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Interior Living Walls and Columns for Grosvenor Britain and Ireland

Scotscape Smartscape Ltd

Designed and planted to create a beautiful aesthetic and boost air quality, these two living walls measure a total of 32m2. In addition, Scotscape's living wall system has been used to create abundant green columns right in the centre of staff offices, bringing the biophilic benefits of plants to Grosvenor's staff. Plants are essential for improving health and well-being in offices. The plant content of the living columns and living walls has been selected to offer maximum air quality benefits, acoustic benefit, while the introduction of nature strongly supports staff health.

IronAsh columns support the Macquarie University Incubator building

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

Macquarie University’s Incubator building represents education, technology and innovation. This building may not be the tallest or largest mass timber structure in Australia, but should be equally celebrated for its total commitment to prefabricated timber. The Macquarie University Incubator was a collaboration between Lipman, Architectus, Strongbuild, Taylor Thompson Whitting, Arup and Against the Grain. The design required a prefabricated structure, to enable future dismantle, relocation and reassembly. Through the unique collaboration of the entire team the building was erected in just 37 days and the entire project completed within 6 months.

Wapping Wharf

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

Artform were approached by Gillespies to explore some ideas for using bespoke granite blocks on this new development at Wapping Wharf. Communication & coordination were key to making sure that the bespoke granite blocks were the precise measurements required for the lighting columns to be fitted correctly. The advice and experience provided by Artform helped to solve problems that other suppliers were unwilling to address or tackle. The particular aspect of this project that was most innovative was utilising the granite block for the functional purpose of a foundation for the lighting column, but in a decorative manner.

87 Avenue Road, London

TRC Windows

TRC Contracts Ltd were awarded the contract for the supply, design and installation of timber Box sash windows and doors fully glazed and factory finished to this 80 million Pound house nearby Regent’s Park. Huxley House’s impressive facade, complete with robust Doric columns, draws its inspiration from the Neoclassical architecture that is a distinct hallmark of nearby Marylebone and Primrose. With their classical columns and decorative friezes, the imposing white stucco houses that abound in these areas reveal the fingerprint of one of Britain’s finest architects, John Nash (1752 – 1835).

Montparnasse Tower, Paris

Guthrie Douglas

Currently the European Union’s 14th tallest building, it offers views that extend 40km across Paris from its viewing terrace on the top floor. Design challenges included high wind speeds and a requirement for no columns to be installed, in order to preserve the exceptional 360 degree views. Guthrie Douglas TESS™ 512 systems were installed, suspended on steel support cables, providing a vast, column-free, floating canopy. Steel rods were incorporated within the fabric panels to meet the wind resistance requirements, and wind sensors applied to automatically retract the shades in extreme conditions.

The Reflections Project

The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

The Reflections project features multiple freestanding banks of mailboxes combined with LED lighting areas behind frosted glass. The mailboxes for this project were manufactured and installed on to a sub frame which was attached to the building column and then finished in an oak cladding surround.

Leabaib Health Centre, Doha, Qatar - FireMaster Concertina and FireMaster Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire Ltd

Our range of products meant all of the fire curtain requirements were met and the fire regulations could be adhered to keep the occupants of the building safe. Coopers FireMaster Concertina is a great way to offer compartmentation between floors and was installed because there were no columns at the atrium to install side guides and there is no smoke extraction system on the atrium so functional gaps were not allowed.

Daman Tower, Dubai

AET Flexible Space

The Daman Tower is an impressive tower is located within the Dubai International Finance Centre and features fifteen floors of Grade-A office accommodation. Completed in 2013, the L-shaped block comprises two buildings of different height intersecting and overlapping each other. Offering one of the largest floor plates in the UAE, the unique design with virtually no columns offers highly efficient layouts and space utilisation.

World-class Equine Facility and House Renovation

Procter Cast Stone

For the new-build equine facility, which is world-class and one of the largest in Europe, Procter produced a wide range of architectural features including 25 columns and capitals, and components to make a horse through. Because these were in areas where they would come into contact with horses, they were manufactured from a mix that contained a higher proportion of grit sand than normal to achieve a higher strength.

Mumbai Airport, India

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd

Rondo provided a solid support foundation, using resources from both international and Australian technical services departments. The South West Pier (Stage 1), was built by Rachana Arts and saw Rondo provide assistance for the Corian cladding to the columns by creating adjustable and concealed fixings that were purposely designed for the hollow section support framing, as well as providing Stud and Track to support the various cladding materials.

