Window Trickle Ventilator AK80

Horizontal-strip, adjustable-flap, compact aluminium ventilator with acoustic insulation, for glazing-in, overframe or wall mounting.

  • Enables secure, weather resistant ventilation with exclusion of insects. Equivalent area (maximum): 8,780 mm²/m. Five intermediate settings.
  • Aluminium profiles with plastic endcaps. Choice of finish.
  • Choice of models with variation in equivalent area and acoustic attenuation.
  • 18.5 mm projection hooded outer profile.
  • Projecting interior element with adjustable bottom hinged flap. Aluminium extrusion with plastic endcaps. Directs incoming air upwards to minimise draughts. Projection varies with frame thickness.
  • Watertight in closed position to wind pressure 650 Pa.
  • Wind tight in closed position to wind pressure 650 Pa.
  • Thermally broken.
  • Choice of manual, cord or rod operation.
  • Unit width (maximum): 2 m. Made to measure.
  • Acoustic attenuation (open/ closed, maximum): 47/ 51 dB, to EN ISO 140 and EN ISO 717.

Suitable for:

  • Insertion into glazing aperture of double glazed windows. Acceptable glass thickness: 22–42 mm.
  • Mounting on transom. Acceptable transom thickness: 25–75 mm.
  • Overframe mounting. Acceptable frame thickness: 39–75 mm.
  • Overframe mounting with stepped lintel. Rise to interior (maximum): 30 mm.
  • Aluminium, PVC-U, wood or composite frames.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_57_58 Overhead ventilatorsPrimary


H11/110 Curtain walling

L10/10 Wood windows

L10/15 Wood windows

L10/20 Steel windows

L10/210 Wood windows

L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/250 Wood windows

L10/260 Wood windows

L10/30 PVC-U windows

L10/31 PVC-U windows

L10/315 Steel windows

L10/33 Proprietary windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

L10/335 Aluminium windows

L10/350 PVC-U windows

L10/360 PVC-U windows

L10/380 PVC-U windows

L10/390 Proprietary windows

L10/410 Composite windows

L10/650 Metal louvres

L20/330 Wood door frames

L20/430 Wood doorsets

L20/52 Wood door frames

Specification data - Overhead ventilators

Product Reference

Window Trickle Ventilator AK80


Visible aperture width, ___ mm

Delivered cut to size and finished.



Abutting upper glazing bar with lower glazing unit

Abutting upper glazing bar with lower transom




Equivalent area (maximum): 1,488 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open (maximum): 47 dB.


Equivalent area (maximum): 2,163 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open (maximum): 44 dB.


Equivalent area (maximum): 2,545 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open (maximum): 41 dB.


Equivalent area (maximum): 8,780 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open (maximum): 33 dB.

Equivalent glazing thickness

24 mm

28 mm

33 mm

Not applicable




Manual, toggle at ventilator

Manual, cord

Manual, twist rod

Location (viewed internally)



Transom (h x d)

35 x 20 mm

35 x 24 mm

35 x 28 mm

62 x 20 mm

62 x 24 mm

62 x 28 mm

62 x 33 mm

Not required

Finish (aluminium components)



Anodized, natural

20 µ.

Polyester powder coating, RAL colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Polyester powder coating, Syntha Pulvin colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.


Anodized, natural

20 µ.

Polyester powder coating, Syntha Pulvin colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

As external

End caps




Special colour, ___

Special order. Consult supplier.

Glazing gasket

Submit proposal

Standard product features


  • Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748.
  • Plastic endcaps: ASA polymer (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate).


  • Overall unit height: 80 mm.
  • Glass reduction: 80 mm.

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