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Underfloor Heating Mat Systems

Underfloor Heating Mat Systems

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Range of underfloor heating mat systems.

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Provides floor warming in all rooms. Suitable for a variety of buildings including new developments and period renovations.


Underfloor heating system which includes heating mat, thermostat, sensors and thermal insulation board plus accessories.

System includes:

  • Underfloor heating mat.
  • A range of thermostats are available including touchscreen, wireless and simple digital controllers.
  • Thermal insulation board (600 x 1200 mm): Consists of a rigid foam core (high density extruded polystyrene) and a cementitious hard coat.

Underfloor heating mats – 110W/ 160W/ 200W/ 240W:

A fast-to-fit system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming in all rooms, and a full heating system in well insulated areas. This heating mat range can be used beneath virtually any type of floor covering if covered with a levelling compound, ensuring luxurious warm floors whatever the floor finish.

  • Meets the requirements of the Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document L.
  • Will provide floor warming in all rooms, or sole source heating in well-insulated areas.
  • Integrated earth shield (unlike carbon films), allowing safe installation in wet areas.
  • When used with an intelligent thermostat, the systems react faster, are more energy efficient and cost less to run than lower powered alternatives.
  • Design delivers minimal build height combined with a robust high-powered heating cable.
  • Particularly suitable for large areas, where loose heating cables will take longer fit.
  • When installed at 200 W/m² or 240 W/m² this system is suitable for providing a full room heating system, even in high heat loss areas such as conservatories.
  • Perfect for floor warming or room heating in standard rooms when installed at 160 W/m².
  • Alter the heat output for individual requirements – outputs from 80–230 W/m² are possible.

General information


600 x 1200 mm

Thermal insulation board.


Pr_70_60_36_28 Electric sheet underfloor heating elementsPrimary


T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

Specification data - Electric sheet underfloor heating elements Enhanced data


110 W/m².

  • Output range: 120–1250 W.
  • Maximum load: 14 W/m.
  • Standard range: 1.1–11.5 m².

160 W/m².

  • Output range: 179–1700 W.
  • Maximum load: 17 W/m.
  • Standard range: 0.7–10.4 m².

200 W/m².

  • Output range: 130–1973 W.
  • Maximum load: 20 W/m.
  • Standard range: 0.6–9.9 m².

240 W/m².

  • Output range: 120–2710 W.
  • Maximum load: 20 W/m.
  • Standard range: 0.5–11.4 m².

Product Reference

Underfloor Heating Mat System

Heating element

Underfloor heating mat.

Direct acting.


230 V (±10%).

Ingress protection (IP) rating


Thermal insulation board

Not required.



(Thermal insulation board)

Not applicable.

6 mm.

6.6 W/m²K U-value.

10 mm.

3.66 W/m²K U-value.

12.5 mm.

2.86 W/m²K U-value.

20 mm.

1.74 W/m²K U-value.

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Self-levelling compound.


Colour touchscreen thermostat.

Manual thermostat.

Programmable thermostat.

Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat.

Colour/ Finish


Special order.

Insert requirement, over 60 colour/ finish options available.


2.7–3.2 mm.


Minimum radius 18 mm, fibreglass strand reinforcement.


Inner insulation: Teflon (FEP Y7) 200°C; Outer insulation: PVC (Y) 90°C.



100% aluminium earth shield.

Reinforcement mesh

Fibreglass mesh.



Four rows of double-sided tape.


Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

110W Underfloor Heating Mat Datasheet

110W Underfloor Heating Mat Datasheet

Underfloor Heating Mats Datasheet

Underfloor Heating Mats Datasheet

Third party certifications

  • Quality Assurance - certficate
  • BEAB Approved

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