YOURDOOR Residential RF Dura Print

YOURDOOR Residential RF Dura Print

Sommer Doco

Automatic garage door, manufactured to suit project requirements with unique surface design options.

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Can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details.


Automatic garage door available in various surface designs, and made-to-measure according to project requirements.

Uses a unique digital ink printing technology with ultraviolet (UV) lamp curing, based upon ink applying on a door panel. This technique prevents the occurrence of surface tension on the panel material, especially at the bending spots and sharp edges. Subsequently, the final digital print is varnished by a matt polyurethane (PUR) lacquer. The resulting surface offers high resistance both against UV light rays and against scratching and abrasion. The printing technology is capable to work in three axes, with 360 dpi resolution which offers a good print quality.

Features and benefits:

  • Functional, safe and convenient.
  • Manufactured from a range of high quality materials with high-grade surfaces to provide maximum durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • The stable door panel with 40 mm-thick insulated sections and the integrated sealing system offer a high level of heat insulation to help conserve energy. It also helps to compensate for areas of uneven ground.
  • The tandem rollers reduce the weight load per roller. This means there is permanently less load on the rollers and guide rails to help improve service life.
  • The additional integrated ball bearings and 'silent' inserts provide a smooth rolling performance and therefore a quieter door when in operation, and significantly less wear and tear.
  • One-piece rails are manufactured entirely of metal and have an integrated arch which eliminates the shock normally created by the transition from curved to straight rail.
  • Tension springs are supplied with a cover to improve the aesthetic quality of the interior through concealing the mechanism, and to protect fingers from getting trapped. Similarly, a protective side cover is provided to prevent risk of injury.
  • 15 000 guaranteed operation cycles.
  • Detects changes in temperature, and adjusts the force potential of the operator to suit differing weather conditions.
  • The stationary chain with a travelling motor helps to avoid any additional load on the motor.
  • Will reverse on detection of an obstacle to avoid damage or injury.
  • Can detect a break-in attempt, and will automatically push in the opposite direction to provide resistance.
  • Emits minimal levels of radiation.
  • Soft start and soft stop system ensures the door opens and closes quietly and without jolting.
  • Emergency unlock system allows the door to be disengaged and re-engaged in any position, allowing secure opening in manual use, and the ability to unlock and re-lock in the event of power failure.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13241-1.
  • Ten-year guarantee on sectional doors, and a five-year guarantee on the garage door operators.
  • Ten-year warranty on the surface finish.


Can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details.

General information



Hinges: 2.5 mm, solid steel

Cover: Solid steel

Rails: Metal

Frame foot: High quality plastic (corrosion-resistant)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_84_73 Roller shuttersPrimary


L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

Specification data - Roller shutters

Product Reference

YOURDOOR Residential RF Dura Print

Garage door with large rib design.


Consult manufacturer for available sizes and insert requirements, or insert project drawing.

Surface design

Exclusive design

Examples include brick wall, concrete texture, copper oak, corten, diamond plate, firewood, magic circles, quarry stones, and Swiss stone pine. Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Individual design

Based upon image submissions - see manufacturer's literature for examples.

Next Gen design

10 designs available, consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Rustic design

11 designs available, consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Standard design

Examples include amaretto cherry, anteak, grey oak, macore, natural oak, Oregon, red siena, and Winchester. Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Unico design

10 designs available, consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Vertical design

11 designs available, consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

Alarm siren

Will sound in the attempt at a break-in.

Humidity sensor

Measures the humidity of the air in the garage, and regulates it by opening the door slightly. The door closes automatically when the suitable humidity level is reached.

Magnetic locking mechanism

Secures the door not only when it is closed, but also if it has been opened slightly for ventilation.

SOMweb smart home solution

Allows control of the operator through smartphone, tablet or PC. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Standard product features


  • Hinges: 2.5 mm, solid steel.
  • Cover: Solid steel.
  • Rails: Metal.
  • Frame foot: High quality plastic (corrosion-resistant).

Surface finish:

Smooth, flat (without grooves).

Maximum printing length of panel:

7500 mm.


Radio-controlled opening (with 150 m range).

Technical characteristics:

  • Power consumption: <1 W.
  • Opening speed: 240 mm/s.

Product Options

Surface design:

Prints are available on both the internal and external surface - consult manufacturer for details.

  • Exclusive design: Takes of advantage of digital printing and innovative door design. Uses a variety of colourways.
  • Individual design: Suitable for commercial or industrial doors where it is possible to print the company logo, graphics, or numbering of door rows, adverts, or text.
  • Next Gen design: Designed to reflect modern technologies preferred by younger generations.
  • Rustic design: Includes styles taken from country houses and farm buildings with some traditional panel styles.
  • Standard design: Wood imitations derived from real wood.
  • Unico design: Geometric, taking a one-dimensional image and turning it into a 3D design.
  • Vertical design: The perpendicular styling helps to disguise the usually evident horizontal lines.

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