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Connection and Interface

Hacel Lighting Ltd

Connection in a joint partnership with Interface have opened a showroom in the heart of Manchester. Innovative commercial furniture designer and manufacturer, Connection, joined forces with carpet tile producer, Interface, to reveal their showroom in the historic Law Library. The stunning building was built between 1884 and 1885 and acted as a meeting space and reading room for the Manchester Law Society. The new display area is based on the ground floor, with the upper floors still contains books, keeping the library alive.

Ashfield District Council

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

When a branch of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) moved in to share the existing office of Ashfield District Council, the space needed a refurbishment to facilitate an efficient co-working space. The design was crucial to create zones for each organisation, while still maintaining an open plan layout. The flooring was a key aspect of this and global modular flooring manufacturer, Interface, provided a range of its latest products to create a striking design. The space was redesigned using Interface’s modular carpet tiles and its more recently launched luxury vinyl tile (LVT) range

Oxford Brookes

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

The Clerici Building redevelopment involved taking the former main entrance building and transforming it into a hub for teaching and learning. Interface’s Human Nature range has been used across the Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall to help create a flexible, beautifully designed space which can be used for a number of activities. These products are ideally suited to the main auditorium, which is both a high traffic walkway and a light and airy space which links the hall and the building’s Gateway or main entrance. Interface’s Composure range helps to reinforce the structural link between these two spaces.

Rolls Royce

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous names in engineering. Despite being established over 100 years ago, the company is on the cutting-edge of technologies that deliver clean and safe solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs. Creating a perfect balance between the company’s heritage and its role as a global innovator was the challenge presented to modular flooring manufacturer, Interface, when helping to redesign its Data Experts Office in Derby.

Huddersfield University

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Libraries are at the heart of any university, but transforming them from cold and sometimes uninviting spaces into inspiring, interactive zones can be a real challenge. This was certainly the case when The University of Huddersfield decided to refurbish its library, which covers four storeys and over three thousand square meters. The university turned to alumni and Interface Concept Designer, Donna Dent, to create a multi-functional space encompassing break out areas, meeting rooms and quiet study areas. It was essential that the renovation provided an environment which fostered both creativity and concentration.

Lancaster University

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Interface has supported Lancaster University in the refurbishment of its existing library building. The global modular flooring manufacturer helped to meet a complex brief that called for a combination of striking design with ambitious sustainability targets. As student requirements change over the years, the library needs to accommodate new ways of working – and to house 40,000 students. The library also needed a more fluid design to connect the two distinct spaces. The University wanted to give the space a complete overhaul, merging traditional library services with areas for interactive and informal learning - as well as private study.


Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

With its mission to deliver lunch, dinner and drinks in a modern, fun and exciting setting, restaurant chain Prezzo has chosen the luxury vinyl tile collection, Level SetTM Inspired by earthy elements, Interface’s Level SetTM collection features products with both textured and natural finishes. The collection is made up of two ranges – Woodgrains and Stones – to replicate the natural world and bring contemporary spaces to life. The wood-inspired skinny planks and stone-like tiles are not only a perfect alternative to real timber and stone, but they also use integrated Sound ChoiceTM backing for superior acoustic performance.

111 Piccadilly

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

One of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, 111 Piccadilly, has been redesigned to create a modern workplace which seamlessly blends the old with the new. The building has been transformed with Interface’s World Woven collection. The range puts a modern twist on timeless classics like Scottish tweed, to help create spaces with a sense of heritage. Linear Tweed helps create definition and direction, while a variety of colourways have been used to distinguish each of the individual spaces. These include Natural Tweed, Charcoal Tweed and Black Tweed. Elsewhere, World Woven Mod Café adds further accents to the flooring.

Bailey Waterproofing building envelope solution for O2 base camp.

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

The specification for ‘Base Camp’ at the O2 presented some technical challenges in waterproofing the building while delivering the aesthetics required by bblurr Architecture. Bailey worked with the architect and specialist sub-contractor to deliver bespoke detailing in order to achieve the correct interface between the building envelope elements. The rainscreen cladding was installed using the Bailey secret fix system. The panels were horizontal on one elevation and vertical on the next which made the wall interfaces difficult to install, these issues were designed out by Bailey. For the waterproofing layer Bailey Atlantic sustainable single ply membrane was utilized.

Gunnebo – Airport Installation Case Study

Gunnebo UK Ltd

The objective for this project at Bristol Airport was to decrease the processing times to get the passengers into the airside lounges, whilst preventing passenger stress and allowing passengers more time in duty free. In order to provide such a solution, it was necessary to have a security gate that could interface with an innovative queuing system.

WICONA Windows frame historic skyline for York Insurance company


The creation of a new corporate headquarters and customer interface facility for a York based insurance company has seen high performance systems from the WICONA range employed to help achieve the client’s ambitions of building a stylish and sustainable property, including attaining a BREEAM rating of Very Good.

