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Gloucester Cathedral Automatic Bollard System

Macs Automated Bollard Systems Ltd

Macs Automated Bollard Systems successfully completed the installation of the automatic rising bollard system at Gloucester Cathedral. Used to control and restrict traffic flow through the gates and into the Cathedral Green, the bollard system is operated in several ways. With the Cathedral being open to the public 365 days a year, the reliability of the bollard system was of the upmost importance, and Macs commitment to customer satisfaction meant we were able to deliver the product, and reliability, the project required.

Automatic Bollard System - Hampton Court Palace

Macs Automated Bollard Systems Ltd

Macs Automated Bollards Systems Ltd are delighted to have completed the supply and installation of two 275/800 automatic bollards, located at Hampton Court Palace for Historic Royal Palaces in Richmond upon Thames. The rising bollards have been implemented as a way for Historic Royal Palaces to implement a system to control vehicle access to traffic using this road link, and to help improve safety and efficiency for the residents and pedestrians.

Security bollards for Dubai Design District

Furnitubes International Ltd

Main groundwork contractor W T Burdens approached Furnitubes with the need for a large number of security bollards that were due to be installed around the perimeters of the new Dubai Design District, d3, development. Zenith sloped top bollards were the product of choice, all supplied in stainless steel with a satin polish. Following the installation of nearly 250 bollards, it was clear that the simplicity of the design perfectly complemented the area, with positive feedback coming from members of the local community.

ASF Morrisons Logo Bollard and Railings

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF have for decades been supplying the supermarket chain Morrisons with a host of external furniture and fittings. From the very beginning ASF were specified as manufacturers for the M Logo Cast Iron Bollards, still in use today on their heritage stores. In this example the bollards were converted into railings, allowing the supermarket retain their corporate branding whilst creating a site perimeter. ASF are also specified on the stainless steel and recycled plastic products seen at Morrisons stores.

ASF 128 Bollard / Step Unit Handrail

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF's 128 pattern cast iron bollard was used in this project as the post for a bespoke step unit. One side of the steps was fixed to a set of railings (also by ASF) by a core fixing directly to the bollard upright. The handrails themselves were bespoke manufactured mild steel, galvanised rails, with steel side mounting brackets made to mechanically fix into the ASF 128 Bollards.

Bespoke heritage plaque for bollards - Covent Garden

Furnitubes International Ltd

Neal Street is a busy shopping thoroughfare situated in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. Existing timber bollards on the street had gradually deteriorated over time and the client wished to upgrade to a more robust cast iron solution, using Furnitubes’ Cannon bollards that are widespread throughout Westminster, but adding some site-specific detailing relevant to the area. The installation of nearly 30 new bollards with the Mercers’ Maiden has improved traffic management on Neal Street and provided an interesting connection to the area’s heritage.

Bollard sleeves for Bomber Command Memorial, London

Furnitubes International Ltd

As part of recent paving improvement works the bollards have been upgraded to high security versions, but these plain steel sections alone would be out of keeping with the memorial. The solution was to cover the steel cores with decorative sleeves, designed to complement the Doric-style fluted columns. Furnitubes developed a 3d digital model of the bollard sleeve, from which a new pattern was created to cast the sleeves in aluminum, which is a light enough material to make lifting over the steel posts easier, and with the benefit of having an appearance very similar to other traditional cast iron products.

Globe Works, Birmingham, ASF Corner Protection Bollard

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF's Building Protection Corner Bollard was used in the above project. The bollard is set up so that there is one quarter missing on the upright plane so that it fits perfectly on a 90 degree outside wall. The pattern can be adapted to other angles if necessary. Once in place the bollard acts as a wheel buffer for any vehicles getting too close to the corner - thus reducing the risk of damage to either the building or vehicle.

ASF Boston Load Bearing Trough Bollards, Liverpool Football Club

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF were already supplying the ASF 5002 bollard to this site with an internal heavy duty steel core to make them ram raid resiatent, when we were asked about bollards that would fold into a trough below ground level. These were for the players entrance and would need to sustain a lot of traffic passover as well as fully loaded coaches. The ASF Boston Trough was used which is manufactured to meet the U.S. H20 load bearing capacity, suitable for 'large trucks', HGV's and artics. This has a 32,000lbs axle weight capacity

Strong bollards keep Schiphol mortuary safe


Due to the expansion of Schiphol Airport, the mortuary was transferred from the terminal to a new building located on a busy road. Schiphol was looking for a solution to preventively secure the building against drivers who might potentially lose control over their vehicle. Heras recommended and provided a strong and secure solution through which the morturary can guarantee the safety of its employees and visitors.

