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UPM ProFi® Foot

Adjustable feet for use with UPM ProFi® decking, enabling fast installation on uneven ground. The range has double the height adjustment of other deck feet, and the height can even be altered after the joists have been laid via a rotating wheel. Can be used in conjunction with Alu Support Rails or timber joists.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_22 Decking and paving pedestalsPrimary


Q55/395 Support pedestals

Specification data - Decking and paving pedestals

Product Reference

UPM ProFi® Foot Small

35–68 mm level adjustment.

UPM ProFi® Foot Medium

65–153 mm level adjustment.

UPM ProFi® Foot Large

145–228 mm level adjustment.

Standard product features