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ARC Rainscreen Barrier

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Rainscreen Barrier is a cavity fire barrier for rainscreen cladding applications » Up to two hours fire integrity » Provides a 25mm airspace behind rainscreen cladding » Foil faced to provide a smoke barrier » Suitable for horizontal applications » Available to suit cavity widths from 75mm to 300mm

Heavy Noise Barrier


The Noise reducer HA is an extremely effective sound wall with very high noise insulation and absorption properties. The cleverly designed sandwich construction contains: A layer of noise absorbent mineral wool A thin metal plate in the centre for extra noise insulation a second layer of noise absorbent mineral wool All encased in a steel U-profile frame with a galvanised steel wire-net (front and back) and HDPE windshield Because of their extra sound protection, small footprint and easily installed pre-fabricated format, these barriers are ideal for protecting residential, municipal, and commercial areas from noisy roads and industries. The solid construction means the panels can be stacked on top of each other to a height of 6 metres.

Heavy Duty Barrier


The immense strength and electro-hydraulic operation featured in the design of the B411/412 heavy duty barriers make these products ideal for vandal prone, unsupervised applications. These barriers have the performance required for entrance control of the highest usage sites.

ARC U-Barrier

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Spandrel Barrier seals the top of the party wall cavity, allowing a zero U-value to be achieved when used in conjunction with ARC T-Barrier vertically. Spandrel Barrier is compressed between the top of the party wall blockwork and underside of the spandrel panel, creating a fire and thermal break. Enhances fire protection at the junction between the spandrel panel and roof Easy to install before the spandrel panel is fitted Use in conjunction with ARC Spandrel Barrier to provide complete fire stopping around the spandrel panel Complies with building regulations and NHBC 7.2.16

ARC Spandrel Barrier

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Spandrel Barrier seals the top of the party wall cavity, allowing a zero U-value to be achieved when used in conjunction with ARC T-Barrier vertically. Spandrel Barrier is compressed between the top of the party wall blockwork and underside of the spandrel panel, creating a fire and thermal break. Up to four hours fire integrity around edge of party wall Up to one hour fire integrity between the spandrel panel and blockwork Use in conjunction with ARC T-Barrier vertically to create an effective edge seal around the party wall cavity Zero U-value can be achieved

Automatic Security Barriers

Frontier Pitts Ltd

Automatic Rising Arm Security Barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the vehicle access and egress so their reliability is key. Security Barriers are often the visitors first contact with a company so appearance is also important. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost barrier for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty barrier for frequent operation, Frontier Pitts will supply a system designed to meet the sites exact needs. All barriers operate through a 90 degree movement.

Ceiling Void Barriers

Siderise Group

SIDERISE has developed a range of products for its Interiors sector that includes high-performance acoustic barriers for use in ceiling voids. SIDERISE acoustic insulation systems have been designed to help resolve the issue of Cross-Talk whilst offering exceptional room-to-room sound reduction. The range includes acoustic void barriers for suspended ceilings, acoustic void closures for tops of walls, and cavity barriers and fire stops for suspended ceilings and profiled decks. The brochure contains product details along with a comparison of acoustic and fire performance.

NUDURA Cavity Closer

Nudura Inc

The NUDURA Lintel Insulation Insert is an easy to use lintel insulation product for use in NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form walls. The insert provides installers a product that provides insulation above and below the window to minimize thermal bridging. The NUDURA Lintel Insert is available in a standard 50 mm thickness, and come in easy to install lengths of 1200 mm. The inserts are manufactured with a unique dovetail configuration so a tight seal is created when inserted into the NUDURA ICF Series of products. Manufactured out of EPS, the lintels can be made to fit any standard core size from 100mm to 300mm offered by NUDURA.

Cavity & Underfloor Ventilators

Rytons Building Products Ltd

A wide range of ventilators and accessories for timber frame and traditional builds. Cavity weep vents and weep hole ducts (including a retro-fit option). Periscope Underfloor Ventilator system for block & beam and timber floors. Surface mounted cowls.

ALTI Cavity Closers


Alticloser XPS provides an easy, effective and economical solution when closing cavities within openings in masonry walls for windows and doors. The thermal cavity closer incorporates a UPVC outer which acts as a damp proof barrier, while the insulated XPS core prevents thermal bridging problems. Alticloser XPS is available in options to suit check and flush applications.

ARC T-Barrier Masonry

ARC Building Solutions Limited

The ARC T-Barrier® achieves a zero U-value at the party wall junction by sealing the party wall cavity. This minimises the effect of thermal bypass as well as reducing flanking noise in the cavity. The ARC T-Barrier provides a 4 hour fire integrity at the party wall junction and meets the Robust Detail's requirement for a barrier where a separating party wall meets an external cavity wall, significantly reducing sound transmission along the cavity. Provides effective edge seal to the party wall cavity Zero U value at the party wall junction can be achieved Reduces flanking noise Minimises thermal bypass Easy to install

Acoustic Fencing & Noise Barriers

BSW Timber Ltd

As one of the largest UK suppliers of acoustic systems, our innovative ranges of Soundshield acoustic fencing and Warrior noise barriers provide sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solutions to the ever-growing noise pollution problem.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier


The Heras 94x series is a range of heavy-duty, vandal resistant dual beam barriers which have been crash tested to PAS 68, achieving an outstanding rating for these stringent HVM crash certifications. The 94x series is scalable, offering the potential to upgrade protection levels if site security requirements are increased. Incorporating a shallow foundation mounting system, the 94x series is suitable for simple and low-cost installation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Capable of controlling high volumes of traffic, the 94x series is designed to protect high-risk sites where vehicle impact attack is a real threat.

