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Can be used in a range of areas including small gardens to extensive public spaces.


Square-shaped tulip umbrella canopy resembling an upwardly directed flower.

Features and benefits:

  • The umbrella struts are located above the membrane when opened and are not visible from below.
  • Rainwater can be collected and drained between the Plexiglas cover and the umbrella mast.
  • Highly functional due to the possibility of internal lighting, and a water drain which feeds directly into the ground (or drained above ground in the mobile version).
  • Roofing sheets are fade, light and water resistant, and can be replaced if required.
  • Operated with a hand crank as standard. Electrical operation is also available.
  • The parasol is manufactured from aluminium and provides high stability.
  • Can either be positioned singularly, or displayed with additional umbrellas.
  • All materials are water and corrosion-resistant, and fixing screws are rust-resistant.
  • Easy to install with the foldable adapter.


Can be used in a range of areas including small gardens to extensive public spaces.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_65_78_58 Open sided sheltersPrimary


B91/385 Shelter

Specification data - Open sided shelters

Product Reference

Type E Square 4 x 4 m

Height: Closed: 4350 mm, open: 3350 mm.

Type E Square 5 x 5 m

Height: Closed: 4350 mm, open: 3350 mm.

Type E Square 6 x 6 m

Height: Closed: 4700 mm, open: 3700 mm.

Shelter description

Square with tulip canopy



Plan size

As product reference


As product reference




Aluminium with Plexiglas covering

Frame finish

Polyester powder-coated (PPC) 80 μm


Black RAL 9005

Silver RAL 9006

White RAL 9010


Roof covering

MDT-tex® 260 FR (polyester)

MDT-tex® 480 (PVC)

MDT-tex® 680 (PVC)

Integral services

Not required

LED lighting

Rainwater drainage

Water drainage above ground

Frame base variant only.

Water drainage underground (collected in a cistern)


Not required

Event platform

MDT Flex-Bar

Protective sleeve with telescopic pole

Scent emission

Top cover

Transport case

Water filtration system

Roof covering colour options

Various (dependent on covering). Consult manufacturer.

Wind resistance

Up to 60 km/h

Printing options

Not required


Dispersion dye


Spokes construction

Rectangular aluminium sections of 40 x 20 x 3 mm


Round aluminium section, 80-100 x 3 mm

Distance (spokes to ground)

4 x 4 m: 1600 mm (closed); 5 x 5 m: 910 mm (closed); 6 x 6 m: 850 mm (closed)


Frame base (with concrete blocks)

4 m and 5 m variants only.

In ground tube with water drain and foldable adapter


Hand crank

Motor operated (with electrical engine)

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