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160W underfloor heating mat system at Manser Medal shortlisted holiday home

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat's electric underfloor heating mat system has been installed at the Kench, Hayling Island, recently shortlisted for the 2014 RIBA Manser Medal architecture award. The property won a RIBA South regional architecture award in 2013. The holiday home has been designed in the spirit of the original chalets once located in this area, with an open-plan living space and floor to ceiling glazing. Space is limited in the property, therefore underfloor heating was proposed as the ideal solution. Heat Mat's 160W underfloor heating mats and NGT thermostat were installed.

Gypsol HTC proves perfect for underfloor heating


The client also needed a screed with high thermal conductivity in order to optimize the efficiency of the underfloor heating system and to minimize energy use. Gypsol HTC, having a thermal conductivity of 2.5W/mK and a low mass due to its thin section enabling a rapid response to changes in air temperature, met all of the requirements of both architect and client. The building program also required the 750m2 of screed to be installed in a single pour. The chosen supplier therefore had to be capable of supplying the 33 cubic metre supply continuously during the pour.

HDS Heated ramp system installed at “The Halley” in Finchley.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

‘A Boutique collection of executive apartments on a tree-lined Avenue, with secure underground parking’. HDS was contracted to supply and help with the installation of an Ice and snow melting system, to give safe access from the underground carpark up to street level. The developer wanted the full width of the ramp heated, so HDS 4455W driveway heating cables were fitted on top of the concrete reinforcement bars, before the ramp construction was completed. The heated ramp is controlled by an HDS ice and snow melting control, with 2 ground/moisture sensors and one air temperature sensor.

HDS Ramp heating system fitted at luxury project in Ascot

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

This exclusive development required a heated ramp system, to make sure all residents have all year access to the car parking area. HDS designed and installed 8 bespoke heated driveway mats, creating 4 x 0.6m wide heated tracks for 2-way traffic down to the underground carpark. The heated ramp is controlled by an HDS ice and snow melting control, with 2 ground/moisture sensors and one air temperature sensor, to maximise the efficiency of the system.

HDS Ramp heating system installed at “Birchcroft” Ascot, Berkshire.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

This exclusive development required a heated drive for its difficult to access underground parking, and the walkway to the front entrance. HDS incorporated our heated driveway cables in the walkway / entrance area under block paving and fitted 4 bespoke heated driveway mats under the Surface coat tarmac, creating 2 x 1.2m wide heated tracks down to the underground carpark. Both the ramp heating and the heated walkway / entrance area is controlled by an HDS ice and snow melting control, with 2 ground/moisture sensors and one air temperature sensor, to maximise the efficiency of the system.

Underfloor Heating for the iconic RIBA Stirling prize-winning Hastings Pier

Heat Mat Ltd

Hastings Pier was devastated by fire in 2010. As part of the £14.2m restoration, the condemned Pavilion Restaurant was renovated and heated by Heat Mat. The restaurant was housed within one of the only original Victorian structures left behind. An electric system was chosen over hydronic to minimise the load. Situated on the original cast iron structure, the large floor is subject to high-traffic. The system was installed in three zones using a combination of 3mm cables and 160W mats. The final system provides a flexible solution for the restaurant on this iconic RIBA Stirling prize-winning pier.

New house, Perth, Scotland

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

This new-build house was in a remote location and off-grid for mains gas, the house was to be heated by a heat pump and so efficiency was a major consideration for the project. The Lewis Deck system was chosen for the 1st floor of the building to provide the same efficiencies for the underfloor heating as the concrete ground floor as well as providing a high level of acoustic separation for this quality timber frame project. The build-up included the Lewis flanking and resilient strips, Lewis Deck, Anhydrite liquid screed and underfloor heating pipes.



