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Room Divider/Cubicle/Shower Rail Systems by Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss Ltd

Cubicle and room divider systems are best known for their use in multi-bed hospital wards. But they also have additional applications as shower rails or in operating rooms and other areas that require separation and overhead tracking. Other practical solutions for these systems include space dividers in health clubs, spas, changing rooms and offices.

Cubicles - Marin XT - for total privacy and robustness in wet and humid areas


When it comes to challenging environments, no system performs better than Marin XT. Formulated to be 100% waterproof, it withstands the humidity of areas such as showers. Properly equipped facilities are increasingly in demand for commercial buildings as more people cycle to work, encouraged by the benefits of the governments scheme for cycle commuters. Complementary systems such as lockers from the Ocean range a robust storage solution for wet and dry environments - together with matching benching, complete the good-looking, high-performance interior.

Showing 37-38 of 38