Building Isolation - Bridgewater Hall Concert Hall

Total Vibration Solutions Limited t/a TVS Group

The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester is a 2400 seat concert hall constructed in close proximity to the cities Metrolink tramway. Ground-borne vibration caused by passing trams was highlighted by Arup as going to cause unwanted structural noise within the performance space. To avoid this the building was constructed off 280 number GERB pre-stressable coil spring bearing assemblies positioned on the concrete column heads and tuned with a vertical natural frequency of 3.5Hz.

Cassadian - Office

Polyrey UK

Requiring a professional yet comfortable breakout area to welcome distinguished guests including civil servants and senior politicians, the Customer Experience Suite at Cassidian needed a bold and contemporary scheme to reflect the company’s principles of encouraging collaboration and innovation. The creative design solution provided by Paramount Interiors transformed the interiors into an open and well-lit environment with sleek features such as glass partitions and a plane tail rogue column nodding to Cassidian’s aeronautical connections and adding to a futuristic feel.

Admixtures - The Library of Birmingham

BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd

BASF contributed to this iconic building, supplying its MasterGlenium SKY 569 High range water reducing admixture for concrete to the mix design for the high-strength concrete used in the building’s central columns. MasterPozzolith 324N was also used to good effect at the Library of Birmingham. This cost-effective, water-reducing plasticizer significantly improved the workability and cohesive properties of the concrete, enabling economies in mix designs to be used. BASF products helped the building achieve a BREEAM excellent rating.

Structural Accoya® at Fagelcats


Accoya Structural was used for columns, decking and window frames throughout FagelCats. Architect Liesbeth Janson commented: “Accoya gives FagelCats a soft and natural appearance, which is intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness amongst the chaos of the busy Amsterdam city and this superior quality made the wood specification an easy decision. Importantly, though, Accoya’s strength, durability and low-maintenance requirements were also key, as were its incredible sustainability credentials and its Cradle to Cradle Gold level certification.”

41 Lothbury, London

AET Flexible Space

The 146,000 sq.ft. Grade II listed building, designed by architects Mewes and Davis was constructed in 1926 as a purpose built headquarters for National Westminster Bank and features a Portland Stone façade, interior columns, marble floors and walls. Fully redeveloped in 2004, the building offers a blend of contemporary office accommodation with historical period features. The adoption of underfloor air conditioning permits designers the freedom to retain ceiling features of special architectural interest and full height glazing is also unrestricted.

Novotel - Canary Wharf

applicArt Specialists of Polished Plaster

applicArt’s luxury finishes have been applied to several areas within the hotel. Whilst having a relaxing swim, you will notice the stunning Stucco Mirage finish which has been applied to the walls surrounding the pool. This beautiful Polished Plaster finish has also been applied to the pool ceiling and column areas. Polished Plaster has also been applied to the Presidential Suite on the 8th floor of this high end hotel. Both Micro Cement and Stucco Mirage have been applied to the wall areas

The Lumin, Newcastle

Sotech Ltd

This flagship office space, designed from the ground up to cater for the flexible demands of modern business, offers over 100,000 sq ft of Grade A offices, . Bespoke column casings and feature pressings were used throughout this project. Colour and tone have been introduced to give the building richness and depth. The earthy copper tone of the building catches the sunlight, changing its look and feel throughout the day. Sotech worked closely with Axalta and other supply chain partners to develop a bespoke paint formulation for the project.

King’s Cross – The Tapestry

The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

The Tapestry project is a high-end residential development located in the heart of King’s Cross, London. Our mailboxes were designed to blend into the background of the reception lobby area with a clean elegant finish, configured into a visually interesting layout staggering each vertical column of mailboxes. The mailboxes are located in the reception lobby area of the project where residents will walk through to access their apartments. The model of mailbox used in the project was chosen for its minimalistic and flexible design proven on other notable projects in London such as the Fitzroy Place building.


Procter Contracts

Due to a very tight timescale we were manufacturing 24/7 to ensure we could deliver and install on time - which we did. For this new Morrison's Supermarket we manufactured 3m high security fencing with rota spikes, armco barriers, bollards (from recycled material), anti-ram bollards, column protectors, trolley bays and cycle shelters. "We were very impressed with the full package Procter offered, they were extremely efficient and worked hard to reach the tight deadline we provided in order to complete the project on time."

Muscat International Airport, Oman

SAS International Ltd

The new Muscat International Airport is designed to transform the airport experience not only in the Middle East but on the global stage. A smooth and pleasant customer journey is at the core of the design. Since its conception in 2011, SAS has been heavily involved in realising the aims for each area of the building. SAS has supplied more than 200,000m² of column casing, acoustic wall panelling, staircase cladding and bespoke metal ceilings to the project. Each product has been carefully designed to provide essential acoustic absorption for visitors as well as service integration and accessibility for staff.

