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Uni 8™ Cable System

The Uni 8™ Overhead Horizontal Lifeline System is a unique fall protection safety product. It offers both fall arrest and restraint capabilities using a 1 x 19 8mm stainless steel cable, which is secured to a structure using a range of anchorage fittings.
The two wheeled attachment carriages are secured to the system during installation and when in use move over the intermediate brackets without interruption. It is a true hands-free system. The horizontal lifeline system has a minimum breaking strength of 38 kN and can span up to 30 metres between intermediate supports. This is achieved through high pre-tension loading in the cable of 5kN combined with the properties of the 1 x 19 8 mm cable.

A complete range of structural end anchors are available to enable the horizontal lifeline system to integrate with the structure. The Uni 8™ Overhead Horizontal Lifeline is designed to provide a facility to enable safe working at heights in accordance with current regulations and safe access to a variety of otherwise dangerous situations, or to restrain personnel from putting themselves at risk. There are two types of horizontal lifeline.

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