Rocksilk Smoke and Fire Barrier

Knauf Insulation Ltd

Rocksilk Smoke and Fire Barrier is a non-combustible, flexible rock mineral wool mattress faced on one side with galvanised wire mesh which is stitched to the mattress with wire. Rocksilk Smoke and Fire Barrier is available either unfaced or foil faced on one, or both sides, and is labelled with a continuous identifying strip between the wire mesh and the rock mineral wool.

ARC Tile Batten Barrier

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Tile Batten Barrier provides fire stopping above the roof membrane between tile battens » Provides fire stopping between roof tiles and roof membrane » Complies with NHBC 2017 7.2.16 » Quickly and easily installed as the tile battens are fitted » Manufactured from rockfibre mineral wool insulation

ARC Curtain Wall Barrier

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Curtain Wall Barrier is a cavity fire barrier for use behind curtain wall cladding » Up to two hours fire integrity » Foil faced to provide a smoke barrier » Cut to size on site or factory finished » Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm

Transpalock Revolving Security Barrier

Boon Edam Limited

The Transpalock 900 glass turnstile belongs to the Boon Edam’s top range of Security Barriers. This product offers a simple yet effective method of controlling an internal passage without creating an obtrusive barrier. Constructed mainly from tempered glass and stainless steel the product can match many surroundings.

Delta-Gas Barrier System

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

With Radon being a threat to many parts of the UK, Delta Membrane Systems offers an effective barrier to this deadly gas in the form of Delta-Gas Barrier System. Natural, inert and radioactive, Radon gas has the potential of causing lung cancer in humans. It comes from the minute amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils, and is present in all parts of the UK – with ‘hot spots’ dotted around the country where the problem is considerably more serious. Radon has to be prevented from entering a building in the first place, and Delta-Gas Barrier is ideally suited to this task. Conforming to BR 211, BR 212 and Building Regulations Document C, the barrier has the added advantage of giving totally dependable protection layer against rising damp.

Argus Sensor Barriers and Gates

dormakaba UK & Ireland

The units of the Argus product family consist of a sensor controlled passageway with automatic doors in different versions. There are two product lines available, depending on how the door wings open. The well proven HSB Sensor Barriers are equipped with swing doors and allow for customised design combinations thanks to a variety of materials and finishes. You can choose between stainless steel housing and transparent side walls matching the design of the entrance area. Moreover the sensor barriers are available in three different lengths. The HSG Sensor Gates are equipped with sliding doors available in different heights. Further features are the premium sensor system and the solid stainless steel housing.

INTRAlux Select Barrier Matting


Combining luxury with practicality, this 100% polyamide matting has a uniquely deep pile which ensures high levels of soil and moisture retention and exceptional comfort. The solid colour palette remains a favourite for designers and architects

Photo barriers from SOMMER


SOMMER produces a range of light barriers to increase safety in situations where automatically closing gates and doors are installed. The light barriers are suitable for commercial and residential use. The one-way light barriers communicate from the transmitter to the receiver on one path. Both the transmitters and the receivers are required for this, for precise detection of objects. Two-way reflector light barriers have the transmitter and receiver parallel to each other in the same housing making them fast to install. Most models are suitable for outdoor installation. Please download for full information.

Staifix Cavity Wall Ties


Wall ties for use in external cavity walls should be selected by the 'Types' in PD6697. This document classifies wall ties by strength and use. Wall ties for use in internal separating walls should comply with Approved Document E: Resistance to the passage of sound.

Delta Cavity Drain Brochure

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Maintainable basement waterproofing solution ideal for new-build basements and refurbishment projects. In principle a cavity drain membrane system allows moisture or running water to travel behind the membrane within a controlled drainage system. A cavity drain system requires minimal preparation and disturbance to an existing substrate. Type C Structural Waterproofing Brochure.

ARC Cavity Stop Sock

ARC Building Solutions Limited

ARC Cavity Stop Sock restricts the spread of smoke and flames within the cavity of external masonry walls. It is ideally suited for providing a cavity barrier within the external wall cavity, in line with a separating wall or floor as specified in Approved Document B, and for closing the cavity at eaves level. » Up to 4 hours fire integrity » Horizontal and vertical options » Specified in terraced, semi-detached, apartments and major projects » Meets requirements of Robust Detail Part E and Approved Document B » Maximum cavity width available: 300mm » Easily installed with compression fit; no mechanical fix is required » Third-party certificated by Certifire

Cavalok Cavity Closer Accreditations

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Cavity closers have become a critical building component thats now widely used in all commercial and residential new-build projects. They are undoubtedly the simple and most effective way to seal cavities around wall openings and provide a rigid template for bricklaying and window or door installation.

Hydroflow Cavity Drain System

FIS Products

The Premcrete Hydroflow Cavity Drain membrane from Premcrete is a high quality Type C waterproofing barrier. This membrane is applied internally to deal with water ingress.

Showing 37-72 of 191