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Liquid gutter liner to metal gutter

Liquasil Ltd

This metal gutter was leaking in various places and several repairs had been undertaken over many years. Liquasil’s liquid gutter lining system was specified because the SWT primer actively treats any rust that is present and prevents further rusting. All joints and fixings are permanently sealed with Non-Sag Sealer. Non-Sag Sealer is a thixotropic coating with 1400% elasticity that easily copes with thermal movement associated with metal gutters. The final stage is the apply a single coat of Liquasil One along the entire length of the gutter, to provide a seamless, leak-free finish.

Liquid gutter liner applied to metal gutter in Glasgow

Liquasil Ltd

This project involved sealing a metal gutter in Glasgow. Leaks were present at most of the steel profile joints and rust was evident throughout. Heavy rust and soiling was first removed and then the entire length of the gutter was treated with Liquasil's corrosion primer, to prevent further rusting. Once cured, Liquasil Non Sag Sealer was applied to all joints. Non Sag Sealer has 1400% elasticity, to cope with extreme thermal movement. The whole gutter was then coated with Liquasil One to form a seamless and leak-free gutter lining.

Concrete Gutter Repair with Liquasil's liquid gutter lining system

Liquasil Ltd

This concrete gutter had been problematic for many years, with water ingress causing much damage to the flats beneath. The bricks to the parapet wall were blown and parts had to be rebuilt as part of the project. The liquid gutter liner was applied to the base and all upstands to the gutter, including the brickwork, to perform a 100% leak-free, seamless gutter. Products employed: Liquasil One and Non-Sag Sealer.

Liquid gutter lining system by Liquasil

Liquasil Ltd

The metal gutter to this gymnasium in Eastbourne was corroded and leaking. Liquasil's Gutterseal system was specified because it could easily cope with some unusual protrusions present in the gutter. Heaqvy rust was removed and the surfaces treated with SWT Primer - a marine quality corrosion treatment. Joints were sealed using Non-Sag Sealer, which has 1400% elasticity and then the entire gutter was coated with Liquasil One to provide a flexible, seamless and permanent gutter lining.

Liquid Gutter Liner on asbestos cement roof

Liquasil Ltd

Valley gutters with limited access on fragile asbestos cement roofs are always difficult to maintain and repair. A liquid gutter liner is often the only solution in cases like this and none are easier than Liquasil’s Gutterseal system. The metal gutter was first cleaned and dried, then treated with a coat of Liquasil’s corrosion treatment before being over-coated with Liquasil one liquid gutter liner. All joints were treated with Liquasil Non Sag Sealer, providing a fleece-free, very strong joint and seamless gutter lining.

Metal roof coating and liquid gutter liner

Liquasil Ltd

The metal roof was first prepared using high powered jet washing equipment, to remove loose and flaking materials. Liquasil corrosion primer was applied to the corroded cut edges and the entire roof was sprayed with a single coat of Metalseal 20. The metal box gutter was heavily corroded. The loose and flaking material was removed and Liquasil’s Corrosion Primer was applied all along the gutter. The joints in the gutter were sealed with Liquasil’s unique Non-Sag Sealer and then the entire gutter was coated with Liquasil One to provide a seamless gutter finish.

Lindab Guttering At Home

Lindab Ltd

The challenge was to make the homes as sustainable as possible, with an array of environmental specifications, whilst also working within increasingly tight budgets. Denovo say, “Mild steel rainwater goods were specified because they need no maintenance, are more durable, much stronger in resisting snow loading than plastic, have the lowest carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable.”

Metal Roof Coating & Liquid Gutter Liner, Oxfordshire

Liquasil Ltd

This is a metal roof coating & liquid gutter lining project carried out at Oxford Brookes University. The roof was power washed and the gutters cleaned before application. The gutters were treated with Liquasil's rust primer to prevent further rusting, before the seamless, silicone Gutterseal system was applied. The roof was coated with a single coat of Metalseal 20 in Goosewing Grey.

Liquid Gutter Lining Project using Liquasil's Gutterseal system

Liquasil Ltd

The metal gutters to this industrial unit were severely corroded and leaked in various places. The Liquasil liquid gutter lining system was specified to provide a seamless, flexible liner. Heavy and loose rust was first removed and the surface was treated with Liquasil SWT Primer, a marine quality rust treatment. Joints were sealed with non-Sag Sealer and then Liquasil One was applied to the entire surface. The project is covered by Liquasil's unique Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee.

