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Repairing Concrete

BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd

As a full-range supplier of repair and protection products, we offer customized solutions for your structure. We do not, however, only look at the visible damage, but also provide support for the evaluation of the causes of your structural damage. As a result, we are able to offer you an integrated solution, providing a specifically designed product combination based on the needs of your individual structure. The comprehensive technical construction knowledge of our sales representatives will ensure that you receive the best solutions for your construction requirements.

Concrete Repair Brochure

Parex Ltd

Our comprehensive range of advanced concrete repair solutions. EN1504-3 compliant products which satisfy the full range of repair methods, concrete and steel protection, for structural and non-structural repair with application by hand, recasting, spraying, injection or void filling.

Naylor Concrete - Specifiers Handbook

Naylor Concrete Products Ltd

The Naylor Lintel range has been continually improved and enhanced over the last 45 years in response to ever changing customer requirements and needs. The result: an unrivalled range of lintels to suit every application, backed up by a speedy and efficient specials service.

Weber Concrete Repair and Protection

Saint-Gobain Weber

Reinforced concrete can be a highly durable structural material requiring little or no maintenance. However, it is now recognised that without correct design, mixing, placement and curing, the durability of reinforced concrete may be impaired. The repair of concrete structures has been a key activity for over 30 years in the construction industry and Weber products have been specified as a solution from the start. Now the causes of concrete decay are better understood, it is clear that if more care had been taken at the time of construction by following good practice and using better quality materials then far fewer repairs would be necessary now.

RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar

Ronacrete Ltd

RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar is a prepacked, ready to use mortar for concrete repair and is used with Ronacrete Standard Primer which gives monolithic adhesion to all correctly prepared surfaces. RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar is used to repair and replace concrete damaged as a result of spalling through reinforcement corrosion, freeze/thaw cycling, impact or other damage.

Strike concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Strike is a complete system delivering rapid strength development together with a clear, risk free understanding of the insitu strength of the structural unit. Together, these allow for the early striking of formwork and acceleration of the works, targeting increased productivity and profitability.

Naylor Concrete - Retaining Wall Solutions (Kingpost Infill Panels)

Naylor Concrete Products Ltd

Naylor is a well-established name in concrete product manufacture, having been founded some 40 years ago. The origins of the business lie in prestressed concrete lintels. As well as an excellent range of standard lintels, beams and panels, the Company has considerable manufacturing flexibility: this is supported by a full technical and design capability, and results in an unrivalled bespoke service, allowing the speedy production of non standard items including special finishes, profiles and widths.

Highpave reinforced concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Designed by Aggregate Industries, Highpave® is a range of fibre reinforced pavement grade concretes that reduce the errors associated with the use of conventional reinforcing methods. Highpave can be utilised in pavements and ground support slab construction for residential, transport infrastructure, office and administrative buildings as well as materials recycling, petrochemical, military engineering, hotels, schools and hospitals and agriculture.

Technology and Concepts - Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete

Sika Limited

Sika building refurbishment is based on helping the owner protect their assets, and prolonging the life of the building, by rehabilitating and restoring the concrete surfaces back to their original quality. Where required, Sika provides structural strengthening solutions for concrete to take increased loads. Sikas solution and products are supplied in accordance with BS EN 1504.

Artevia® Exposed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Enhances the architectural and visual approach of concrete and is the ideal solution when it comes to design, durability and cost. The exposed aggregate concrete offers the designer a broad pallet of visual possibilities both in texture and colour whilst the monolithic construction offers structural integrity with decorative effect and free from aspects of vehicle rutting.

Watertight ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Watertight™ is a versatile range of specialised concretes designed to protect a structure from water ingress or to retain water within a structure. When compared to traditional methods of achieving watertight structures, Watertight™ offers contractors and specifiers the competitive edge in both cost and time savings.

Artevia® Colour concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Artevia Colour enhances the architectural and visual approach of concrete and is the ideal solution when it comes to design, durability and cost. Coloured concrete can be supplied to comply with any specification or grade and monolithic construction offering structural integrity with decorative effect. Artevia® Colour is an alternative to decorative surface coatings, reducing construction cost and build programme time

Weathermix® ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

WeatherMix® is specifically designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It is formulated to allow placement of concrete across a range of ambient temperatures from cold to zero. Available in all structural concrete strength grades or mix designs, WeatherMix® is an ideal solution for contractors who need to maintain the construction programme by providing versatile concrete products for cold weather climates.

