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Wall-hung smart WC, including toilet seat. Available in two models (Essential and Comfort, which offers additional features; consult literature for details). The V-care WC pan uses 3/ 6 litres of water per flush.

V-care conforms to the following global and European standards: BS EN 1717, BS EN 13079, CE, DVGW, KIWA, ETA, SINTEF, SITAC, W270 and KTW. Wall-hung WCs require a frame which is concealed behind a solid or stud wall. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Features and benefits:

  • More hygienic – hands-free WC use. The Comfort model offers automatic seat cover opening.
  • Easy to operate – via remote control. With additional control buttons on the side of the toilet seat.
  • Easy to clean – with concealed fixings and no awkward rim to clean within the inner bowl, the WC is easy to clean. The Rim-ex technology makes it 95% more hygienic than standard WC pans (independently tested).
  • Designed for comfort – the seat is designed with an ergonomic shape for optimum comfort, and is supplied with five remote-controlled seat temperature adjustments.
  • Energy-saving function – available in four modes, allowing energy to be saved by keeping the temperature at minimum level.
  • Cleansing – the specially designed nozzle can be positioned to suit each user, choosing from the five options available. There are front and rear washing options available, with the less powerful water supply for the more sensitive area. Water temperature (maximum 40°C) and intensity can be adjusted based on personal preference. On the Comfort model, the nozzle also offers oscillating and pulsing options, which also have five settings.
  • Drying and purification: after use, a drying function, with adjustable drying temperature, can be selected (Comfort model only). In both the Comfort and Essential models, an air purification process is automatically activated when the user is seated on the WC, helping to remove unwanted odours.
  • Water distribution tool – specially engineered water diverter; flushes to 65 mm from the top of the panel for added cleaning.
  • Removable parts – the Rim-ex water diverter can be easily removed for cleaning. The V-care nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water before and after every use, with the tip being easily removable for manual cleaning if required.

General information

600 x 380 x 455 mm

Uniclass 2015 WC pans (Pr_40_20_93_94)
Specification data
Product Reference

V-Care Smart WC


Essential, 5674B003-6103

Comfort, 5674B003-6104

Standard product features


600 x 380 x 455 mm.

Technical characteristics:

  • WC: vitreous china.
  • Nozzle: stainless steel.
  • Remote control: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
  • Seat, seat cover and base unit: thermal plastic.

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