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Sherwin-Williams non-slip flooring solution provides a premier solution for Manchester City Football Club's Etihad Stadium

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Resucoat HB the high-build epoxy resin manufactured by Sherwin-Williams is over around 12000 square metres of concourse floor area. For this project with heavy and intense footfall it was essential to have a hard wearing coating with a degree of texture for non-slip performance which also would be cleanable to provide a great looking floor for this high profile facility. A special very hard aggregate is incorporated into the coating which is the same product used for non-slip texture on areas such as the decks of United States aircraft carriers.

Sherwin-Williams Resuthane TG69 supplied to Billingsgate Market for long term hygienic flooring solution

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

A rapid solution was required for Billingsgate Market - the UK's largest inland fish market - that was fit for purpose, exceptionally durable and would not disrupt daily operations. The project involved supplying Sherwin-Williams Resuthane TG69 flooring to the 13 acre ground floor of the self-contained market complex, which comprises of 98 stands and 30 shops. The solution had to be food-safe with outstanding wearing properties. A decade after it was installed , the flooring has stood the test of time and is a testament to why Resuthane is widely used in the food and drinks sector.

Resubind CP from Sherwin-Williams provides safe textured walkway finish for North Wales bridge footpath

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwin-Williams manufacture Resubind CP, a polyurethane system used for walkways, patios, courtyards, ramps, car parks and loading bays and public concourses. Resubind CP is usually installed at about 5mms thickness. Stone and resin bound paving Resubind CP uses the latest polyurethane chemistry to combine resins and aggregates for heavy duty walkways, and delivers a modern seamless surface for external environments such as wide-open public spaces, park walkways and driveways. Using natural aggregates for durability and great aesthetics Resubind CP can transform tired looking external areas or be incorporated into new build projects for a great modern look.

The Copperworks in Leeds required a floor refurbishment over some 30000 square metres - Sherwin-Williams Resucoat HB product provided the solution.

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

This foundry was previously known as the Leeds Copperworks and has played host to industrial breakthroughs, royal visits, and was the workplace of a 5,000 strong workforce before it closed in 1980. Preparation included diamond grinding and shotblasting. Solution Resuprime OT oil-tolerant primer was applied to prevent delamination. This was finished with two coats of Resucoat HB, a high-build, low odour, epoxy resin industrial floor coating for high impact and wear resistance. Outcome The site has been refurbished with buildings re-roofed and re-clad and a modern warehousing and distribution facility created.

Decorative and seamless flooring supplied for atrium area to Radclyffe School

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

A new flooring finish was required for the atrium in the Radclyffe School in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Because the atrium floods this area of the school with so much light through a Perspex roof, it meant that whatever was chosen had to be UV stable, hard wearing and safe. The system also had to be economic, hard-wearing, easily cleaned, have low odour during application and chemical resistance, slip resistance and non-dusting. Sherwin-Williams’ technical flooring experts looked at their diverse range of Resuflake options for this specific application covering 800 sq metres.

IPL Food Unit finds FasTop floor screeding systems are perfect solution as a long term working surface with HACCP standards

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

FasTop resin flooring was chosen as it provided long term flooring solutions which would be seamless and have the hygienic standards required for this industry and the colours required could be provided . The flooring products supplied by Sherwin-Williams had the necessary fast cure performance with the alternative textures to provide a variety of finishes from smooth easy clean surfaces to heavy duty more textured areas where more non-slip texture was required which would be resilient to aggressive cleaning processes. ART and Sherwin-Williams were able to provie self-smoothing smooth finishes and trowel applied textured finishes.

Morrisons hot cross bun bakery gets long lasting flooring solution

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwin-Williams polyurethane floor screed FasTop TG69 provided the answer for the Morrisons bakery in Yorkshire. This large facility with a variety of activities required a long term flooring solution for a hygienic finish to withstand the daily cleaning process used in this type of food factory environment. FasTop TG69 is certified with low slip potential in wet conditions and provides an impervious finish which can with stand steam cleaning and has excellent chemical resistance. The system is HACCP certified as Food Safe and Campden BRI approved as low odour and non-taint. The perfect food factory solution.

FasTop RS69 provides the toughest flooring solution for one of Moscows busiest rail maintenance depots

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwin-Williams FasTop polyurethane floor screed range is used mainly in the food industry but because its so tough as a long term solution it used throughout industry where heavy duty use demands the most durable flooring solution.Not only do floors in rail maintenance areas and train stations need to withstand heavy footfall traffic, they also need to be non-slip in all weathers, and conform to strict fire regulation and legislation. Our anti-slip, seamless systems are chemical and impact resistant, as well as being cleanable. For this large area in Moscow FasTop TG69 met all the requirements.

London Drinks Manufacturer has FasTop RS69 as heavy duty flooring solution

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwn-Williams demonstrated what technical assistance can be provided on projects before any quotations or specifications are organised. A low viscosity primer Resutop Binder was recommended as a penetrating primer to case harden and consolidate the screed. Epoxy screed repairs were installed where required to make good any damaged areas. Once a sound substrate was established Resuprime MVT moisture tolerant primer was installed incorporating a fabric mesh over all joints and pitted areas to reduce any potential cracking of this substrate, followed by 9mm thick FasTop RS69 polyurtehane screed.