County Courthouse Wakefield

Naylor Concrete Products Ltd

Naylor Concrete supplied Type A 1370mm long traffic bollards to a project in Wakefield. The Bollards were recently supplied to protect an area from unwanted traffic. The old County Court building was demolished and the remaining footprint was edged with the Bollards.

Stevenson Quarter & Crowne Plaza

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

The Stephenson Quarter in Newcastle is a new city centre development near to the central train station. Artform Urban Furniture were involved in the project from an early stage, helping to steer the design process. They were asked to supply a range of products that complemented each other but also that had the ability to be adapted, to contain specific branding that referenced the commercial development’s name. The final products recommended for this function included: the Word Bollard, the Vision Illuminated Bollard, the Hesperia Removable Bollard and the Yes Litter Bin.

ASF 5008 Guardrail

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

An impressive version pedestrian guardrail using the machine topped ASF 5008 bollard as posts, and solid bar stainless steel vertical infill panels to create the guardrail. This system is made to order, and as such can be set up to host any combination of post and panel or hand railing. Contrasting polish finish can be used on the bollards to show the machined top as more of a feature. Posts can be reinforced to make them ram raid resistant.

Street furniture for new dockside residential development

Furnitubes International Ltd

Royal Albert Wharf is a new predominantly residential development at the very eastern end of London’s Royal Docks docks. The decorative and historic character of the Brunel cast iron bollards made them the prefect choice for demarcation of the quayside, with chains added between to discourage people from stepping too close to the edge. Furnitubes also supplied the more contemporary–styled Fordham bench seating and Zenith litter bins and bollards for the external spaces in and around the new development.

Eastbourne Town Centre

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

This project was part of an investment to re-enliven the shared space of this popular seaside location, as part of the social and economic regeneration scheme. Artform supplied the Stop Bollard from the Metro40 Collection, designed by BMW Group Design Work, for use outside of Eastbourne Train Station. The bollards were required as a physical demarcation between the pedestrian zone and the drop off point, which is designed to be at the same level, without a kerbside. The products installed will serve as highly visible barriers with the addition of reflective banding that meet Network Rail’s safety standards.

Northshore Innovation Centre

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

The New Fusion Hive Innovation Centre at Northshore, Stockton-On-Tees, was part of a 56 acre and £300 million overall project. The 36,000 sq ft Innovation centre is a state-of- the-art, high-tech building that provides spaces for small and medium sized science and technology businesses. Having been identified as the preferred supplier, Artform offered a selection of site furniture elements which included Big Harris Benches, Word Bollards and Box Litter Bins. There were also bespoke signage plates incorporated into some of the bollards to identify disabled parking bays.


Procter Contracts

Due to a very tight timescale we were manufacturing 24/7 to ensure we could deliver and install on time - which we did. For this new Morrison's Supermarket we manufactured 3m high security fencing with rota spikes, armco barriers, bollards (from recycled material), anti-ram bollards, column protectors, trolley bays and cycle shelters. "We were very impressed with the full package Procter offered, they were extremely efficient and worked hard to reach the tight deadline we provided in order to complete the project on time."

Upgrading physical perimeter security using 358 mesh, access control measures and crash rated systems for a water treatment plant

Jacksons Fencing

Following the brief outlined by the water treatment plan the proposal adopted for implementation was for the creation of secure access control. Bi-Folding Speed Gates, topped with razor wire were supplied to each of the main entry and exit points to the site. These were supported by PAS 68 rising bollards and rising arm barriers with synchronised operation and traffic light signalling. The gates and barriers were flanked by runs of Jacksons mesh fencing to provide a separate pedestrian entrance to the facility, while static PAS 68 rated bollards were additionally deployed to manage traffic within the site.

Teesbay Retail Park

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

Teesbay is an out of town retail park in Hartlepool. A safe environment was required for pedestrians walking around the site, and cycle parking was needed to visitors and employees. Artform provided corten steel bollards and cycle stands to compliment the facades of the existing shops and eateries. The products chosen provided a coordinated finish, durability and ultimate protection which matched the clients needs.

DFO Brisbane Airport, QLD

Classic Architectural Group

With a large amount of vehicles anticipated as a result of the extension to the Skygate precinct, located a few kilometres from Brisbane’s Airport, a new multi-level car park with 1000 car park bays was imperative. Classic was called upon to provide the perfect solution for the carpark protection and safety equipment. This was achieved through the installation of Assert Wheel stops and various types of Assert Bollards.

Stratford University

Artform Urban Furniture Limited

A stylish redevelopment of a courtyard at Stratford University. The project needed products that matched the aesthetic of the Stratford Cultural Quarter landscape. Artform were chosen as the preferred supplier on a range of architectural street furniture. The Parc Vue range of case style furniture was specified. The package included the Parc Vue Tables and Chairs by Landscape Forms along with a selection of sleek stainless steel bins and bollards, and elegant timber and steel benches.

