Walkway system for installation to a Kalzip standing seam roof system.


Roof walkway systems constructed from aluminium or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U).

Kalform Grillage Walkway and Handrail System:

A modular system manufactured from extruded aluminium components offering a neat, lightweight, durable, self-draining, low maintenance construction for simple and quick installation to the Kalzip standing seam secret fix roof system. Extruded aluminium seam clips ensure a secure fixing method to the Kalzip seams without affecting the penetration free function of the Kalzip roof systems weathering skin.

Walkway - Kalform Suregrip Walkway:

Walkway system providing anti-slip walkways across roofs, for access and maintenance traffic. The system consists of an assembly of extruded PVC-U, moulded PVC-U and stainless steel components. The plank components are manufactured with a patterned surface to give improved slip resistance in dry and wet weather when subjected to normal conditions of exposure and use, will retain integrity for a period in excess of 25 years. The white PVC compound is UV-stabilized and will remain colour stable over an extended period.


Walkway system for installation to a Kalzip standing seam roof system.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_35_10_30_95 Working platform and walkway systemsPrimary


L35/340 High level walkways

Specification data - Working platform and walkway systems

Product Reference

Walkway - Kalform Grillage Walkway and Handrail System


Walkway - Kalform Suregrip Walkway



As drawing

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Manufacturer's standard

For Suregrip Walkway.

600 mm

900 mm

Special order

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Not applicable

For Suregrip Walkway.

Not required

Both sides

One side

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Extruded aluminium toeboards, 150 mm high

For Grillage Walkway and Handrail System.

Product Options

Kalform Grillage Walkway and Handrail System:

- Walkway grillage:

The walkway grillage is supplied in modular lengths to suit the cover width of the Kalzip sheet and consists of 25 mm deep non-slip load bearing extruded aluminium bars joined using the unique swage lock method of construction. The bars in a nominal 30 x 100 mm mesh pattern spanning transversely across the width of the walkway are set into 65 mm deep side ‘Z’ section members. The walkway grillage is available in 600 mm and 900 mm wide panels with other widths available if needed or tapered if necessary. Lengths of the walkway grillage can be easily cut to suit, on or off site, if size adjustment is required without any detriment to the walkway construction.

- Handrail system:

The handrail systems consist of a 38 mm diameter extruded aluminium circular hollow section top rail positioned at 1100 mm from the walkway grillage surface and a 32 mm diameter extruded aluminium circular hollow section mid rail positioned at 0.6 m above the walkway grillage surface. The handrails are supported by 50 mm extruded aluminium circular hollow section posts fixed to extruded aluminium side palm bases which are in turn fixed to the side section members. The handrail posts are positioned at centres to match the cover length of the walkway grillage (maximum 2.133 m to suit Kalzip 305).

The walkway can be installed with handrails to both sides, handrail one side or without handrails. It can be installed without handrails alongside the Kalzip fall arrest system where fall arrest capability is needed.

- Roof pitch:

The grillage and handrail system can be installed in plane to the roof at pitches up to 10°. Where a flat and level surface is required special clip extension pieces are utilised to counter the roof pitch. The grillage and handrail system can also be manufactured to accommodate pitches above 10° degrees in the form of stepped units.

- Connection to Kalzip:

The walkway grillage is fitted to the seams of the Kalzip sheets using extruded aluminium seam clips when running transverse to the Kalzip seams. The seam clips are positioned at up to 1.525 m centres for Kalzip 305 and up to 1.6 m centres for Kalzip 400. When running parallel to the Kalzip seams, the walkway grillage is fixed to extruded aluminium channel bearers positioned at a maximum 1.6 m centres, which are in turn fixed to the Kalzip seams utilizing the extruded aluminium seam clips.


Curved walkways and stepped units are available, consult manufacturer for information.

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