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Long Term Solution for Troublesome A55 Manhole Covers


IKO approved contractor and highway repair specialist, RAB Associates (UK) Ltd, removed the cast iron cover and frames, and removed residual material such as loosened brickwork. The surrounding distressed road surfacing was also removed. Then, using IKO Permatrack Compounds, the re-bedding to match adjacent levels of the previous items was quickly completed. The repair was finished using IKO Permatrack and pre-coated high PSV chippings to fill the surrounding void to match the existing road levels.

Door Step and Below Door Ventilation

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Looking down for architectural features in any Georgian town and as well as coal hole covers, manholes and the like you'll see all manner of air bricks and grilles, mostly for sub floor ventilation in property walls. Here is an illustration of a cast iron vent underneath a front door in Regency Bath. Like many it's in a pretty poor state. This one's patched up with steel plate and it's suffocating, what is a key part of the ground floor causing damp. Prevent damp in period property basements and below suspended floors...

How to move a floor access cover safely and easily

Howe Green

By using a pair of Howe Green Access Cover Skates you will make light work of moving heavy access covers! Health and safety is a major consideration for all building owners, facilities managers and contractors. The Howe Green Access Cover Skate removes the need for operatives to manually move heavy manhole covers and access covers when accessing concealed services. By reducing the requirement to handle heavy objects the risk of injury is greatly diminished. With up to a 300-kilo lift from each Howe Green Access Cover Skate you will benefit from a powerful floor access cover lifter.

Showing 1-4 of 4