Panel is made of cross-laminated rotary cut birch veneers which have a shortened form pressing process and increased efficiency. The wood panel is formed into a component easily in two steps – first the panel is heated and then formed and cooled in a mould. Can be formed at 95ºC, which enables faster heating of the material. Veneer sheets are bonded with moisture resistant bonding (to EN 314-2). The face veneer quality complies with EN 635, BB (III) classification. Manufactured using FSC or PEFC certified wood and following the best practices for sustainable and responsible forestry. The adhesive used in the panel does not contain any formaldehyde or any other harmful compounds.


Once the panel is heated to 95ºC, the adhesive between the veneers melts so that the panel can be formed into different shapes. The melted adhesive allows the veneers to slide which enables forming. The hot panel may then be formed in a mould and cooled to 70ºC simultaneously.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_08_17 Cross-laminated timber beamsPrimary


G20/311 Non-structural plywood

K11/415 Plywood wall sheathing

N10/110 Purpose-made

P20/240 Plywood

Specification data - Cross-laminated timber beams

Product Reference

UPM Grada 2000




Panel size

1250 x 2500 mm

1500 x 3000 mm


4.5 mm

7 mm

10 mm

13 mm

Standard product features


  • 4.5 mm: 2.6 kg/m².
  • 7 mm: 4.5 kg/m².
  • 10 mm: 6.5 kg/m².
  • 13 mm: 8.5 kg/m².

Product Options


Multiple surface materials e.g. laminate, veneer or textiles can be bonded onto the EasyTop panel without additional adhesive.