Building Type: Residential development Client & Installer: Be Green Systems REHAU Product: Chilled ceiling, underfloor heating, pre-insulated pipe, plumbing Garry Woods, Managing Director of Be Green, said: “This project not only showcased our expertise but it also showcased the potential of using what we believe are now mainstream heating and cooling solutions in a domestic setting. Our aim was to show just what can be achieved using sustainable energy giving home owners low energy bills and a low carbon footprint. I’m delighted that the response from visitors has so far been hugely positive.”

HDS Heated ramp system installed at St Georges court in Weybridge.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

A luxury modern development with several executive apartments. HDS was contracted to supply and install an Ice and snow melting system, to give safe access from the underground carpark up to ground level. The client wanted the full width of the ramp heated, so 5 x HDS 4455W driveway heating cables (300W/Sqm) were fitted on top of the old ramp before it was covered with a new 60mm layer of Surface coat tarmac. The heated ramp is controlled by an HDS ice and snow melting control, with 2 ground/moisture sensors and one air temperature sensor.

GYPSOL High Thermal Conductivity in refurbishment


Following detailed technical and commercial discussions the Gypsol team were able to provide a cost effective and practical alternative to the original specification using Gypsol HTC screed and a Thermoplane underfloor heating system. Gypsol HTC, having a thermal conductivity of 2.5w/mK was selected due to its high level of thermal performance especially when combined with underfloor heating. The unique mix design of Gypsol HTC screed allows the installer to place the material at just 20mm cover to the underfloor heating pipes allowing an overall depth of just 40mm of screed through the entire project

Charters Ascot -Luxury Private Residences

nVent Thermal Management

To provide high quality instantaneous hot water, the developers were persuaded to move away from a conventional recirculation system to the higher efficiency single-pipe solution, using nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-M self regulating cable and the unique nVent RAYCHEM RayClic connection system. In addition, nVent RAYCHEM T2Red and T2Reflecta underfloor heating was used in the main living areas. The self-regulating cable could provide very responsive heating without overheating, thus avoiding damage to the high quality wooden flooring. Underfloor heating was also used in the bathrooms, using nVent RAYCHEM T2Quicknet. All fully integrated with the BMS to avoid individual controllers.

New house, Edgbaston


This project involved the construction of a high quality, executive property which included approximately 300m2 of underfloor heating over which a 50mm Gyspol Diamond was laid and polished using the Midland Micro Polish system.

Lewis Deck in an ICF Build.

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The building was constructed using ICF blocks that are to have a rendered finish. Internally the ground floor is a concrete slab and the upper floor has timber posi-joists with the Lewis Deck and resilient strips laid above. 16mm underfloor heating pipes are then clipped into our new clip rail system with a free flowing screed then poured on top, 50mm thick. This then gives 20mm cover to the heating pipes, maximising the efficiency of the whole system.

Heat Mat ramp heating system installed at the Waste Recycling Group's Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility, Buckinghamshire

Heat Mat Ltd

The facility will convert 300,000 tonnes of household waste to electricity and hot-water. The structure incorporates a ramp for vehicles to access the incinerator entrance. Contractor Sir Robert McAlpine approached Heat Mat to supply and oversee installation of a ramp heating system for the entrance, allowing year-round access. Specialist constant-Wattage cables with 10m cold tail connections were installed beneath a 210mm concrete and rebar slab. Dual-zone thermostats will control them, and external sensors will monitor conditions for maximum efficiency. Heat Mat will return to the site, due for completion in late 2015, for final commissioning.

Farmhouse with ground source heat pump and ThermaSkirt

Discrete Heat

“We decided early on to go with a Ground Source heat pump as we have plenty of land to lay the heat collector pipes, and as we were insulating to the latest standards, and having tiled floors, we opted to go underfloor heating downstairs. However, we were advised against UFH upstairs as we liked wood or carpet in the bedrooms”. For a while it seemed that oversized or fan assisted radiators to adequately heat the rooms at the lower flow temperature of a heat pump were Simons’ only options. But Simon was not a big fan of radiators,

HDS bespoke heated driveway mats fitted on road at Priory Park in Ipswich.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

New development including the construction of a new curved and very steep road up to the new properties. HDS manufactured 6 bespoke heated driveway mats and installed them to make 60m of road with 2 x 0.6m wide heated tracks. The heated road system is controlled by an HDS ice and snow melting control, with 2 ground/moisture sensors and one air temperature sensor, to make sure the heated tracks on the steep road is kept free of ice and snow, and make sure the residents have safe and easy access to their properties.

