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IKO Armourplan PVC single ply roof membrane - Arnold Hill Academy Nottingham

SIG Design & Technology

The £14m Arnold Hill Academy is part of the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) and is being constructed adjacent to the existing school in Nottingham. The new Academy’s 3,570m2 flat roof covers 8,200m2 of replacement teaching space, science labs, an indoor sports hall and a drama studio. The project team at Wates Group had already identified potential roofing products. Due to the unconventional roof specification they asked SIG Design & Technology to recommend a product that would work in tandem to deliver the required performances.

Koster TPO Single Ply membrane - Overlay Project.

Koster Aquatecnic Ltd

The Koster TPO Single Ply Membrane was chosen to overlay an existing and failed flat roof on a coastal school on the Isle of Man. The Koster TPO was carefully designed and installed over the old asphalt covering to thus extend the buildings life and provide a safe environment for the pupils and teachers. The Koster TPO was fully bonded and mechanically fixed to the main roof substrate in order to combat the anticipated wind loading. for more information please contact admin@kosteruk.com

Spectraplan forms roof terrace at Sandbanks Court in Poole

SIG Design & Technology

A green roof system was selected for this project as the client required a roof that would complement and accommodate the step in levels to follow timber decking lines to the 55m² roof terrace areas. IKO Single Ply’s Spectraplan SM120 light grey single ply waterproofing system was overlaid to the existing roof and newly built sun rooms, ready to receive a green roof system.

IKO Spectraplan - Waitrose Roof refurbishment treads lightly on environment

SIG Design & Technology

The roof to a Waitrose distribution centre has been completely refurbished in a single ply membrane system chosen for its sustainable credentials and no disruption to the retailer’s 24/7 operations at Aylesford near Maidstone, Kent. Supplied by SIG Design and Technology, 10,200m2 of IKO’s Spectraplan single ply membrane was specified for its ability to contribute to a BREEAM Very Good rating for the project which is in line with Waitrose’s mission to ‘tread lightly on the environment’.

IKO Spectraplan - Sandbanks Court, Poole

SIG Design & Technology

Sandbanks Court apartments are situated within the expensive up-market area of the Dorset coastal peninsular and enjoy spectacular panoramic views across the sea. A green roof system was selected for this project as the client required a roof that would complement and accommodate the step in levels to follow timber decking lines to the 55m² roof terrace areas. IKO Single Ply’s Spectraplan SM120 light grey single ply waterproofing system was overlaid to the existing roof and newly built sun rooms, ready to receive a green roof system.

Borrisokane Community College

Bauder Ltd

This new college features over 3,500m2 of Bauder's Thermofol single ply system along with PVC roof profiles to replicate the appearance of a standing seam metal roof.

Decking Pedestals & Green Roof System - Kensington

Wallbarn Ltd

A good example of the before and after effects of laying a sedum roof garden and accompanying deck and paved area onto a small domestic roof terrace. All these products are designed to sit on top of the waterproof membrane (in this case single ply) there was no issue of damage to the roof. The support pads lifted the decking off the roof, eliminating the risk of the timber piercing the membrane, and drainage was maintained through the roof surface since the green roof system has a cavity beneath its own reservoir and drainage layer to allow water run-off.

Ballymena Church Roof use Magply in Roof Build-up.


Recently completed 3,600m2 roof over the auditorium and sports hall uses perforated metal decking to span the main steelwork. Magply specified to carry 150mm of Hardrock DD underlay and a further 60mm of Hardrock Multifix insulation covered by a Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane. Stevie Jones, commented: “This is a large installation of some 3,600 square metres, with the auditorium and the higher level roof over the sports complex, both featuring the use of the Magply. They are being mechanically fixed to the decking prior to installing the two layers of Rockwool and then the Sarnafil membrane..”

Plot 700, Winnersh Triangle (Carbon Neutral)


This project was a new build, the main contractor specified the need to house a roof/plant room area at the top of a new office block. Originally, it was thought that a Single-Ply, warm roof installation would be the best solution. However, when consulting with IKO about the main requirements for the roofing solution, both pre and during installation, IKO Permaphalt was the obvious choice due to the speed of installation and the robust nature of the materials that would be used and in an inverted roofing situation, potentially last the lifetime of the building.

Protan Prefabricated Roof System at Wilmslow Garden Centre, Cheshire

Protan (UK) Ltd

Over 2,300m² of Protan SE 1.2mm PVC single-ply membrane was installed in the Protan Prefabricated roof system at Wilmslow Garden Centre, Cheshire. The main driver behind the installation of this roof system was the time constraint placed upon the roofing contractor for installation of the roof. Using Protan's unique ProPlan CAD software, a bespoke solution was created for the project - prefabricated rolls of membrane measuring 3.96x8.00m were manufactured to span the barrels of the roof. This minimised on-site waste and reduced on-site hot air welding by 1,080 linear metres.

