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Unity 6 Bridge

Self-supporting ceiling system with edge to edge perforation, intended primarily for use in corridors. Often used in small utility and ancillary rooms for reasons of design and/ or economy. Self-supporting for up to 2.4 m between walls.

Gives the appearance of fine line markings in a rectangular plank pattern. Demounting reveals a completely free area without transverse suspension sections.

Panels can either be delivered to site and adjusted in situ, or supplied in fixed dimensions. Fixed dimensions reduce wastage as well as building waste, making assembly faster and cheaper.

General information

White painted

Uniclass 2015
Ss_30_25_22_90 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary

K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/265 Infill units

Specification data - Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems
Product Reference

Unity 6 Bridge

Panel size

400 x 1200 mm

400 x 1500 mm

400 x 1800 mm

400 x 2100 mm

400 x 2400 mm


Unity 6 (U6)

Standard product features


9.5 mm.


White painted.


Installed on reinforced wall angle 1469.

Product Options

Panel size:

Panels can be supplied in bespoke lengths, up to 2400 mm.


Non-standard perforation patterns can be manufactured to order.

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