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Port House, Antwerp - Zaha Hadid Architects

ASI Group

To deliver on these lofty washroom design requirements, Zaha Hadid Architects turned to ASI Alpaco. Custom-made, extra-height black Alpaco cubicles provide superior privacy in the stunning washrooms. Stainless steel hardware accent the washroom design, adding distinction worthy of the building’s reputation and a touch of modern aesthetics. The elegance of stainless steel washroom accessories add sophistication to an already distinct design.

214 Grays Inn Road

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We worked with architects IMA to create an innovative new modular cycle centre for a central London office. The cycle centre includes our Forza solid grade laminate lockers complete with digital code access locks. We also installed our highly engineered Marcato toilet and shower cubicles, fitted with stainless steel locks and coat hooks, and finished the new space with bespoke Corian trough vanities.

The Church of Scientology

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Saint Hill Manor situated near East Grinstead, Sussex, is the British headquarters of the Church of Scientology. The Saint Hill castle was built in 1968, the refurbishment enhanced the existing beauty of the building by maintaining a consistent design theme throughout. Head of Logistics, Anna Pizevska chose Bushboard’s Paraline Platinum full height cubicle range, with beautifully crafted streamlined pilasters and headrail and Walnut doors. Paraline Platinum was the perfect commercial washroom for the theme of the building.

Hopwood Hall College

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Gareth Tuxworth is the Capital Project Manager at Hopwood Hall College. Gareth was looking for washrooms which would stand the test of time, 'everything we have installed and put together has been done to a good quality and that’s sturdy enough to withstand learners jumping all over it!’ Gareth chose Bushboard’s Aero Glass for changing and shower areas and Quadro cubicles for the redevelopment of washrooms at both campuses. Bushboard’s ready plumbed modules with exclusive range of sanitaryware and brassware, SanCeram was used throughout.

Crow Wood Spa - Lancashire

Prospec Ltd

Crow Wood Spa is set within the magnificent Lancashire countryside – famous for its tales of witches, sorcery and black magic in the 17th-century. Working closely with the client, Prospec’s installation of Cabrillant 700 cubicles are the centre piece of the spas changing areas, meeting their exacting high specification. The toughened and laminated glass provides an opulent feel and white opaque finish is clean and crisp. The Spa Manager added ‘how fantastic the showers look’ and that the entire team are ‘really pleased with the finish.

20 North Audley Street

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We’ve installed washrooms on three levels of a newly refurbished Grade A office building in the heart of London’s Mayfair district. The new washrooms were designed to mirror the reception area by using American Black Walnut real wood veneer and the same marble finish for the vanities. Illuminated mirrors plus wall-mounted taps and soap dispensers complete the design, while the marble panelling continues full height around the sinks and behind the mirrors. Our Alto full height toilet cubicles add to the high specification design.

Belleville Primary School

Venesta Washroom Systems Ltd

‘‘Before this project went ahead we stipulated that our suppliers needed, not only to provide highly thought out, stylish systems but also to be hot on the quality of their service too. I’m delighted to say, we got both from Venesta.’’ Mr Grove, Head, Belleville Primary School A key consideration on this project was timing. The refurbishment was planned for the school holidays, meaning it had to be gutted and refitted in just six weeks. Thankfully, the highly efficient Venesta team was able to rise to the challenge and delivered the cubicles on time and ready to install.

Bexley College

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Bexley College is just over 100 years old. It moved to its last site in Belvedere in the mid-1960s and has recently moved again to a new £20m campus in Erith. ‘The overall look of the new college was extremely important from the offset, Martin Peat, Vice Principal of Finance and Resources explains,'.The finish quality of the decoration is also important as the College provides a professional facility in keeping with modern environments. Martin chose Bushboard’s Profiles toilet cubicle range, a robust and hardwearing system which features individual head rails for style and durability.