Bright UV stable floor coating installed at Duxford Air Museum to show off aviation exhibits at their very best

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwin-Williams polyurethane floor coating Resutile provided a bright solution for this large museum area full of famous aircraft which have been part of aviation history. Lots of natural light came into this area so any coating chosen had to be UV stable to avoid discolouration over time which would spoil the aesthetic appearance. Resutile has great chemical reistance and is fully light resistant. The product has been used in Aircraft hangars around the world for twenty five years to create and enhance bright modern environments.

Resuflor and Resupen WB provide smooth dark floor finish for the Richard III Exhibition in Leicester

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

The flooring requirement at this museum in Leicester stipulated a safe and cleanable seamless finish to exhibit the discovery of Richard III's remains and the story behind the Battle of Bosworth. A simple black finish was specified in keeping with the design of this facility. The exhibition takes visitors through the history of the Wars of The Roses and then fast forwards 500 years to a Leicester car park where a discovery was made. Resuflor self smoother was installed at 3mm thickness across the floors and this was sealed Resupen WB Satin Black to give the desired sheen finish.

FasTop SL45 provides seamless solution for BMW immingham facility

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

Sherwin-Williams has solutions for automotive workshops where surfaces are required that are chemical and impact resistant as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Where aesthetic appearance is of the utmost importance and oil spillages need to be wiped quickly the smooth finish provided with the Sherwins range of systems provides a first class seamless appearance. For very heavy duty finishes required in environments such as washing and valet areas where aggressive cleaning is in daily operation the Fastop range of systems provide proven solutions which can withstand steam cleaning and constant wet traffic.

Royal North Shore Hopsital in Sydney uses FasTop SL45

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

FasTop SL45 self smoothing polyurethane resin was used as a 5mm thick seamless floor finish for this large hospital kitchen in Sydney, Australia. This facility is extremely busy producing over 2 thousand meal a day which have to be moved around the hospital quickly on special trolleys. This type of traffic meant the flooring had to be able to withstand regular wheeled traffic and footfall and be safe and cleanable within a hospital environment.

Resuseal WB Clear provides clear concrete protective seal at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring

A straightforward hardwearing concrete seal was required at the entrance which would withstand heavy footfall and provide a safe finish. Resuseal WB Clear is a water-based epoxy applied at around 40 microns per coat. This is formulated to penetrate and case harden a concrete surface giving it a much harder wearing surface which is less likely to crumble or degrade. As a clear coat the finish is a semi industrial type look which is often used in retail outlets and commercial buildings. This product is used throughout industry where the principal requirement is to dustproof a surface.

Burn the Floor Performances

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

“Over the last 10 years, our relationship with Harlequin has modernised our approach to Ballroom and Latin dancing; smoothly transitioning our company to a Harlequin Reversible touring surface, which provides our dancers with the perfection and confidence they need to deliver their performances.” Peta Roby Executive Producer Burn The Floor

Rockfon high performance ceilings at SamsungKX


Coal Drops Yard, the new retail and lifestyle district where acoustic performance was vital for the SamsungKX experience space. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic provides Class A sound absorption helping create the perfect environment for visitors to interact with Samsung technology. Associate Trevor Gidlow from KSS, “The installation fully achieved the original design vision”. ROCKFON Mono Acoustic is a unique product providing the elegance of a seamless ceiling with high performance sound absorption, previously thought only possible with modular suspended ceilings. Craig Wheatley, Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics, “What an amazing project, from design to completion, another real flagship project for us.“

Dekton as high-impact flooring


Dekton Ultra-Compact surface is used in large format across Pepe Jeans stores in Europe. It has been chosen for its high performance and design flexibility. Dekton® has superior technical characteristics: Highly resistant to scratching, high resistance to abrasion, very low water absorption, maximum resistance to stains, UV resistant, resistant to the sun, excellent colour stability, maximum resistance to fire and heat, thermal shock resistance, resistant to frost and thaw, and can be used in any climate.

Perforated Interior Cladding, Five Story Foyer Leeds

Graepel Perforators Ltd.

Picture Perf is metal design at its best, offering a unique approach to perforated Metal. Picture Perf involves taking an image or graphic and translating onto sheet metal by Perforating different size holes into a metal sheet. The process is similar to printing. Instead of printed dots, perforations are used to create an image in sheet metal, giving a near photographic result. Perforations don't have to be round, square, hexagonal and much more are available.

The William, VIC

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd

This two-year, $100 million project was undertaken by builders Built, subcontractors Expoconti, and Bruce Henderson Architects for developers Hengyi. Using our MAXIframe External Wall Framing System, we were able to provide a full design specification for the entire external façade that met wind load requirements, also providing one stud wall to accommodate both internal and external linings.

