Window And Smoke Ventilators


Windows and smoke ventilators have a specific role in ensuring the safety and comfort of the building's occupants. They are part of the gravitational ventilation system, and help to quickly remove smoke and toxic fumes hazardous to health. Smoke exhaust joinery based on MB aluminium systems; comes equipped with specialized openers and control systems, and has been tested and certified to EN 12101-2.

Features and benefits:

  • A wide range of solutions, based on systems such as MB-59S, MB-59S Casement, MB-60, MB-60US, MB-70, MB-70US, MB-86, MB-86US window systems or on facade-dedicated window structures.
  • Various opening options: Side or inward bottom-/ top-hung casement, but also roof slope windows used in sloped facades or skylights.
  • Reliable, silent mechanisms; different types of actuators (chain, spindle or rack).
  • The possibility of using single, double or triple operators of an opening force of up to 3000 N, in synchronized 'Tandem'-type systems.
  • Mechanisms allowing windows to open wide.
  • Additional functionalities and security features, such as 'high speed' functionality, protection against crushing and extra interlocks.
  • Good appearance and the possibility of using small openers, parallel to the surface of the window.
  • Integration with power supply, control and protection systems, e.g. emergency power supply, coupling with the building’s ventilation system.

General information

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L10/490 Roof ventilators

Specification data - Powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

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Window And Smoke Ventilators


Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Size of the casement (h x w): Horizontal view: 1600 x 2500 mm. Vertical view: 2500 x 1600 mm (maximum).
  • Size of the roof window (h x w): 2200 x 1500 mm or 1500 x 2200 mm (maximum).
  • Surface of the vertical/ roof smoke exhaust window: 4 m²/ 3.3 m² (maximum).
  • Opening angle of the smoke exhaust window: 90° (maximum).