Agilia® self compacting concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Agilia is a self compacting concrete that brings new opportunities to architect, engineer and contractor. Agilia concrete will flow freely around congested reinforcement without the need for vibration or other energy input. It can be used in virtually any form of construction from housing to heavy civil engineering projects. Aggregate Industries offer the customer a complete service from the supply of curing agents and the training of site supervisors and operatives, to a guaranteed delivery within a 60 minute window and a guarantee that subsequent loads will each arrive in a timely manner.

Hydromedia® fast draining concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Hydromedia is an ideal solution for surface and stormwater management. A fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs stormwater off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. Minimises costs and long-term maintenance for local authorities and developers of stormwater management. A range of strengths are available.

Foundationcrete Extra ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

A ready-mixed concrete specially designed for foundations of two or more storeys, or where steel reinforcement is used. Will meet and exceed the relevant British and European Standards and is economical and easy to use. Has high workability (on request) for ease of placement, can meet aggressive ground conditions (on request) and is ready to lay blocks and bricks upon within 24 hours.

Basecrete Extra ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

A ready-mixed concrete specially designed as a durable direct floor finish, or as a substrate to screed suitable for internal domestic floors, shed bases, garage floors, retaining walls, conservatory bases, light industrial floors and can be used for foundations if required.

Foundationcrete® ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

A durable and versatile ready-mixed concrete, specifically designed for one storey domestic foundations with no steel reinforcements. Foundationcrete Extra is also available for two storey buildings. Suitable for strip foundation without reinforcement, such as house, domestic garage, conservatory, garden wall foundations, blinding and kerb backing.

Diamondcrete® ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Diamondcrete can be utilised in all forms of construction in residential, transport infrastructure, office and administrative buildings as well as materials recycling, petrochemical, military engineering, hotels, schools and hospitals. Diamondcrete can be tailored to the particular challenges of your contract.

Hydracrete® ready-mixed concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

A modified ready-mixed concrete designed for placement into still or moving water with minimal washout. The concrete has a high workability requiring no compactive effort once installed and is ideal for use in difficult access or demanding applications. It is traditionally placed by pump or tremmie pipe direct to the point of placing.

Cempatch Rapid Repair Mortar August

Don Construction Products Ltd

Cempatch Rapid Repair Mortar is a pre-packed single component cementitious repair mortar suitable for repairing and making good internal floors, stairs and steps and for general repairs to cracks and holes. It can be applied to rigid sound surfaces – sand/cement screed or concrete bases, asphalt, granolithic, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tiles, epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Product Range Overview

Whites Concrete

Whites Concrete is part of Naylor Concrete Products Limited a member of the Naylor Industries PLC Group. Initially producing prestressed concrete lintels Naylor has developed into one of the leading suppliers of prestressed and precast concrete products in the UK. Recognising the advantages of precast concrete retaining and storage structures, Whites concrete was formed in 1966 as a member of the Longley Concrete Group developing products for use within the industrial and agricultural sectors. In 2016 the Whites Concrete business was acquired from Longley Concrete by Naylor Industries PLC and incorporated under the Naylor Concrete Products banner.

Concrete Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Manufactured and tested at state-of-the-art facilities, Hardscape can now supply an extensive range of concrete flags, setts and kerbs suitable for every hard landscaping scheme, large or small. Designed for performance, safety and strength, the concrete paving range will meet the demands for all commercial, private and public applications. Our broad selection of durable and versatile flag, sett and block paving will provide solutions for every type of scheme. Whether you prefer stylish, low maintenance block paving, or traditional flags, our range of products offer quality, durable solutions that will last for years. Available in steps, paving, benches, cladding, kerbs.

Concrete Blocks Brochure

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd

A comprehensive product and technical brochure for all concrete blocks within our range including Ultralite, Insulite, Dense Concrete and Airtec aerated concrete blocks. Contains solutions for meeting thermal, acoustic and structural regulations as well as detailed guidance for working with our blocks and applying finishes.

Showing 1-36 of 1240