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Bath Rugby Club use Magply on Light Gauge Steel Frame


Arena 1865 had to take several design criteria into consideration including provision of fire protection to safeguard the 4,500 spectators the steel framed structure can accommodate, while rigidity, all round durability and ease of installation were important. Simon Pugh-Jones outlined ‘We looked at a full range of board solutions including high performance gypsum and recycled plastic, but when we got into the science and the costings, it soon became clear the only board which ticked all the boxes was Magply’. Some 2000 m2 of the Magply 9mm boards were consumed in the main passageway beneath the Stand.

Asbestos Roof & Cladding Refurbishment Coating

Liquasil Ltd

The finish to the asbestos roof and asbestos cladding on this property was faded and the roof leaked in several places, along with the gutter. Liquasil's silicone roof coating, Asbestoseal, was chosen to seal the roof and dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance using specially made RAL colours to the match the original finishes. The asbestos cement gutter was also lined with the Liquasil liquid gutter liner to form a permanent, bonded solution.

6mm Magply used as part of Langley Roofing Overlay at Essex High School


Colchester based roofing contractor has been using Magply Recovery boards as part of a high specification build up, which provided operatives with a relatively quiet as well as safe means of carrying out re-roofing works to school classrooms during lesson times. Richard Tebbutt quoted ‘Because Magply is non-combustible, any excess bitumen can simply be burned off before the vapour barrier is installed as part of a Langley approved system’. As a high performance overlay board, Magply is manufactured from an MgO formulation. The board has been tested in the UK and carries Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible Fire Rating.

Lion Salt Works


When restoration of the UK’s last remaining open-pan salt works began, Eternit was integral to completing the £10 million industrial heritage project. Early in the design process, Eternit was consulted to assess the feasibility of using semi-compressed fibre cement profiled sheeting as roofing and cladding materials. To maintain the aesthetics of the original Lion Salt Works buildings with new products, Profile 6 and Profile 3 sheeting was used in Natural Grey.

TAPER-LOC System eases installation at The Imperial War Museum London

C.R. Laurence (CRL)

C.R. Laurence’s TAPER-LOC™ System has facilitated a speedy and simple installation of a new glass balustrade system at one of the UK’s most iconic museums. A carefully controlled environment such as a museum gallery needs sensitive thought to reduce disruption and the effects of construction on its exhibits and external environment. As the TAPER-LOC™ System required no cement, this significantly reduced unnecessary mess and untidiness so the installation had limited effect on its surroundings.

Asbestos roof cleaning & coating using Liquasil's BBA Approved roof coating, Asbestoseal

Liquasil Ltd

This asbestos cement roof was heavily contaminated with moss and lichen, following many years of neglect. Liquasil's asbestos roof coating, Asbestoseal was specified because it is the only such coating with BBA Approval for asbestos roofs. Also, the completed project came with a 10 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee. The roof now repels water instead of absorbing it and nothing can grow on top of the coating system, meaning it will stay moss-free forever. Call 0121 709 5352

Asbestos Roof Refurbishment Norwich

Liquasil Ltd

This asbestos cement roof was covered in moss and lichen and had leaks in several places. The BBA Approved Asbestoseal was specified to refurbish the roof and provide extended life expectancy. The roof was steam cleaned and all metal fixings treated with liquasil SWT corrosion primer. All fixings and cracks to the roof sheets were sealed with Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer before the whole roof was coated with Asbestoseal 20. Liquasil's Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee was provided upon completion.


Cembrit Ltd

Westerland and Moorland, BBA certified fibre cement slates from Cembrit, have helped achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes and a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating for a newly built £30 million retirement village in Oxfordshire.Built by BAM Construct UK and due for completion in December 2016, the project is built in an attractive, traditional style which is complemented by Cembrit’s Westerland and Moorland slates. Based in Hertfordshire, BAM Construct UK worked with roofing specialist Attleys Roofing Ltd on the project.

Cembrit BBA certified slates provide attractive finish to new housing development

Cembrit Ltd

The oldest street in Coventry features a newly built housing development that remains in keeping with the area’s historic background, thanks to the installation of Cembrit’s Jutland fibre cement slates. Far Gosford Street is setting of many historic stories. Now, it features a new gated community, comprising 30 three and four bedroom mews style houses. Kilby Mews forms part of a wider multi million pound private and public sector regeneration project to develop Far Gosford Street.