Mitre Passage O2

Prospec Ltd

Better Gym, North Greenwich, is one of London’s most technologically advanced gyms. The moment you walk through the doors, your Technogym MyWellness Key will provide access to the facility, equipment and of course the Prospec lockers. Working to the exacting specification of Bignell Shacklady Ewing, the Cabrillant 600 cubicles and glass lockers in a purple and white colour scheme creates a feel of modern opulence. The OTS locking system provided operates on Mifare 1k technology which is compatible with the RFID of the Technogym MyWellness Key, allowing the user to gain access to all the facility has to offer.

Derby Arena

Prospec Ltd

The £27.5 million Arena heralds the most exciting and important changes to leisure facilities in Derby in the last 40 years. The new arena is primarily a Velodrome with space for sports and physical activity; however it also serves as a venue to host cultural events, exhibitions, product launches and conferences. Prospec Marathon Connect cubicles, Marathon laminate lockers, vanity units and benching are installed throughout all of the changing areas. A spectacular curved bank of low level lockers dominates the outfield circulation area, creating both a focal point and a huge volume of storage.

Wigmore Street, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We worked closely with the architectural team to create a bespoke washroom design as part of this refurbishment project. The washrooms feature a full height, fully integrated wall cladding system including wall mounted mirrors with concealed soap and towel dispensers. Our Concerto integrated duct panels were faced with anodised aluminium to provide an exceptionally durable surface. We also installed glass partitions and our full height Alto Kristalla glass toilet cubicles, each manufactured with acid etch mirror to the face. Highly durable Corian was used for the vanities.

The Forest School

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

The Forest School in Horsham is a high achieving secondary school for over boys aged 11-16 years old. Site manager at the school Gary Wait was in charge of updating the year 7 school washrooms. Gary chose Bushboard’s Quadro washroom and toilet cubicle range in SGL. Quadro is a universal solution ideal for most washroom areas, it has a distinctive quadrant foot and headrail delivering strength and style – ideal for a school washroom. For extra privacy Bushboard’s unique privacy skirting was added to the package. Made of durable aluminium, the skirting provides total privacy at floor level.

Panama Hatty's

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Panama Hatty’s is located near Spurstow, current owner Lee Brennan has made a great success of the restaurant. Knowing how important quality washrooms are was one of the main reasons for the refurbishment of the washrooms. Lee chose Bushboard’s Definition range as he wanted the ‘top of the range cubicle’. With full height flush fronted doors and stainless steel contemporary fixings; Definition was the perfect choice for the washrooms. Bushboard’s sanitaryware was chosen, opting for Ready Plumbed Modules meaning all the sanitaryware and brassware were pre-plumbed on factory assembled aluminium framed panels, guaranteeing a perfect finish.

Gymbox Stratford

Prospec Ltd

Stratford, the latest location for the Gymbox family. It is a melting pot of fitness insanity with London's most unique classes, DJs, Personal Trainers and the very best equipment and changing facilities. Prospec has long-standing working relationship with respected interior design practice Ben Kelly Design whose Design Director Patrick McKinney is the visionary for the dynamic interior. Using a vibrant colour pallet on the Cabrillant 600 glass cubicles and glass lockers, a mirrored finish to a number of the doors, plus the innovative use of strip lighting between the banks gives the changing areas an urban nightclub feel.

The Adelphi Building, 1-11 John Adam Street London Highly Commended Refurbished

Shadbolt International

The Adelphi is an iconic art deco building & the plans for its refurbishment, took this into account, when thinking of its new design. We were asked to manufacture & supply, bespoke horizontally orientated, SG European oak veneered panels, fire performance doors & toilet cubicle fronts. Horizontal matching throughout called for a detailed analysis of the scheme, ensuring the horizontal matching was seamless throughout the project. All the veneer was a stained finish, making the project even more of a challenge as colour consistency throughout was key . We also supplied factory primed doors & framesets for finish on site.

