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CORE WATER Crate Specification Sheet

CORE Landscape Products

The CORE Water crate is ideal for use beneath gardens, pedestrian areas and vehicular traffic. These crates are now the most popular way to create soakaways in residential and commercial applications. Providing a safe and intelligent solution to rainwater management. Each individual water crate can hold just over 200 litres of water (0.216 cubic meters). 1 crate should be used for every 10-12m2 of the area to be drained. The crates are easily assembled and can be combined to form larger soakaways. The crate should be wrapped with the Geotextile Filtration Membrane provided. This will prevent soil & silt from entering the crate which can reduce the rate of infiltration.

StormCrate - Stormwater Attenuation & Infiltration Crate

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

Brett Martins StormCrates are modular geocellular units used predominantly as below ground stormwater attenuation, surface water infiltration and soakaway systems. The StormCrates are designed to be stacked together to create a structural below ground holding tank or to allow the infiltration of stormwater into the ground around them. The void created by the StormCrates can then fill up with stormwater during heavy rainfall conditions. The collected stormwater then soaks away slowly into the drainage system or ground water table over a more sustained period of time. Extensive use of this type of stormwater attenuation module has helped relieve pressure on conventional surface water drainage systems.

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