Hereford Livestock Market


The £7m building project specified steel sheets in the original plans but concerns were soon raised about the potential reverberation and noise from wind, heavy rain and hail causing distress to the animals. In addition to this, the steel sheets would also have been susceptible to corrosion; caused by heat and moisture from the animals’ slightly acidic breath condensing on the relatively cooler underside of the roof. In place of the steel sheets, Eternit fibre cement Profile 6 sheets were chosen.

Stadthaus N1

Anhydritec Ltd

The nine storey timbered framed apartments completed giving a solid floor finish. SoundBar eliminating the normal wooden floor issues of creaking floor boards and sound transmission.

Prime Place, Greenwich


ecodek® supplied over 6 tonnes of pebble grey reversible composite deck boards to the site so that the contractor could install & fit the balconies at this prestigeous development.

Unite Building

Briggs Amasco Ltd

Spectraplan Fleece back Lead Grey with Spectra TPE standing seam profile, the Spesctraplan fully adhered to ply board facade with low foaming PU adhesive. The Architect choose the Spectraplan facade as a valued engineered option for cost and speed of essence of installation against his other option of Zinc standing seam Cladding.The main roof area was installed using a 159 structural deck with an 18mm ply board mech fixed to it and Spectraplan TPE fully adhered onto insulation and a self adhesive vapour barrier.

Premier Inn, Tottenham Hale

Dryvit UK Ltd

The new 96-bedroom Premier Inn in Tottenham Hale has been finished with Dryvit Custom Brick to achieve the appearance of London Stock. Main Contractor RBG Group contacted Dryvit as they required a system that was capable of sole adhesive fix to Siniat Weather Defence Board. 1,600 m2 of Dryvit's Outsulation external wall insulation (EWI) system was installed as it held the relevant BR 135 classification and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certification, which was instrumental in satisfying building control requirements and securing the specification.

Premier Inn, Tottenham Hale

Dryvit UK Ltd

The new 96-bedroom Premier Inn in Tottenham Hale has been finished with Dryvit Custom Brick to achieve the appearance of London Stock. Main Contractor RBG Group contacted Dryvit as they required a system that was capable of sole adhesive fix to Siniat Weather Defence Board. 1,600 m2 of Dryvit's Outsulation external wall insulation (EWI) system was installed as it held the relevant BR 135 classification and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certification, which was instrumental in satisfying building control requirements and securing the specification.

Oakworth Homes Timber Frame use 9mm Magply in Timber Frame Construction.


Oakworth design team recommends the use of Magply whenever the site survey and pre-contract assessment identifies a specific risk to adjacent properties in the event of a fire. The Magply boards also offer resistance to racking loads, both as part of the completed structure and during the installation process. Oakworth Production staff discovered that it not only cuts better, but the boards are not prone to cracking or splitting with the pressurised nail guns. It comes down to engineering and the design and we will always factor in the safety considerations, advising clients according on Magply as an option.

The Wave Project, Bristol

Gripsure (UK) Ltd

The Wave is a world class inland surfing lake set in the Gloucestershire countryside on the outskirts of Bristol. Gripsure worked closely with APG Architecture to specify a suitable product for the project; Gripsure's Pro Classic deck boards. This board features three non-slip inserts giving an initial PTV of 100 which is the highest rated product in the range. The design team wanted to ensure the safety of surfers as they transitioned from dry and wet zones on the site as they start and finish their sessions, therefore this profile offered the perfect solution.

Non-slip boardwalk and custom infographics for Bristol Zoo Gardens's Bear Wood Project

Gripsure (UK) Ltd

Gripsure supplied Bristol Zoo Gardens's Wild Place Project with over 17,000 linear meters of GripsurePro Contemporary deck boards for visitor walkways at their Bear Wood Exhibition. The immersive boardwalk puts visitors in the heart of the forest, giving panoramic views of the woodland and the unique species living in them by being elevated up to four metres above the forest floor. Gripsure also supplied bespoke infographic boards to aid the customer journey through storytelling. Gripsure has been listed as a finalist for the WPA 2020 awards for this project.

Luxury decking solution for spa alfresco dining area

Wallbarn Ltd

A luxury spa in Berkshire was looking to convert their terrace into an appealing dining area. The management needed a beautiful solution with minimum disruption, as the outdoor dining area was able to stay open to the public during construction. Duro Excellence EasyClick System was installed in colours denim and moor oak. The aluminium rail system was the perfect frame for the outdoor area’s low threshold. The boards simply clip down into place, ensuring swift, trouble-free installation. It was essential that the boards were not screwed through the surface, as customers were walking barefoot.