Apollo Victoria Theatre

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We designed and installed the new male and female washrooms at the iconic Art Deco Apollo Victoria Theatre in London. Our Aria 19mm laminate faced toilet cubicles, specified in a warm neutral shade and finished with designer d line stainless steel locks and a bespoke powder-coated channel headrail, provide the ideal balance of form and function. For the vanity units, which feature integral towel drops, we manufactured bespoke units using Hanex, a high performance premium acrylic solid surface material, which can be cut, shaped and moulded to any shape.

Harella House, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Washroom delivered new washroom areas on all levels of this refurbished office building - drawing on a range of high-tech man-made materials including lightweight cast concrete to create a unique, contemporary space which hints at the industrial history of the building. Its full height Alto FENIX toilet cubicles were specified in a crisp white colour to contrast with the grey and stone coloured concrete vanities. FENIX is manufactured in Italy by Arpa Industriale using the latest nano-technology to create a highly durable, tough acrylic resin surface with a host of high-performance properties.

Little Ripley Day Nursery

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Ruth Appleby established Little Ripley Nurseries in 1988, she now owns 10 Little Ripley nurseries based all over Sutton Coldfield. In 2013, Ruth bought a large house in rural location in the town with vision to renovate the entire property, Each element of the nursery has undergone months of planning, designed down to the finest element, the washrooms were no different, ‘I was looking to install toilet facilities with the wow factor. When I discovered the Bushboard Tiny Stuff range of nursery school washrooms and sanitaryware I was immediately won over by the bright fun patterns and sturdy looking cubicles.’

Woodlands Caravan Park

Bushboard Washroom Systems Ltd

Situated in Devils Bridge just outside Aberystwyth, Wales. Since opening in 1962, thousands of campers have stayed at Woodlands Caravan Park enjoying the rural location, tea rooms, waterfalls and the famous three bridges. The park draws in hundreds of campers every year, the park’s manager Victoria Chism wanted to update the washrooms so that site appealed to even more visitors. Victoria chose the Bushboard’s Quadro range in SGL for the ladies and gents washroom cubicles and shower areas. Quadro has a unique pilaster shoe allowing for extra floor fixings and a continuous headrail, delivering both strength and style.

Irvine Leisure Centre

Prospec Ltd

Irvine Leisure Centre showcases Prospec’s Cabrillant 700 cubicle system in standard float, toughened and laminated glass. Both Prospec Marathon glass and laminate wet lockers are featured within the centre, each £1 coin return lock accepting both the new and old £1 coins. Furthermore, other products installed by Prospec would include the Marathon Conform Suspended system inside the Village Change area and Disabled Access lockers which act in accordance with Sport Scotland and BREAAM guidelines. Prospec products at The Portal are finished with a contemporary colour pallet, which gives a clean and modern feel.

Heathrow Approach

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We installed new male and female washrooms on four levels and created a new staff shower and changing area in the basement of this recently refurbished office. Our full height, flush front Alto toilet cubicles and Concerto duct panels were finished in the same dark walnut straight grain real wood veneer. The integrated duct panel system is easy-to-clean and allows ease of access for future repairs or maintenance. The crisp white Zodiac stone vanities complete the high specification design. The staff shower and changing area features white Zodiac stone vanities plus our bespoke locker system.

ISG HQ, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Bespoke ‘Deep Night Sky’ Corian trough vanities and Diamond Black Formica laminate full height Alto toilet cubicle doors combine to create a sophisticated washroom space perfect for International construction services company ISG’s flagship London head office. The solid surface construction of Corian means the striking colour runs consistently all the way through for a perfectly neat and unified appearance, creating an attractive, hygienic finish. Washroom’s Tego hinged access mirrors, manufactured with bespoke curved edges and LED back-lights, were installed above the vanities, providing a practical storage solution for essential washroom consumables.

14-17 St John's Square

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Space was at a premium in this compact office building, so the self-contained superloos offered the ideal solution without compromising on design. Each individual toilet cubicle includes a WC plus vanity and hand-drying facilities. Washroom's Concerto duct panels are available in wide range of different materials and finishes and here the duct panels were faced with a pale Limed Oak veneer to match the bespoke shelving above each vanity. Its Forza solid grade laminate lockers with secure digital access code locks were manufactured with a Z-style configuration with metallic effect doors and large stylistic black printed numbers.

