Type GG


Individually operated, top hung panels, purpose made to suit any opening width.

  • Interlocking bottom rails. No floor track.
  • Suitable for internal and external use including shopfronts, with appropriate choice of features.
  • All panels can be specified as single or double action pass doors.
  • Curved layouts, corner layouts to special order.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary


L20/545 Sliding stacking panel partitions

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets

Product Reference

Type GG

Partition assembly

See drawing ___

See schedule ___


E - electric

M - manual




K system, offset stack

K system, behind reveal stack

K system, wall recess stack

K system, branch stack

K system, remote stacking

Z system, Za

Z system, Zb

Z system, cupboard stack

Track finish

RAL 9010

RAL, ___

insert colour.



Panel Type

Fixed panel

DT, single swing

DT, double swing


SE, single swing

SE, double swing

Special, ___


Standard end pieces

H - end pieces

Turning pole

End pieces cut to 90° angle

End pieces cut to special angle, ___

Top and bottom rail finish

Aluminium, colour anodized ___

Aluminium, RAL 9010

Aluminium, RAL ___

Aluminium, satin anodized

Top & bottom rail accessories


Top rail brush strips

Bottom rail brush strips

Glass edge brush strips

Pass door fittings


Closer ___

Lock ___

Pull handle ___

Push plate ___

Other ___

Standard product features


  • 12 mm toughened glass with polished edges.
  • Top and bottom rails: 100 mm high, 32 mm thick.
  • Height maximum: 4 m.
  • Width maximum: 1200 mm.

Acoustic performance:

  • Not acoustically rated.

Fire performance:

  • Not available fire rated.

Product Options


  • 110 mm wide. 100 mm high.

Track layout:

  • K system. For 90° movement of panels away from main track, for remote panel stacking. Twin point cross roller suspension. Ball bearing solid housing hanger.
  • K system, offset stack within opening.
  • K system, behind reveal stack.
  • K system, wall recess stack.
  • K system, branch stack.
  • Z system - straight runs only. Twin point guide roller suspension. Four wheel hanger.
  • Za system. With 100 mm offset to left or right of track.
  • Zb system. Panels stacked within opening, to left or right of track.
  • Z system, cupboard stack.

Track finish:

  • Spray painted RAL 9010 as standard.
  • Spray painted other RAL colours to special order.

Panel type:

  • DT, single swing. Fixed pass door, single swing. Non relocatable. With ceiling bracket, floor bracket and pivots.
  • DT, double swing. Fixed pass door, double swing. Non relocatable. With ceiling bracket, floor bracket and pivots.
  • NE. Standard panel.
  • SE, single swing. Relocatable pass door, single swing. With header - stop assembly and optional turning pole.
  • SE double swing. Relocatable pass door, double swing. With 100 mm high header trolley and optional turning pole.

Panel top & bottom rail finish:

  • Aluminium, colour anodized.
  • Aluminium, powder coated RAL 9010
  • Aluminium, powder coated to other RAL colours.
  • Aluminium, satin anodized.

Pass door fittings:

  • Mortise lock. Mounted on bottom rail. Carcass for lock cylinder.
  • Closer. Surface mounted on top rail.

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