William Mcllvanney

Komfort Partitioning Ltd

The project needed to achieve environmental standards and create a collaborative teaching and learning environment. Komfort’s Polar systems covered a large area of the facility. Polar’s single glazed minimalist form is designed with the minimum of components, thus facilitated speed of erection without compromising structural stability and rigidity. The patented bubble joint ensured a virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three-way junctions. Double glazed Polar’s simplistic method of installation, relocatability and powerful acoustic properties made it an intelligent option for this fit-out.

Access Flooring for Cheltenham Offices

Bathgate Flooring Ltd

Access flooring once again was selected for this major £12 million building in Cheltenham. Bathgate Flooring manufactured and installed over 5600m2 of Panels to ensure that this Grade A office space offered the maximum flexibility. Products Used BGM 600 Steel Encapsulated Panels Constructing this Office Development is well recorded with a time lapse video of the entire project available through the Gloucestershire Live news story. Access Flooring is used in buildings like this to ensure that there is easy access to the services if needed. Simply lift up the floor panels and all the cabling is visible beneath.

Rockfon offer high-performing intelligent acoustic solutions


The Glucksman Library at the University of Limerick is one of the biggest campus libraries in Ireland and one of the most digitally advanced in the world. The €30m project includes a 7,600sqm extension and new facilities that offer students advanced computing, collaboration and communication spaces. Acoustic ceilings from Rockfon® are fitted throughout and play a pivotal role in helping the university realise its vision.

33 King William Street

Buzon UK Ltd

The development of 33 King William Street provides 227,000 sq ft of stunning office space and a quarter acre roof top garden. Buzon UK were specified to install the Buzon pedestal system to support Iroko timber decking and a large area of paving to the spacious roof terrace creating a fantastic relaxation space for the office occupants to enjoy. Buzon pedestals are seriously strong, simple to install and are capable of supporting loads of more than 1000kg per pedestal so were the perfect choice of raised floor support system for this complex exterior terrace of contrasting materials.

Imaginative Wood Floor Installations

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Supplying and installing a floor in the Jorvik Viking Museum in the centre of York. The board installed was our E157 select grade 260mm wide engineered unfinished Oak. Being unfinished it and high quality it allowed for the river to be created using a router and stainless steel insert and different coloured oils. The museum opens in the spring of 2017 so please visit and see for yourself. If you have any innovative design projects in any location, please contact us directly on 01666 504015

Installing Wood Flooring in a Hallway

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Supplying and installing a floor in the Jorvik Viking Museum in the centre of York. The board installed was our E157 select grade 260mm wide engineered unfinished Oak. Being unfinished it and high quality it allowed for the river to be created using a router and stainless steel insert and different coloured oils. The museum opens in the spring of 2017 so please visit and see for yourself. If you have any innovative design projects in any location, please contact us directly on 01666 504015

How NOT to fit a Wood Floor

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

The crown line for the Herringbone E931 has been set out very well, however the floor has not been protected and the equipment has been left on the new floor.The actual floor will easily get damaged and the client will probably end up with a damaged floor and probably expensive repairs because of the lack of care.What should happen is that the floor should be covered at all times, and the site kept clean, with adhesive and other equipment kept off the new floor, that has been fitted

Bespoke designer flooring for a rustic vibe

BIM Flooring (UK)

Featuring one of our designer series products, this bespoke finished European oak flooring defines the character of the house and its tenants. With a bit of a rustic vibe and its grey tone, it matches perfectly with the decoration and furniture.

The Gherkin, Restaurant Floor 39

Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd

Following Ryebrook Resins’s successful installation at the London St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar, Searcys who operate on the top 3 floors of The Gherkin building contacted us once more to install our Ryeflor RT liquid polyurethane based floor finish to their 140m2, 39th floor restaurant kitchen in a dark grey colour. This rapid curing environmentally friendly finish is ideal for operational kitchens where down time is at a premium.

Harmony of gold detailing and walnut flooring

BIM Flooring (UK)

Following the trend of pairing walnut flooring with light-coloured furniture and fixings, we wanted to showcase this product in the master bedroom. The gold detail around the light trough adds a sense of luxury to the room, and its yellow tone is reflected in the wood colour which introduces cohesiveness into the design.

Rockfon high performance ceilings complete state-of-the-art SamsungKX


Architecture and design practice KSS Associate, Trevor Gidlow commented, “We were commissioned by interior fit-out specialists, Portview, to review various ceiling systems for application within Coal Drops Yard. Five were reviewed including monolithic and stretched fabric systems. Our assessment criteria included - appearance, sustainability, acoustic class, fire resistance, combustibility, weight, installation angle and curved edge profiles. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic was our final recommendation and main contractor selection based on the ability to install as a multi-gang operation, thereby gaining significant programme benefits. The appearance of the installation fully achieved the original design vision”.

Stair Cladding with Wood Flooring

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

We are able to manufacture engineered wood stair units to match our flooring with the same colour and finish.The stair units include the tread and riser and can be made to exact sizes if we have detailed drawings. This means installation costs will be less. These stair cladding units can be fully bonded to old stairs, concrete stairs or Steel stair structures.The cost of these stair units are considerably more than our standard stair nosings and a deposit will be required before production because they will be to your specification. Lead times are around 12 weeks.

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