12 Arthur Street, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

This contemporary new washroom space was designed with deliberately crisp, clean lines, providing the perfect addition to the building’s newly refurbished workspace and common areas. Washroom's bespoke vanity units combined with space-saving Dolphin Alavo mirror units, which incorporate all the facilities needed for visitors to wash, soap and dry their hands, provided the perfect solution for a compact modern washroom space. The rectangular shaped white Corian vanity units were designed with inset waste-bins to keep the washrooms clutter-free. The Alto toilet cubicles in dark woodgrain high pressure laminate to contrast with the white vanity units.

133 Houndsditch

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Working together with in-house joinery division, Cre8 Joinery Solutions, Washroom created new washrooms using a mix of different materials including dark wood veneer, concrete and bronze. The long trough shaped and wall-mounted, floating Arpeggio cast concrete vanity units in a traditional dark grey shade, reflect the industrial inspiration of the design, with the addition of black power-coated taps and soap holders providing a contemporary twist. The Cre8 joinery team delivered the bespoke lift lobby panels faced in exactly the same dark oak dyed veneer used on the full height Alto toilet cubicles installed in the washrooms.

The Bower, Stockley Park

Washroom Washroom Ltd

The reception area had to set the tone for the rest of the building so we designed the bespoke Corian reception desk to mirror the angular lines of the unique feature staircases in the building’s central atrium. The new washrooms feature our full height Alto toilet cubicles, specified with a real wood walnut veneer finish. We designed the bespoke white Corian trough-style vanity units with an integral handbag shelf, back-painted glass splashbacks and Tego hinged mirror units. In the basement staff shower and changing area, our SGL Forza lockers provide staff with a durable, secure storage facility.

International House, St Katherine’s Dock

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Washroom created the distinctive washrooms on four levels plus the new staff shower and changing area in the basement, all designed with the industrial heritage of the building in mind. Washroom manufactured and installed the vanity units which comprise a Corian worktop, individual countertop basins and inset waste bins set on a custom-made black metal frame. Washoom's full height Alto toilet cubicles were manufactured with a high pressure laminate finish in white, which together with its black high pressure laminate Concerto integrated duct panel system behind the WCs and urinals, creates a contemporary monochrome effect.

Maxwood washrooms star in London’s West End development


Stylish commercial washrooms from Maxwood have a starring role in an impressive development in London’s West End. The new building at 55 St James’ Street creates over 23,000 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation, designed to attract a high calibre of tenant. The internal fit-out includes high quality male, female and DDA compliant washrooms, custom-made and installed by Maxwood over seven floors. In keeping with the project’s prestigious specification, the washrooms feature a distinctive cast of luxury materials, from real wood veneer cubicles and decorative glass duct panelling to high performance hardware with an attractive copper-coloured finish.

London Commercial Workspace Winner: The White Collar Factory, Old Street Yard, EC1

Shadbolt International

For this incredible work space Shadbolt was asked to supply an array of products, all bespoke & FSC certified. The co-ordination of such a variety of products was a challenge, one that we rose to, ensuring that our project co-ordinating team managed the needs of the client. •Black Grey RAL 7021, Pale Green RAL 6021 & Pure White RAL 9010 factory paint lacquered FD30, FD60, FD90 & FD120 fire performance doors & framesets. •PAS24 certified security doorsets •High performance (42dB SRI Rw) doorsets •Stain finished SG European oak, veneered 3 panel pattern, toilet cubicle flush rebated doors, pilasters & interconnecting dividers.

