W-Tec 3D Concealed Door Hinge

W-Tec concealed door hinges are designed to mount flush fit to doors with no hinge element (knuckle) showing when the door in a closed position. Suitable for all door leaf thicknesses.

Manufactured from steel and Zamak. Has a unique kinematic mechanism where the door weight is transferred through three independent levers and is sustained in seven independent axis. This innovative design minimizes door sag over the lifetime of the application as the product will still function should two thirds of the levers fail due to the axis design.

Suitable for timber doors into timber, steel and aluminium frame applications.


Consult manufacturer.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_36_17 Cranked hingesPrimary


P21/320 Door hinges

Specification data - Cranked hinges

Product Reference

W-Tec 3D



For door weight up to 60 kg (FD30S).


For door weight up to 100 kg (FD30S).


For door weight up to 160 kg (FD30S).


For door weight up to 160 kg (FD60S).

Colour/ Finish


Satin stainless steel effect.

Matt Chrome

Matt chrome metallic effect.


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Zinc GSS

Zinc plate with clear sealant.

Standard product features

Fire certification:

Fire tested to EN 1634-1 and has achieved ratings up to 60 minutes (rating dependant on variant).

Mechanical adjustments:

  • Height: +/- 3 mm.
  • Lateral: +/- 3 mm.
  • Gasket pressure: +/- 1 mm.

Load capacity:

- Two hinges:

  • W-Tec 3D+ 60: 50 kg.
  • W-Tec 3D+ 100: 80 kg.
  • W-Tec 3D+ 160: 140 kg.

- Three hinges:

  • W-Tec 3D+ 60: 60 kg.
  • W-Tec 3D+ 100: 100 kg.
  • W-Tec 3D+ 160: 160 kg.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

Colour matching to RAL is available. Consult manufacturer for information.

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