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Weather-Chek Façade Cream


A simple to use water repellent for the protection of external masonry from penetrating damp and freeze thaw damage.

A viscous emulsion of silane and siloxanes which penetrate and impregnate porous masonry to produce a water repellent surface. Can be applied to masonry such as brick, mortar, render, limestone and sandstone.

After penetration and curing the surface has a much lower water uptake, therefore penetrating damp and freeze/thaw damage are prevented.

Reducing the porosity of masonry also results in reduced heat transfer, improving the thermal performance of a dwelling.

After application and drying the surface is left unchanged in appearance and it is still possible to apply decorative coatings such as masonry paint.

General information


5 litres


Pr_35_31_22_81 Solvent-based masonry paintsPrimary


M60/170 Masonry coating

Specification data - Solvent-based masonry paints

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Weather-Chek Façade Cream

Standard product features


White paste, dries clear.


5 litres.


20-40 m² per 5 litres.

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