33 Queen Street

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We delivered a bespoke washroom design, with a stylish monochrome colour scheme for a co-working office space in the City. The bespoke Corian slab-style vanity tops with square counter top basins, supported on custom-made metal leg frame forms a key part of the contemporary design. The multi-functional mirror units above the vanities also conceal hand dryers and soap units. The same dark grey HPL laminate was used to face our full height Alto toilet cubicle doors, our Concerto integrated duct panels and modesty screens. We also installed our Forza Lockers to each floor for staff.

Devonshire Square, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Washroom's Forza SGL lockers and Legato benches combine to create a colourful new changing area for an office cycle centre. The Forza lockers, fitted with key operated locks, were specified with doors in HPL using four different colours from Sonae to create the distinctive eye-catching design. The changing area also features freestanding island Legato bench units manufactured with solid grade laminate slats and back rest plus wall-mounted Legato benching units in the combined changing and shower cubicles. Washroom's Arpeggio Corian trough-style vanity in white feature inset square sinks, integrated waste bins and wall-mounted taps.

7 Clarges Street

Washroom Washroom Ltd

The new washrooms created for this sophisticated office development in the heart of Mayfair were designed to blend classic and contemporary styles seamlessly, reflecting the building’s new unique interior design. Washroom's full height Alto toilet cubicles were finished in real wood dark oak veneer and were complemented by the bespoke Corian vanity units with integrated waste bins and bespoke Corian recessed duct bag shelf. Its Concerto integrated duct panelling system was faced with toughened back painted glass. For the staff shower and changing area, Washroom installed its Octave lockers, finished in the same dark oak real wood veneer.

Dominion Theatre, London

Washroom Washroom Ltd

Washroom designed and installed washrooms and backstage dressing rooms for an iconic Grade II listed West End theatre, using brass effect laminate and marble-effect Corian to create the sumptuous design which mirrors the theatre’s stunning Art Deco style auditorium. The full height Alto toilet cubicles installed were finished with a unique high-sheen brass effect laminate and as a contrast, the Concerto integrated duct panel system was manufactured using black laminate. Completing the washrooms are the Corian solid surface vanities specified in a light grey marble with individual square counter-top ceramic sinks, red splashbacks and brass taps.

Scarborough Sports Village

Prospec Ltd

Scarborough Sports Village includes Prospec Marathon Classic range throughout, with cantilevered and double island bench seating in matching solid grade laminate. Prospec Marathon wet lockers, which include an aluminium carcass for wet areas, are a mixture of 1, 2, 3, and 4 tiers, and feature our new £1 coin return lock. Other products included within our installation would be our Marathon Classic fully framed cubicles, postformed solid grade laminate vanity units and grooming shelves, and floor to ceiling IPS (duct panel systems). This project also features our Disabled Access lockers which comply with Sport England recommendations.

Schwimmbad Berlin


Projects Information: Type: Public Swimming Pool Room: Shower area for women/men, shower Location: Berlin Kaulsdorf Construction company: Heidrich Fliesen, Zernitz-Lohm Project Description: 50m pool Non-swimmer pool with slide 2 sauna cubicles 95°C, steam bath, samarium 4 water wheelchairs, no lift, but flat, rounded Disabled parking spaces Products/Systems used: wedi Building Boards in different thicknesses wedi 610 Adhesive and Sealing Material wedi Tools Reinforcement Tape Special production (8 units each) with Fundo Requirements: Very short assembly times on site Support from AD + AWT in setup/instruction Very short drying times Water-tight material Quick processing

Laidlaw Library Leeds - Solar Shading

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

In close consultation the decision to use DucoSun Cubic 300, combining functionality and aesthetics, was made quickly. The unique rectangular louvre blades in DucoSun Cubic 300 not only ensure that the heat from solar radiation gets absorbed efficiently, but they also give a sleek, linear accent which definitely adds architectural value. The blades of DucoSun Cubic 300 were installed vertically in front of the glass windows. Vertical solar shading guarantees maximum privacy, while still allowing an adequate outside view at the same time. Using DucoSun Cubic 300, we were able to achieve the desired aesthetics and performance requirements.

Showing 73-108 of 118