ViLX-ACM-8 Assist Call Master Station

The Lexicomm ViLX-ACM-8 Master station can accept and display Emergency Assist Alarm calls either as a standalone system or on combined networks with EVC. The unit is compatible with (Type A fixed phones, Type B refuge hands free points, emergency assist alarm point or jack points in Far East and Middle East applications) as required.

The touch-screen layout has four buttons allowing quick access to the main functions, and permanently displaying the number of current calls, alarms and faults.

Emergency Assist Alarm calls can be acknowledged by pressing the Icon on screen(as required by BS8300) and will return to alarm if not reset within two minutes.

The ViLX-ACM has inbuilt networking allowing it to form one of the 64 panels on a Lexicomm network installation allowing a total of 512 outstations to be accommodated. Each panel can be a master station or ViLX-EX8 network expander.

General information


Accepts assist calls on a shared network, full colour touch screen, inbuilt networking


Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_75_94_22 Disabled refuge master stationsPrimary
Specification data - Disabled refuge master stations
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