Manor House Hospital

Procter Contracts

This project perfectly demonstrates our ability to deliver complete projects comprising fencing of any type, automatic gates, plus street furniture and bespoke metalwork. This was a very varied project in terms of what was required and saw us designing, manufacturing and installing cycle shelters, lighting bollards, an automatic telescopic gate, plus security fencing. “We were delighted with the efficiency and capability of all Procter staff throughout the project.”

Wall Protection - UCLH, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery


A complete wall protection system from Gradus has been installed at the newly refurbished Lysholm Department of Neuroradiology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN). Supplied and fitted by the Gradus Contracts Team, the system includes wall guards, corner guards, kickplates and bollards from the stainless steel range, plus handrails from the 450 timber range, which is designed to meet guidelines in Approved Document M, BS8300:2009+A1:2010 and HBN00-04.

PAS68 Bi-Folding Airlock

Eagle Automation Systems Ltd

Eagle were chosen to provide two PAS68 Gate to a high security site located in the South East. The specification required an airlock system rated to withstand a HVM impact of 50mph and 7500kg. The outer gate was 3m high clad in solid steel whilst the inner was 3m high with 358 mesh. For further information on the range of PAS68 Bi-Folding Speed Gates and HVM solutions including PAS68 Road Blockers and PAS 68 Rising Bollards click on the links

The Calile Hotel, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Classic Architectural Group

The Calile Hotel is located in the shopping district of Fortitude Valley and features an outdoor pool, fitness centre and spa facilities. As a landmark location with heavy foot and wheeled traffic, the challenge was to ensure easy and safe access for everyone. As such, Classic installed Tredfx PH06P in black and PT30 Tactile pads externally as well as Tredfx BH10N brass tactiles to go with the internal decor. In addition, Classic carpark safety products such as bollards, wheel stops, corner guards and safety mirrors were installed to ensure safety of pedestrians, vehicles and infrastructure.

HVM Terra 180 Swing Arm Barrier - IWA 14

Frontier Pitts Ltd

IWA 14 Terra 180 Swing Barriers, PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers and PAS 68 Static Terra Venus Bollards at Spitalfields Market Bishops Square, Spitalfields, adjacent to the Old Spitalfields Market is located in the historic heart of East London, on a site that has had a market for over 350 years. Spitalfields offers an opportunity to experience this wonderfully authentic London area that is home to contemporary brands and innovative Street Food independents, all set against the backdrop of a world-famous City skyline.

ASF Bespoke Bronze Street Furniture, Crowle Market Square

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF worked closely with the architect to develop a 'whole material solution' for what started as an open spec project. The brief was to produce a single material and very high quality street furniture package that complimented but did not dominate the market square. It was decided that LG2 Aluminium Bronze would be used. In this material ASF produced bespoke cycle stands, feature paving strips, a feature paving tree surround and bollards as well as step units to properties surrounding the square. Feature products were all sand cast and above ground externals machine engineered.

ASF 5006 Stainless Steel Hand Railing, Bradford Library

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

A hugely popular handrail design that ASF have supplied to projects in many locations. The full sized bollards that are used as post uprights give a sense of solidity and permanence, whilst the mitred top gives them just enough of a decorative nature to lift the product beyond a simple post and handrail job. In this project all welds and interfaces were polished back on site so the finished product becomes a complete unit with no visible fixings. With both double and single handrails over multiple flights and angles, this project shows how ASF can manage any project need.

Contemporary street furniture for Tonbridge Town Lock

Furnitubes International Ltd

The £1.9 million construction project to rejuvenate the area around Tonbridge Town Lock included essential upgrades to flood walls of The River Medway. New street furniture was required for the riverbank walkway to provide a comfortable resting point for passers-by. Furnitubes supplied a number of contemporary Zenith seats which were all galvanised and PPC black with Iroko timber slats, along with corresponding Zenith litter bins. The coordinating Linx400 range of railings and bollards were also installed. Now open to the public has resulted in a beautiful open space & peaceful riverbank, providing a blissful haven for residents and visitors.

Northern Accommodation Hub

Marshalls plc

The new site comprises a 20-cell custody suite and a three-storey office building, which accommodates more than 300 officers and staff and provides both Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, which shares the office building, with modern, 21st century facilities. Marshalls provided a range of products from the Landscape Protection portfolio for the exterior space, including Geo bollards, Geo seating, a Pluto cycle shelter and bespoke concrete planters. Due to the security required around this sensitive building it was important that the items of furniture specified had the required protection against potential accidental or criminal damage ...

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