Protan Vacuum Roof System at Butlins Splashworld, Skegness

Protan (UK) Ltd

Over 1,200m² of Protan SE 1.2mm PVC single-ply membrane was installed in the Protan Vacuum roof system at Butlins Splashworld, Skegness. The roof system required no mechanical restraint or adhesives (except for around the roof perimeter and penetrations), as it relies upon the wind to keep the membrane in place with the help of Protan vacuum vents installed at locations designed by Protan's Technical Services Department. William Bird of Protan partner roofing contractor, Roofdec Ltd, commented, "Protan's vacuum roof system is quicker to install than conventional fully-adhered or mechanically-fixed systems."

Primark Distribution Centre

Bauder Ltd

Replacing the roof on Primark’s 640,000 sq ft distribution centre in Thrapston, was the largest refurbishment of a single-ply roof undertaken in Britain in 2012 and clearly demonstrated Bauder’s status as one of the largest and most respected companies in the roofing industry.

West Lakes Academy

Briggs Amasco Ltd

At a new build £26 million academy project in Cumbria, BriggsAmasco have supplied and installed a spectacular curved single ply roof system which had to give the appearance of a lead or zinc roof whilst combining long term waterproofing integrity with a fast application. For the extreme curve of this unusual roof to work, the insulation had to be installed in 3 layers of 40mm to make up the 120mm specification. Offering a twenty year guarantee and to ensure an excellent finish, the system was topped off with the versatile IKO Armourplan P slate grey single ply membrane.

Hallgate Primary School

Briggs Amasco Ltd

The above contract completed this year for the new school term starting in September 2008, was a local contract for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The Sarnafil single ply roofing system incorporating 105mm Insulation was laid over the new extentions 1200m2 and the existing roofs 900m2.

Project Highlight - MHS Homes

Garland UK

Garland’s StressPly modified roof system replaces two-ply system improving efficiency for residential development Garland’s StressPly Flex installed restoring outdated 1980’s roof system and providing peace of mind with a 25 year single point guarantee for residential block.

Derby Hospital

Briggs Amasco Ltd

Continuing BriggsAmasco’s increasing Public Health portfolio here we see an inverted holt melt roof, insulation and ballast with slab walkways to the perimeters on the prestigous Derby City Hospital project carried out for Skanska. The Hot Melt area was approximately 7550m2. The project also included 5500m2 of Kalzip standing seam and 2000m2 of Sarnafil single ply roofing.

Teddington School

Briggs Amasco Ltd

Teddington School is situated on the banks of the Thames in, southwest London and was developed under the governments BSF scheme. The project comprises a large central roof weathered with a single ply membrane applied over an engineered structural timber deck, surrounded by inverted roof areas with ballast or paving. At the front of the building we installed a series of large diameter feature rainwater downpipes.

The benefits of Alumasc's BluRoof single point warranty

Alumasc Roofing

Alumasc’s Blue Roof system is a single source, fully warranted waterproofing and sustainable drainage solution. Exploiting the combined expertise of Alumasc’s Roofing Division and Harmer Engineered Drainage Systems; allowing a truly single source solution that we believe is integral to a system of this nature. This is because the system has been tested by Alumasc working in conjunction with consulting engineers and test houses to guarantee system performance throughout the life cycle of the roof or podium.

Blacon Crematorium

Briggs Amasco Ltd

A distinctive feature of a new state-of-the-art £5 million crematorium in Chester is a stunning 1000m² geodesic roof which has been installed by a skilled team of craftsmen from UK’s leading waterproofing and roofing specialist BriggsAmasco. With a span of 25m x 45m, the impressive roof structure was designed by Jacobs Architecture for client Cheshire West and Chester Council using single ply to give the appearance of lead/zinc roof but offered the client a more economical and speedier installation on site as well as long term waterproofing integrity.

Linn Products

Bauder Ltd

The roof area was badly damaged by heavy storms, with all existing ballasted solar panels lifting off the single ply roof and destroyed beyond repair. The client needed the remedial work completed to fixed deadlines in order to comply with insurance requirements, and wanted to optimise the roof by replacing the pre-existing photovoltaic (PV) array with a solar solution that would deliver superior energy generation. The office also had to remain operational throughout the works, creating logistical challenges

Blackwall Tunnel


BAM Nuttall was awarded the contract by Transport for London to refurbish the northbound carriageway of the Blackwall Tunnel. TFL had a difficult task with the refurbishment as they had to ensure the tunnel remained open to traffic during the day. Faced with the challenges of designing and installing a waterproofing system for a domed roof that features mechanical ‘petals’ that open and close, the architects Acanthus LW worked with specialist contractor Robertson Roofing to develop an innovative solution for the unusual single ply membrane application.

School Receives New Single Layered Roofing System


The roof on Bede Primary School and Community Centre in Gateshead was in great need of repair. Installing roofing contractors Hodgson and Allon liaised with IKO to refine the specification to meet the client’s requirements. This included a full strip and re-cover with a flame free system to carry a 20 year guarantee. IKO chose an IKO Mach One single layer bituminous system incorporating a site specific cut-to-fall system. This project was a complex roof replacement system with multi-trades required for specialist operations.