In-screed heating for a Passivhaus development

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat’s technical expertise helped to deliver a luxurious and low-energy heating system for a Passivhaus development in Tankerton, Kent. Oyster Reach is a group of contemporary apartments with views over Whitstable Bay. The small energy-efficient development is designed and constructed with a ‘fabric first’ approach to meet ‘Passivhaus’ standards. Masonry Frame Systems, builders of the mixed development, approached Heat Mat to provide a flexible and energy-efficient heating solution for the five apartments.

HDS Ice and snow melting system installed at property in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

HDS Ice and snow melting system installed at property in Elstree, Hertfordshire. This exclusive project required a heated walkway up to the side entrance, to prevent the need for salt and grit on the tiled surface. HDS supplied and installed 2 of our 4455W heated driveway cables (300W/Sqm) on top of the reinforcement mesh, before the main contractor covered the system with concrete and tiles. The heated walkway system is controlled by our automatic ice and snow melting control, with 1 ground/moisture sensor and one air temperature sensor.

Dry Installs Case Study, Manhattan Loft Project, London

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

In Manhattan Loft gardens, they have a dry install system and are going to use the recommended system from Sika, then fit the floor fully bonded with our SW890 adhesive. Installation and site visits are part of our service. With large residential tower developments, there will normally be slabs for each floor. These will take at least two years to dry out completely. This means that unless the slabs have a DPM applied there will always be a chance of moisture affecting whatever is laid on the floor be it a cradle system or dry install underfloor heating system.

20 Soho Square, London

AET Flexible Space

Neo-classical building with a stunning Portland stone façade and colonnade. The underfloor system features on seven floors of the eight-storey building. The system is a CAM-C Direct Expansion system with supply and return air distributed via the floor plenum. The Fantiles are standard TU4 fan terminals with EC motors. Instead of a rooftop chiller providing chilled water, the building uses heat pump units to maximise use of space and energy efficiency. The project was delivered as a ‘Shell and Floor’ development to allow the incoming tenant to complete the fit out works to their own requirements.

Hilton Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel, London

nVent Thermal Management

M&E contractor ‘The All Group’ designed 2.5km RAYCHEM of HWAT-M self-regulating cables in a single pipe hot water system throughout the hotel. Controlled by RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO smart controllers, the system provided the benefits of energy efficiency plus savings in material costs, labour and space. Pipe freeze protection was delivered using 5.5 km of RAYCHEM WinterGard, controlled with RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-ECO-10. Underfloor heating was installed in the bedrooms, using RAYCHEM T2Red with T2Reflecta. In addition, RAYCHEM T2Quicknet 160 was installed in the en-suite bathrooms and the hotel’s luxurious spa.

Advantage House - Office Heating

Infrared Heating Products

Tired of their clunky old storage heaters Advantage House needed something better to keep their clients warm. Advantage house is a prestigious managed office space company in the centre of Lichfield. They have a three story building constructed in the late 1980s there are six offices, one meeting room, and a reception area. It is poorly insulated, though improvements have been made over the years. The overall internal floor area is around 300m².

Gypsol Flowing Screed Helps recover proram for 50 bed care home


The main contractor, with many years’ experience of building bespoke care homes throughout the UK has successfully used flowing screeds in their projects for over a decade. This project was to be no exception and the main contractor needed advice on before finalizing the specification. The screed was to be placed on insulation at both ground and first floor underfloor heating systems. It needed to be as thin as possible. It needed to be installed quickly because, time scales were tight. Finally it needed to offer a rapid drying time to allow completion of floor coverings.