Landfill Cap Drainage & Gas Venting - Pozidrain, Chelson Meadows, Landfill Site, Plymouth, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

For more than four decades Chelson Meadow was the main landfill site for the Plymouth area. An estimated 17,650,000 tonnes of landfill needed capping with a permanent geosynthetic capping system. The capping commenced in 2005 and had to be closed by 2012. ABG Pozidrain 6S250/NW8 was installed above and below Claymat GCL to provide drainage, gas venting and adequate protection. Pozidrain provided the required flow capacity and interface shear strength. Gas from the site was harnessed to be sent back to the national grid to be used.

Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat


Designed with sustainability and a targeted 5-star green star rating in mind, the building has drawn on Alspec products which feature high performance credentials for the floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding doors. On the façades, Hunter Evo 150mm Double Glazed Flush Framing was used to construct the interfaces between guests and the habitat. The Hunter framing can accommodate up to 40mm double glazed and is well suited to gently curved and faceted façades, such as featured in the dining and kitchen extension.

Hexagon Tower

Bauder Ltd

Hexagon Tower is a specialist science and technology facility located in North Manchester. The roofs of the laboratories were experiencing water ingress due to poor original detailing and aged interfaces. Whilst looking to replace the failing roof, the client also wanted to upgrade the insulation to increase the U-value and improve the appearance of the rooftop using a trusted system. Bauder was selected as the supplier due to its comprehensive service offering, which includes detailed report, bespoke specification, project advice and ongoing inspections to ensure a full system guarantee can be issued.

Gaelic School, Glasgow

nVent Thermal Management

The demand for an energy-efficient hot water distribution system was met by a single-pipe system with 850m of RAYCHEM HWAT-R self-regulating heating cables, managed by nine RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO smart controllers that interface seamlessly with the BMS. Eliminating the need for the secondary pipework of a conventional recirculation system saved space and achieved cost savings of between five and ten percent in material and installation time. Pipe freeze protection was also provided by RAYCHEM WinterGard self-regulating cables, supported by an AT-TS-13 surface-sensing electronic thermostat.

Slatted Timber Features in Premium Residential Design

Vtec Group

Vtec's SupaSlat and Supaline panels were key design elements in this high specification, luxury residential development in London. The foyer area showcases BESPOKE TIMBER BATTEN WALLS and a unique FEATURE STAIRCASE, whilst the post room is crowned with an impressive SUPASLAT RAFT. Vtec were specified due to the intricate detailing, integrations, complex interfaces and technical nature of this residential project. We supported the designer, an industry-leading international architect and contractor, throughout the design stage and development process through to installation, overcoming some particularly challenging programme requirements.

ASF 5006 Stainless Steel Hand Railing, Bradford Library

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

A hugely popular handrail design that ASF have supplied to projects in many locations. The full sized bollards that are used as post uprights give a sense of solidity and permanence, whilst the mitred top gives them just enough of a decorative nature to lift the product beyond a simple post and handrail job. In this project all welds and interfaces were polished back on site so the finished product becomes a complete unit with no visible fixings. With both double and single handrails over multiple flights and angles, this project shows how ASF can manage any project need.

LIV Student Accomodation


LIV Student Accommodation was completed in early 2020 by ISG Plc. Sertus worked with the project M&E contractors to deliver a smoke control system that coped with the challenges of forty metre extended corridors on the upper stories. The system comprises two Sertus Roof Mechanical Pod Residential (RMP-R) units, one at either end of the V-shaped building. The Pods are fitted with air-inlet dampers to avoid pressure build-up whilst clearing the corridors. The system also interfaces with the fire alarm system and controls a natural smoke control system on the lower levels of the building.

Complex Wall to Ceiling MaxiBeam Feature - Corporate Office

Vtec Group

Vtec’s MaxiBeam system was included in the design for a new reception area in a corporate office building. Both the client and designer wanted a statement feature that had a real ‘wow factor’ that also worked alongside the rest of the scheme. The design involved complex geometry and integrations for a stunning acoustic wall and ceiling in MaxiBeam Light Oak finish. The project involved bespoke angled ends on the interface, precise spacing and complete integration with the lighting scheme. In addition, timescales were extremely tight so drawings with full install details and 3D visuals were turned around very quickly.

Shopping mall Mediacite - Belgium


The Mediacité shopping center is one of the biggest in Belgium with a surface of more than 160.000 m². The concept of the building opened to the public was realized by the famous architect-designer Ron Arad and by Jaspers-Eyers architects. The shopping mall gallery measure 450 meters long and is characterized by an impressive wave glass roof that formed interlaced steel bands. Barrisol Laqué® "Rouge grenat" revitalizes the movements of this band on all its length, as well as in the center by dressing some rhombuses.

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