Seamless Liquid Gutter Lining System by Liquasil Ltd

Liquasil Ltd

Liquasil's liquid gutter lining system is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to produce a seamless & flexible finish to the most complex of commercial and industrial building gutters. This liquid gutter lining system goes where physical liners just can't go - around corners, up walls and into the most complex details, completely seamlessly. The unique Liquasil 10 year latent defects insurance guarantee is provided as standard on most projects.

Metal roof coating & liquid gutter lining Derbyshire

Liquasil Ltd

This project in Derbyshire involved treating cut edge corrosion, re-coating the roof and lining the gutters. Products used were * Metalaseal BBA Approved metal roof coating system * SWT Primer (to treat rust in the gutters and cut edges) * Liquasil One and Non-Sag Sealer to line the gutters. The project is covered by the unique Liquasil Latent Defects Guarantee, which is written specifically for Liquasil and underwritten by an A-Rated, Lloyds of London insurer.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment & Liquid Gutter Lining, Snodland

Liquasil Ltd

The metal roof to this large distribution centre was affected by cut edge corrosion and all of the metal valley and eaves gutters were affected and leaking & corrosion. The gutters were first cleaned and dried, then treated with Liquasil’s corrosion primer. All gutter joints were coated with non-Sag Sealer, a highly elastic silicone polymer, before the whole gutter was coated with Liquasil One to provide a seamless gutter lining to prevent further leaks. Liquasil systems are covered by a unique Latent Defects Guarantee.

Asbestos Roof Coating & Metal Gutter Lining by Liquasil Ltd

Liquasil Ltd

This was a relatively small installation of under 100 sq metres of asbestos roof coating and metal gutter lining. The asbestos cement roof was first cleaned using a closed box pressure washer, with all waste water being filtered to 2 microns. The cleaned roof was coated using Liquasil's BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system, Asbestoseal. The metal gutter was cleaned and thn treated with SWT (Surface and wet tolerant) corrosion primer. Joints were treated with Non-Sag Sealer and the gutter lined with Liquasil One to provide a seamless lining.

Asbestos cement roof refurbishment project & gutter lining using BBA Approved Asbestoseal

Liquasil Ltd

This is an asbestos cement roof refurbishment project, using the BBA Approved Asbestoseal system from Liquasil. The roof was first cleaned using a steam cleaning machine and all metal fixings were treated with Lqiuasil's SWT Primer. All fixings and cracks were sealed with Non-Sag Sealer before the roof was completely coated with Asbestoseal 20, providing long term protection against the elements. A 10 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee was issued upon completion.

Asbestos Roof & Cladding Refurbishment Coating

Liquasil Ltd

The finish to the asbestos roof and asbestos cladding on this property was faded and the roof leaked in several places, along with the gutter. Liquasil's silicone roof coating, Asbestoseal, was chosen to seal the roof and dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance using specially made RAL colours to the match the original finishes. The asbestos cement gutter was also lined with the Liquasil liquid gutter liner to form a permanent, bonded solution.

Headlam Flooring, Motherwell

HD Sharman Ltd.

The only BBA accredited commercial gutter lining product available in the UK. Specialist roofing company APS Safety Systems chose Sharman's Plygene Gutterline system as the permanent solution for the complex gutter lining work at Headlam Flooring’s offices in Scotland.

Leicester Southern Fire Station

HD Sharman Ltd.

Upon inspection of this property, Sharmans found the existing gutters corroded and extensive cut edge corrosion to the existing roof sheets. Delamination of the existing roof coating was also present so Sharmans recommended a full gutter and roof refurbishment using the Plygene Gutterline system, Seamsil for cut edge corrosion and the Delcote architectural roof coating system.

Alutec 'Flying High' At Historic Reymerston Hall


Marley Alutec’s aluminium Aligator Ogee 46 gutter system and Traditional downpipes were specified for the renovation of Reymerston Hall, previously home to James Bond stunt man and Wing Commander, Sir Ken Wallis. Selected due to its specialism in conservation and heritage properties, Marley Alutec manufactured bespoke gutter offsets to accommodate the difficult building dimensions.

Metal roof renovation project using Liquasil's BBA Approved Metalseal coating system

Liquasil Ltd

The former ToysRUs premises in Luton required complete refurbishment and part of the project involved renovation of the metal roof. Liquasil's BBA Approved Metalseal 20 system was specified because it includes the advanced, SWT Primer to treat cut edge and spot corrosion in-situ. The metal gutters were lined with Liquasil's Gutterseal, seamless liquid gutter lining system. Upon completion of the metal roof coating project, the unique, Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee was issued. The Liquasil guarantee includes cover for Professional Design, meaning that you can specify Liquasil products with 100% confidence.

