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UV Façade

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DuPont Tyvek

Black, UV resistant breather membrane for use behind open-jointed wall cladding.

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Black, UV resistant, vapour permeable membrane for secondary external protection of open-jointed rainscreen wall systems.

  • Breather membrane for walls with open jointed cladding to EN 13859.
  • Suitable for use behind rainscreen cladding with joints 30 mm (maximum).
  • Temporary exposure period 4 months (maximum).
  • High density polyethylene and polypropylene composition.
  • Water vapour permeability (to EN 13859) sd: 0.035 m.
  • Head of water sustained without penetration (to EN 13859): 2 m.
  • Tear resistance (to EN 13859): 300 N.

General information

Textured fabric - black




Enhanced UV protection


Polyethylene and polypropylene




10 years

Uniclass 2015
Vapour permeable sheets (Pr_25_57_10_94)Primary
Specification data - Vapour permeable sheets
Product Reference

Tyvek® UV Facade

Roll size

1.5 x 50 m

3 x 50 m

Contractor's choice


Tyvek UV Façade Tape

Tyvek® Double Sided Acrylic Tape

Tyvek® Butyl Tape

Standard product features


Weight: 195 g/ m².

Product Options


- Tyvek UV Façade Tape

Black, single sided acrylic tape with high UV resistance for sealing laps, penetrations and joints in Tyvek® UV Façade membrane.

- Tyvek® Double Sided Acrylic Tape

Double sided acrylic tape for sealing laps in Tyvek® membrane and bonding to smooth surfaces. Excellent adhesion properties under extreme conditions. Strong initial tack. Roll size: 50mm x 25m.

- Tyvek® Butyl Tape

Double sided butyl based sealant, used to seal fixing penetrations in a Tyvek® membrane and form a moisture and airtight seal between a Tyvek® membrane and most commonly used building materials. Tape is compatible with brickwork, blockwork, masonry, timber, metalwork and most plastic products. Roll sizes: 20mm x 30m, 50mm x 30m.

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  • CE Marking: CPD 89/106
  • 90/2548
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