Novotel - Canary Wharf

applicArt Specialists of Polished Plaster

applicArt’s luxury finishes have been applied to several areas within the hotel. Whilst having a relaxing swim, you will notice the stunning Stucco Mirage finish which has been applied to the walls surrounding the pool. This beautiful Polished Plaster finish has also been applied to the pool ceiling and column areas. Polished Plaster has also been applied to the Presidential Suite on the 8th floor of this high end hotel. Both Micro Cement and Stucco Mirage have been applied to the wall areas

Asbestos roof coating project by Nadco Roofing Services, using the BBA Approved Asbestoseal system

Liquasil Ltd

Another example of the BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system, Asbestsoeal from Liquasil Ltd. The asbestos cement roof was first cleaned using a closed box pressure washer. All waste was filtered and disposed of by a licensed asbestos disposal contractor. Metal fixings were treated with Liquasil SWT Corrosion Primer and then sealed, along with small cracks and holes, with Non-Sag Sealer before the roof was coated with Asbestoseal 20. The project included GRP rooflight replacement and new ridge detail and flashings.

Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating project Warwickshire

Liquasil Ltd

Specified because of it's unique BBA Approval and Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee, Asbestoseal was applied to this asbestos cement roof in Warwickshire. The roof was first steam cleaned using 150°c steam, removing all moss and lichen. Metal fixings were treated with Liquasil's corrosion primer and then sealed using Non-Sag Sealer. The entire roof surface was then coated with Asbestoseal 20 to provide long term protection and add considerably to the life of the roof. The metal gutters were lined with Liquasil's seamless silicone gutter lining system

Asbestos Roof Coating Project in Hereford using BBA Approved Asbestoseal

Liquasil Ltd

The asbestos cement roof to this industrial unit in Hereford was heavily contaminated with moss and lichen and was leaking in numerous places. The moss and other vegetation was first dampened down, scraped off and placed into designated asbestos waste bags for licensed disposal. The roof was then steam cleaned. All metal fixings were treated with Liquasil's rust primer and sealed with Non-Sag Sealer. Small holes and cracks were sealed with Non-Sag Sealer. The entire roof was then coated with Asbestsoeal 20 and is now resistant to moss growth and water leaks.

Kingspan insulates beachfront Grand Design

Kingspan Insulation

A range of premium and high performance products from Kingspan Insulation has been installed on a stunning new beachfront home on the Isle of Wight, featured on Grand Designs. This includes Kingspan Kooltherm K8 Cavity Board, which was used to insulate the majority of the walls throughout the property, and Kingspan Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof Board, which was were applied to the ground floor overhang. With thermal conductivities as low as 0.020 W/m.K, the products delivered the required thermal performance with a slim build-up, helping to maximise space within the rooms.

Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

Logovisual Ltd

This magnetic whiteboard wall is part of a series of boards we fitted for a large training centre in the north of England. This ThinkingWall is 12 metres long by 2.6 metres high and although we have produced longer walls we believe this is the largest whiteboard surface area we have ever produced. The magnetic whiteboard wall is ideal for collaborative meetings and sessions where a large visual planning space is a key tool. Large groups can get together to quickly and easily sketch or write thoughts and ideas onto the board for discussion.

Refurbishment and Repair of Acoustic Partitions

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Our sister company Pro-Servicing Ltd employ some of the most experienced moveable wall engineers in the UK, who are able to diagnose and repair most makes of moveable walls and sliding folding partitions. Where there has been external damage to panel faces, we are able to replace or decorate the panel faces with bright fresh colours. Additional finishes also include pin boards, dry wipe boards or wall papers. We can also replace damaged edge profiles with new aluminium, profiles. Prolonging the life of your partition

ROCKPANEL façade cladding contributes to revamping Manchester skyline


Four 1960’s council blocks were extensively refurbished in Collyhurst, both inside and out. Northwards Housing collaborated with main contractors Manchester Working Ltd on the ambitious retrofit, including structural repairs and the fitting of new windows, ROCKWOOL insulation and ROCKPANEL façade cladding. The ROCKPANEL Chameleon façade boards which seamlessly change colour depending on the angle of view or level of natural light were installed on two sides of the 13 storey blocks. The boards were not solely specified for the aesthetic benefits its products can offer, but also their sustainable credentials.

Building Wood Wharf for Canary Wharf

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

We developed two engineered wood floors and advised on the subfloor build up and installation. The products chosen were initially designed by Goddard Littlefair and we worked with the designers to create two unique pallets. This is a new product and we do not have fitted pictures yet, but the images show one carton laid out.These boards were similar to some of our antique colours but the designers wanted a different hue. The TW E731 was based on our antique board but they wanted it light brushed with a matt UV oil finish rather than a lacquer.

Showing 109-144 of 283