House in Sweden


Accoya wood has been used to create cladding, windows, doors, decking and guttering in family home in Sweden. Over 20 m3 of Accoya was ordered for the project and was used to create cladding, windows, external doors, decking and even the guttering. The joinery firm and construction company were very impressed with the performance of Accoya on this project. The build time was faster than expected with other wood species, it was easy to use and work with and it allowed to use wider planks of Accoya for the cladding.

Lowena Kelys - Anthracite Grey Rainwater

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

Brett Martin’s Rainwater System in the new Anthracite Grey colour option was installed on four luxury homes in a new development near called Lowena Kelys, near St Agnes in Cornwall. The high specification homes, offering views of the Cornish coastline, required guttering to combine high capacity performance with a colour that matched both the windows and doors and the Deepstyle 115mm Gutter System and 68mm Round Downpipe in a gloss finish from Brett Martin’s Anthracite Grey range was able to satisfy the brief.

Bingham Methodist Church

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Meridian Coping Curved to 2-Radii: Aluminium Fascia soffit: Monocoque Support : Hidden Gutter & Contempoary Diameter Rainwater Pipe. Location: Bingham, Nottinghamshire Project Type: Eccleasiastical Development Cost: £1.6m Product: Meridian Coping Curved to 2-Radii: Aluminium Fascia Soffit; Monocoque Support System: Hidden Gutter & Contemporay Diameter rainwater Pipe Finish: RAL 7043 Matt Client: Bingham Methodist Church Architect: Allan Joyce Architects Main Contractor

Thomas Cook, Falkirk

HD Sharman Ltd.

As an integral part of the roof refurbishment works to Thomas Cook’s commercial offices near Falkirk, Scotland, Plygene Gutterline was specified to refurbish the gutter network and prevent leaks for good.

Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating project Warwickshire

Liquasil Ltd

Specified because of it's unique BBA Approval and Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee, Asbestoseal was applied to this asbestos cement roof in Warwickshire. The roof was first steam cleaned using 150°c steam, removing all moss and lichen. Metal fixings were treated with Liquasil's corrosion primer and then sealed using Non-Sag Sealer. The entire roof surface was then coated with Asbestoseal 20 to provide long term protection and add considerably to the life of the roof. The metal gutters were lined with Liquasil's seamless silicone gutter lining system

Tate Britain

Fixfast Ltd

As part of the renovation of this famous old institution, the gutters needed protection from foot traffic. Fixfast’s DukMat was used to create a clean, neat and hardwearing solution fit for this grand landmark building.

Hilton Hotel

Briggs Amasco Ltd

The main roof area and the side ballroom roof, 3000m2 in total, were waterproofed with Permatec Hot Melt system with an extruded insulation MK layer paved walkways and 20/40 gravel ballast to the remaining areas. The Plant room roof 500M2 1.8 Sarnafil Light Grey mech fixed to metal deck and insulation. Level 8 a secret gutter was waterproofed by Hyflex using Exemplar liquid applied waterproofing,above the gutter marine ply was installed to joists to create as balcony which was subsequently waterproofed by Hyflex again using Exemplar BW system.

Alumasc Rainwater gives award winning nursery gardens a new lease of life

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

David Austin Roses, award winning rose growers and home of the National Rose Collection, has recently installed Alumasc Rainwater steel gutters and downpipes at its nursery tea rooms in Shrewsbury. Following a recent extension they wanted to give the property a new lease of life as the existing plastic rainwater was becoming unsightly and tired. Rainwater specialists Roweaver Developments Ltd recommended the perfect solution for David Austin Roses with Alumasc’s contemporary steel range. The replacement steel guttering complements the timber cladding of the building and fits in with the overall look of its well-kept gardens.

T-Pren on Recreational Centre, Calgary

Matthew Hebden

Nearly 1000 metres of T-Pren gutter expansion joints were installed on the 28,000 sq.m. curved roof the Rocky Ridge recreational centre in Calgary, Canada. The wide curved gutter required long special lengths of T-Pren, 9-18m long, and were installed in pairs to provide double the expansion movement. T-Pren forms a waterproof expansion joint, which eliminates the standard step detail and so reduces the number of rainwater outlets required. T-Pren is a composite material made from neoprene and metal bonded under controlled factory conditions to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Bamburgh Clinic

Briggs Amasco Ltd

The deck on this project consisted of a prefabricated ready insulated timber casette structure which was craned into position, a breather membrane was then fitted followed by the standing seam system. Finally an especially large capacity external gutter system was designed and fitted.

Showing 1-36 of 55