Universal Eaves Vent

Suitable for all Marley and other manufacturers' tiles and slates. Suitable for lower pitched roofs with deeper insulation. Can also be used for ventilating the batten cavity where needed.


The system comprises rafter rolls, to provide ventilation over the roof insulation, underlay support/ protector trays and over fascia strip ventilators.

Features and benefits:

  • 10 mm or 25 mm continuous ventilation at eaves.
  • 10 000 mm² or 25 000 mm² free area of ventilation per linear metre.
  • Eaves-to-ridge or eaves-to-eaves ventilation.
  • The 25 mm system can be used to ventilate the batten cavity where required.
  • Dry fix system.
  • Allows clip fixing of tiles at eaves.
  • Compresses insulation ensuring airflow.
  • Prevents ponding of water.
  • Prevents ingress of birds, vermin and insects.

General information






10 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_29_15 Combined eaves fascia grilles and ventilator traysPrimary


H60/345 Ventilated eaves with integrated grilles/ trays

H60/47 Eaves

H61/345 Ventilated eaves with integrated grilles/ trays

Specification data - Combined eaves fascia grilles and ventilator trays Enhanced data

Ventilation opening

10 000 mm²/ m.

Grille colour



Fitting eaves ventilators with integrated grilles and trays.

Product Reference

Universal 10 mm Eaves Vent system, code 46350

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