtain products. Coopers can of course also design a bespoke product where required.

DRU Fires products brochure 2018-2019

DRU Fires

The DRU Celebrating Warmth brochure 2018-2019 features the total collection of DRU gas fires and Global by DRU gas fires. The brochure includes images, descriptions, technical specifications and line drawings of all gas fires within the DRU and Global ranges. DRU contemporary gas fires are all glass-fronted, room-sealed appliances with energy efficiency ratings of up to 85%. They include balanced flue gas fires that can be installed without a chimney and conventional flue gas fires, which fit the dimensions of Class 1 and Class 2 UK chimneys. DRU gas fire brochures are available from more than 200 specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. Copies can also be ordered from the website: www.drufire.com Architects and specifiers please email: info@drufire.co.uk.

Spartherm built-in wood fires price list 2020

DRU Fires

The Spartherm built-in wood fires 2020 price list includes full details and prices of all the Spartherm fires that are available in the UK, including model types, sizes and accessories. Architects and specifiers requiring pricing for multiple installation projects please email: info@drufire.co.uk

Showing 1-36 of 853