76-88 Wardour Street, London

AET Flexible Space

Due to its period architecture style and prominent corner location there were a number of design challenges to be overcome in order to attain full air conditioned office status for speculative open plan offices, for example, the building featured unique structural elements around the columns in addition to the floorplate configuration. In particularly shallow areas where the floor void was less than 200mm, the latest TUS-EC slimline Fantile units were installed allowing a minimum floor to ceiling height of 2.6 m to be maintained on all five office floors.

Bollard sleeves for Bomber Command Memorial, London

Furnitubes International Ltd

As part of recent paving improvement works the bollards have been upgraded to high security versions, but these plain steel sections alone would be out of keeping with the memorial. The solution was to cover the steel cores with decorative sleeves, designed to complement the Doric-style fluted columns. Furnitubes developed a 3d digital model of the bollard sleeve, from which a new pattern was created to cast the sleeves in aluminum, which is a light enough material to make lifting over the steel posts easier, and with the benefit of having an appearance very similar to other traditional cast iron products.


TRC Restoration

With its legendary address and bold ionic columns, the Grade II-listed Selfridges building on Oxford Street has been a British institution since its doors first opened in 1909. Designed by American architect Daniel Burnham, its traditional external styling hides a more modern steel structure. When a new restaurant was planned, some of the building’s famous bronze-framed windows – some as tall as 8m - needed to be restored and adapted. With our specialist expertise, construction managers Sir Robert McAlpine commissioned TRC to undertake the 6-week contract.

Next Home & Garden. Hedge End, Southampton

T.I. Dynamic Facades

“Outstanding” - Lord Wolfson - Chief Executive of Next at the opening in 2014. The design by Next’s architects called for Jura Beige limestone faced walls & feature columns to 3 of the 4 elevations, structural glass and an ETFE roof over the garden centre, conservatory and entrance areas. The Midas team followed an innovative approach to the project, replacing the suggested traditional masonry cavity wall construction with the Aerolite Rainspan rainscreen cladding solution. Our lightweight natural limestone panels are hung on cladding rails fixed directly to the front skin of the composite panels, clear spanning between the main steel frame.

005. Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain UK

This central public transportation hub has a light-filled, vibrant and inviting atmosphere thanks to light columns – a structurally expressive skylight and walkable glass floor combination that brings sunshine into the building. This innovative solution has met the most demanding requirements for a fire-rated glass floor and skylight to date; 2-hour fire rating, blast, and seismic resistance, plus live loading for foot traffic. It involves horizontal fire-rated glass, structural glass, and spacers with air-gaps to avoid replacing glass due to dirt and condensation issues that would develop with foot traffic and the outdoor environment.

Aerolite Ultralite

T.I. Dynamic Facades

The T.I. Dynamic Facades Aerolite Stone collection is a lightweight reinforced range of stone with different reinforcement criteria. Recently there has been a client design requirement for large floor to floor stone infill panels and column enclosures. The Aerolite Ultralite system is the perfect solution to this design and performance requirement. Aerolite Ultralite panels are manufactured from aluminium sheeting, aluminium box supports and aluminium honeycomb reinforcement to produce a 19mm thick, fully enclosed cassette panel with integral fixing/installation locators on the rear and side of the panels... *Please visit our website for the whole case study*

Artisan Cafe Wine Bar

applicArt Specialists of Polished Plaster

The first Polished Plaster Finish which catches your eye as you walk into the Cafe Bar area is the vibrant DeCorten Rust applied to the coffer and column areas, you will also notice the bar top which is coated in Micro Stone with a Metallic Silver Glaze. Marmorino Venezia Beton applied to the wall areas, a light textured concrete finish, made to look like authentic concrete slabs also Marmorino Venezia Beton stencil bringing the Artisan logo to life. Also a stunning feature wall, Stucco Mirage. Marmorino Naturale has been applied in various colours to the male, female and disabled toilets.

New Spalding-Micro Aluminium Rainscreen System Installed on Voco St John's Hotel Refurbishment

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Location: Solihull, West Midlands Project Type: Hotel, Leisure Product: Spalding-Micropanel Material: Solid Sheet Aluminium 1050 AlloyFinish: Syntha Pulvin Architectural Polyester Powder Coating System in RAL 8002 Matt, RAL 8004 Matt, RAL 8012 Matt and RAL 8016 Matt Other products: System Flashings, Weatherstruck Coping, Window Surround System (inc. Jamb, Head flashing & Cill flashing inc. ventilation) in Syntha Pulvin RAL 7016 Matt, Column-Casings Syntha Pulvin RAL 7001 Matt Support system: Helping Hand Bracket & Rails Architects: Nixon Development Consultants Contractor: T. N. V. Construction Ltd Sub Contractor: G. F. S. Supplies Ltd

Showing 1-29 of 29