XL and XXL Planet®

Designed to provide an efficient and economical sewage/ drainage pumping station. Suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial use.

Pump chamber manufactured from GRP with smooth internal walls aid the hygienic disposal of effluent.

Includes pipe work pre-assembled in the chamber, ready for installation into the ground after which the pumps and controls are added.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_55_76_62 Private packaged pumping stationsPrimary


R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

Specification data - Private packaged pumping stations

Product Reference

XL shallow sump

Height: 2600 mm.

XL with pump sump

Height: 2900 mm.

XXL shallow sump

Height: 3650 mm.

XXL with pump sump

Height: 3925 mm.


Manufacturer's standard

Non-contact ultrasonic sensors

Special order.

Standard product features


– XL:

  • Chamber size: 10,000–40,000 L.
  • Diameter: 2200 mm internal, 2400 mm external.
  • Length: 3100–11,000 mm internal, 3300–11,200 mm external.

– XXL:

  • Chamber size: 25,000–90,000 L.
  • Diameter: 3200 mm internal, 3450 mm external.
  • Length: 3760–11,650 mm internal, 4010–12,100 mm external.


Includes controls for fully automatic operation and a high level alarm indicator. Alternative level systems are also available to special order.

Product Options


Wide range of compatible submersible pumps available, please consult manufacturer for exact details.

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