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A self-supporting ridgelight, available hipped, vertical, or for attaching to a wall (wall abutment). Available with glazed with solid or multi-wall polycarbonate, or glass. Whilst slopes are commonly specified at 30º or 45º, they can be as low as 10º up to near vertical.

Features and benefits:

  • The system has internal water management system.
  • Introduces a greater amount of daylight into a room.
  • With the hipped end construction, the sweep created at the sides is continued around at the ends which produces an attractive feature to the rooflight.
  • Provides good thermal performance for compliance to Part L of the Building Requirements.


  • Maximum wind loading to BS 6399:1: 1.5 kPa.
  • Maximum imposed loading to BS 6399:3: 0.75 kPa.
  • Safety: Non-fragile – polycarbonate rooflights achieve a Class B rating to ACR[M]001:2014, and glass options are available with a CWCT Class 1 or Class 2 specification.
  • Thermal performance: U-values below 1.3 W/m²K available.

General information
Specification data - Framed rooflights
Product Reference

Xspan Ridgelight




Wall abutment

Size (w x l) -
Upstand/ kerb finish

Mill finish


Polyester powder coated

Insert colour requirement.

Glazing -

Insulating glass units

Solid single skin polycarbonate

For glazed canopied and unheated spaces.

Multi-wall structured polycarbonate




For insulating glass units.


Standard product features

Loading class:

To BS EN 1991-1-1:2002 and BS EN 1991-1-7: 2006+A1: 2004.

Fire performance:

  • Polycarbonate: To BS 476, Part 7: Class 1, AA designation (national classification), or Broof (t4) European classification for spread of flame.
  • Glass: AA designation (national classification), or Broof (t4) European classification for spread of flame.

Product Options


Maximum span 7.0 m, no limit to length.

Upstand/ kerb finish:

Upstands are available in mill finish or polyester powder coated: consult Xtralite for colour range and samples.


- Type:

Available with Lumira technology, consult manufacturer for details.

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