webercote primer

A low-viscosity surface sealer and stabiliser formulated to penetrate into the surface of permeable, dusty substrates and to consolidate them.


  • Used for sealing and hardening dusty or friable surfaces.
  • Suitable for the following substrates: New and old concrete, brickwork, masonry and renders.
  • Used as a treatment against effloresence or as a foundation for further decoration.
  • Used as a primer for webercote anti-carbonation coatings.


  • Single component, ease of application – apply by brush, roller or spray.
  • Prevents surface dusting and grime penetration.
  • Resists the penetration of water droplets and salt solutions.
  • Colourless solution, essentially nontoxic Vapour permeable, allowing substrates to breathe.
  • Can be used in confined spaces.


Styrene/acrylic ester co-polymer emulsion.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_66_67 Primer-sealersPrimary


C42/320 Levelling/ smoothing coats

Specification data - Primer-sealers

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webercote primer

Third party certifications
  • 91/2617
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