Alojas Biznesa Centrs, Latvia

AET Flexible Space

The development is one of the most modern office centres in Riga, refurbished in 2009 to A-class standards. The building of 16,000 sq m comprises six floors of offices and a multi-level underground car park. Latvia is well known for its fluctuating weather conditions and the underfloor air conditioning system was specified to provide heating and cooling for the building due to its ability to cope with these fluctuating demands, whilst maintaining optimum low energy performance. Awarded most Energy Efficient and Most Sustainable Building in Latvia 2011

Graven Hill self-build ICF houses with concrete upper floors

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

Built on a self-build development site at Graven Hill in Bicester, where every property is different, this house utilises a number of different design styles and is constructed from an ICF system called Durisol Blocks. The first floor is constructed using the Lewis Deck and includes sound separation, underfloor heating and wet-rooms. It is common for the 1st floor to see a liquid screed installed over the deck, however for this project the client just ordered a little additional of the concrete being poured down the walls to complete the floors.

Lime Tree Passivhaus, Swaffham, Norfolk

Recticel Insulation

Recticel Insulation's Eurothane GP was used in the floor of Lime Tree Passivhaus. Architect Chris Parsons: “Passivhaus requires high levels of insulation and the avoidance of thermal bridging, which the Recticel product helped to achieve.” Jody Murfit, director at contractor Grocott & Murfit: “The project generally was quite challenging due to the curve but the Recticel insulation was easy to install. We just cut it to size, doubled it up and taped it.” Eurothane GP is a high performance rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation suitable for ground floor applications and compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Efficient Underfloor Heating – Admirals Quay Southampton – HiDECK 18

Cellecta Ltd

21,000m2 of Cellecta's HiDECK 18 has been installed as the overlay flooring solution in the prestigious Admirals Quay, Ocean Village development in Southampton. The development features 300 apartments and was completed in December 2015; it is the tallest residential tower in the area which acts as a spectacular landmark and a beginning of a new skyline in the City of Southampton.

Underfloor Insulation by Q-Bot

ECON Polyurethanes, a BASF distributor

As part of a drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, Camden Council specified Q-Bot Underfloor Insulation which uses a robotic system to spray foam onto the underside of the floor. The 48 properties included various housing types, differing in age and size. The energy savings achieved by the upgrades were modelled in SAP using elemental U-values for the individual floors and the airtightness test results of each property. This enabled the energy improvements to be calculated against a range of scenarios with alternative retrofit measures.

Triton Systems Specified For Underground Car Park Upgrade

Triton Systems

Triton Systems supplied waterproofing systems specified by waterproofing design specialists, Ink Technical Services, for the upgrade to a below ground car park in North London. BS 8102 (2009) recommends the involvement of a waterproofing specialist at the design stage of any below ground waterproofing project. Involving an expert at this stage also minimises the risk of system failure in the future.

The Bridges by Adlington Homes - ThermaSkirt

Discrete Heat

Heating in apartments is often challenging in that space is a premium commodity and the needs and wants of the client can vary enormously. This can be especially true in retirement apartments – properties specifically aimed at the over 55’s.

Combating acquired infections in healthcare & Assisted Living

Discrete Heat

Heating occupied spaces in a healthcare or assisted living environment is a challenge for many healthcare operators, developers and housing providers. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the impact of hygiene as a way of preventing the spread of infection has been dragged centre stage, with new guidelines for education, public transport and indeed around the average home.

Gloucester Cathedral Automatic Bollard System

Macs Automated Bollard Systems Ltd

Macs Automated Bollard Systems successfully completed the installation of the automatic rising bollard system at Gloucester Cathedral. Used to control and restrict traffic flow through the gates and into the Cathedral Green, the bollard system is operated in several ways. With the Cathedral being open to the public 365 days a year, the reliability of the bollard system was of the upmost importance, and Macs commitment to customer satisfaction meant we were able to deliver the product, and reliability, the project required.

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