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The ENiQ LoQ is a innovative digital furniture lock. Not only you can lock your locker, tool chest, or a cabinet with it, but it is also seamlessly connected to the ENiQ Security Ecosystem. If we are talking about form and functionality, the ENiQ LoQ is small, versatile, and flexible. By tapping your transponder to a lock, on a door or a personal locker, you get access to the areas and your stored valuable with a single device.

DOM Tapkey Smart Lock


DOM Tapkey smart door lock allows users access to key areas of a building through your smartphone or programmed transponder. The smart lock can be operated through a combination of hardware locking solutions such as digital cylinder, digital handle, digital padlock, there is a product to suit all your requirements.

DOM ENiQ Guard Handle


DOM ENiQ Guard Digital Handle is is tough and durable, without foregoing a clean and classy design. Our digital door handles, part of the ENiQ line, safely secure any interior door you place them on, and look good while doing it. All different models of the Guard share the same DNA, have a clear family resemblance, and can be further customised with different handles, ensuring they match both your security needs and interior design. As with any ENiQ product, the Guard is easily integrated into your ENiQ Security System.

DOM ENiQ Pro Cylinder


Reliable, strong, smart, versatile. Your ENiQ Pro digital cylinders truly can do everything you want, without compromising any of its securing strengths or ease of use. Or its great looks, for that matter! Its the perfect workhorse on which to build your Security Ecosystem.

DOM RS Sigma Mechanical Lock


The RS Sigma system is the brand locking system for customers who value a high level of safety but watch their costs at the same time. Ideal in environments where there can be quite a lot of doors involved in apartment blocks, condominiums and other building complexes. Designed as a master-keyed system, RS Sigma offers you the convenience you can expect from a modern master-keyed system. You need the security, we offer the matching solution. Safe, fast and reliable. Simple to extend using the clip tag and compatible with the electronic locking systems from DOM, RS Sigma is future-proof and thus protects your investment long-term!

DOM ENiQ Access Wall Manager


The wide range of ENiQ wall readers and writers give you even more freedom and control over your ENiQ Security Ecosystem. From simply opening sliding doors to writing unique access privileges to specific key cards, your wall readers and writers act like extra security personnel across your entire organisation. Making things easier, for you and all your daily users

DOM ENiQ Online Management software


Get full control and detailed insights over your entire ENiQ Security Ecosystem from a single location. By connecting your software to all your ENiQ devices through a TCP/IP-network, you can programme every specific ENiQ device remotely, while simultaneously receiving information back from them. This Live connection also allows you to integrate advanced alarm systems and programme complex security protocols that are not possible without network connections.

DOM EasyKey Digital Door Handle


Easykey - Adaptable to almost any mortise lock on the market, Easykey provides security and control, being a simple and comfortable tool in restricted environments (e.g. offices, hospitals, private areas or public buildings). Access control system with Numeric & Braille keyboard that can be used without cards or keys.

DOM Cliptag Mechatronic Locking system


One locking medium for electronics and mechanics - The new DOM ClipTag V 2.0 has a lot to offer. In a completely new design and equipped with the latest Mifare and 125 kHz transponder technologies, it combines the world of conventional mechanical locking systems with that of highly innovative electronics. Simply open the ClipTag and insert the matching DOM key, and you have two locking media in one unit. This saves space on the key ring and can also be individualised in a colour of choice. It couldnt be easier.

DOM ENiQ Ecosystem - Office Buildings


DOM ENiQ offers different ways of managing your security system, which gives you the freedom to create a security experience that fits best for your organisation. Whatever way you choose to manage and organise your system, it will always work seamlessly with your entire ENiQ ecosystem.

DOM ix Twido Reversible Mechanical Lock


Your DOM ix Twido cylinder is a new benchmark in security engineering at its finest. We took the basic concept of a reversible key and brought it to the next level with the latest in security technology and innovation. Like two refined rotating discs embedded in the key blade, which adds a whole new dimension in both security and copy protection. Your security system just got a whole lot more secure!

DOM ENiQ Data on Card Access Management


Data on Card - Because all authorisations are written on user cards, this programming method is perfect for buildings with a wide range of doors. First, set up your transponders with a desk reader and the ENiQ software. This will connect them to your system and their specific users, and simultaneously writes all access privileges.

DOM ix Teco Reversible Mechanical Locking System


DOM ix Reversible key locking system is our most intelligent Mechanical Security System. Ever. The DOM ix Range of Security Solutions is designed and engineered around the latest innovations and techniques in mechanical security. Never before have we managed to pack this much intelligence and know how in our cylinders! For you, this means that implementing a perfect security system is easier than ever: DOM ix already has done all the thinking for you!

DOM ix Twinstar Reversible Mechanical locking system


It may look like a regular key, but your DOM ix TwinStar is the pinnacle of evolution of DOM keys. Every technology, innovation and patent for mechanical security ever developed by our engineers has led to this unique reversible key. It has our most intricate copy protection technologies incorporated into the key blade, and more pins for more layers of security and possible combinations. Plus the greatest ease of use thanks to the reversible technology. There really has never been a key like this.

Dome rooflights for flat roofs - Mardome range

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Mardome is a range of dome rooflights specially engineered for flat roofing applications typically found in the education and health, leisure, commercial residential sectors. The range features Mardome Glass - a flat glass glazed option, Mardome Ultra the architectural dome and Mardome Trade standard specification dome. These products have been completely redesigned to provide high thermal performance and superior styling with sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out. A range of options are available to increase thermal performance as well as satisfy specification requirements for acoustics, light transmission, ventilation and opening. Other products in the range include Mardome Reflex glazing only unit and Mardome Circular.

Rooflight Replacement Dome - Brett Martin Mardome Reflex

Trade Access Panels

Mardome Reflex rooflight replacement dome is a glazing only unit designed specifically for refurbishment projects where the glazing only needs to be replaced. The unit is supplied with a fixing kit including weathertight washers and cover plugs. Manufactured from Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, this glazing unit is up to 200 times stronger than glass. The high resistance to breakage and adverse weather conditions means Mardome Reflex is very safe and reliable. Contemporary low rise profile. Constant separation of glazing skins across full width of dome including fixing flange.This avoids cold spots and minimises the risk of condensation. Options to satisfy requirements for light transmission, thermal performance, ventilation and acoustics.

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