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Tuscan Glaze


Used as an antique stain to simulate century old plaster and was designed to obtain a faux or “mottled” appearance on Dryvit finishes. Works best when applied over fine aggregate finishes, such as Freestyle, Lymestone and Weatherlastic Adobe.


A tintable acrylic stain that can be applied to acrylic or elastomeric Dryvit finishes, providing an “old world” or “antique” look.

Features and benefits:

  • Acrylic-based - creates a resistant layer.
  • Applied over various textures.
  • Easy to use and creates “old plaster” effect.
  • Twelve standard colours- highlights the aesthetics of the finishes.
  • Custom colours available.
  • 100% acrylic.

General information


Available in twelve standard colours. Consult manufacturer.





Pr_35_31_22_94 Water-based finishing coatsPrimary


M60/175 Protective coating

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Specification data - Water-based finishing coats


Consult manufacturer.


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