Ewart Grove, London

Sika Sarnafil

In a complex new build roofing project that was deemed almost impossible, Contour Roofing stepped up to the challenge with a Sika Sarnafil membrane. With truly stunning results, the project impressed the judges of the prestigious NFRC UK Roofing Awards, winning the Single Ply category. In partnership with Sika Sarnafil, Contour quickly presented a new bespoke specification; an adhered system using Sarnafil G410-15ELF Lead Grey with a polyester fleece backing as the main roof sheet for a flawless result and Sarnafil G410-15EL Lead Grey for all the detail work flashings.

Northamptonshire Schools

Sika Sarnafil

Financed by county council capital funds, Northamptonshire County Council undertook a multi-million pound remedial works programme on a number of schools originally built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. All of the buildings were suffering from some degree of water ingress, and the roofs needed to be brought in line with current building regulations for improved thermal performance. Sika Sarnafil’s specialist roofing contractors installed over 50,000m2 in light and lead grey of G410-18EL single ply membrane to the school roofs.


Briggs Amasco Ltd

Used by global logistics specialist DHL and leading DIY retailer B&Q, a distribution warehouse in Runcorn Cheshire, was in need of updating. Owner Excel Europe turned to BriggsAmasco, who specified 56,000m² of the world-renowned Sarnafil single ply roofing system. As part of the £1.3 million contract for the roof measuring the same size as eight football pitches, BriggsAmasco utilised the flexibility and smooth and efficient installation process of Sarnafil’s S327-12EL membrane in Light Grey to create a lightweight, yet watertight, roof.

The Square

Briggs Amasco Ltd

BriggsAmasco has installed a complete roofing system comprising more than 3,000m2 of single ply membrane at The Square in Leatherhead – providing a watertight finish to the first new-build office scheme in the town for over four years. BriggsAmasco was appointed as principal contractor to apply roof coverings to four buildings as part of this large new-build commercial development. The company specified and installed a comprehensive roofing system from Sarnafil that included the G410-EL and 327-18EL waterproofing membranes – both supplied in light grey.

Butlins Wave Hotel

Fixfast Ltd

Following the success of the Shoreline and Ocean hotels at Butlins’ Bognor Regis Resorts, the Butlins Wave Hotel is the newest addition, with the widest range of accommodation options. All three have been waterproofed by the Roofline Group. Cefil single-ply roofing membrane covers tapered insulation, with Fixfast tube washers and fasteners holding it all in place against the prevailing sea winds.

Hydrostop AH-25 Liquid Waterproofing - cool customer

SIG Design & Technology

When a Vue Cinema on the outskirts of Doncaster needed a section of the asphalt flat roof refurbished as part of extension and maintenance works, a zero odour solution was required that would allow the building to stay open to the public throughout installation. A liquid waterproofing product was considered ideal to avoid the need for complex edge detailing associated with single ply or bitumen products around the plant.

Leeds Arena

Sika Sarnafil

The new Leeds Arena was a £60m project by Leeds Council to create a striking new stadium, which has been crowned with a 7,500sq m Sika Sarnafil single ply roofing system, installed by experienced contractor Lakesmere. The fact that Sika Sarnafil was the first roofing manufacturer to be BIM ready played a huge part in the specification, and in turn improved the ability to review designs and rationalise ideas, whilst cost saving using BIM was highlighted through material specifications and design coordination.

Bells Sports Centre, Perth

Sika Sarnafil

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, the iconic Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth, needed a new roof to protect the building. With the previous roof membrane nearing 30 years old the centre needed a long-term and robust roofing solution. The product of choice was the mechanically fixed Sarnafil S327-15 EL Light Grey as it is more than able to cope with all the extremes of the Scottish weather and has been certified by the BBA to last in excess of 40 years. The durability of the single ply material ensured a long-lasting solution for the project.

New Elgin Primary School, Elgin

Sika Sarnafil

With previous roof re-coverings proving problematic, two key requirements were highlighted, building the thermal performance to help save energy, and improving robustness, to mitigate damage caused by vandalism. The architect worked closely with Sarnafil to ensure the chosen roofing products provided the required detail, specification and performance. A Sarnafil HD bonded system was specified guaranteeing a high quality and durable roof. By combining the thickest single ply membrane available – 2mm – and the robust insulation board – SarnaTherm HD – the Sarnafil HD system offered a long-term, resilient and well-insulated roofing system with very low thermal conductivity.

Milton Keynes Cancer Care Unit

Briggs Amasco Ltd

BriggsAmasco installed a new roof system to provide long-term protection for a vital cancer care centre. The facility based at Milton Keynes University Hospital, Eaglestone, Buckinghamshire is designed to bring more complex treatments for cancer patients, such as co-locating oncology, clinical haematology and chemotherapy programmes, under one roof. BriggsAmaso’s teams worked to deliver the building’s new roof roofing on behalf of client ADMK Ltd. Briggs deployed two sets of four operatives on site – four specialist operatives working on hotmelt; four specialist operatives working Armourplan single-ply – to ensure work was completed to deadline

Showing 1-36 of 1816