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tufflow Fully Permeable SuDS Jointing Mortar

Fully permeable jointing mortar. Its use as part of a system of specialist mortars enables the construction of fully permeable bound construction, natural stone or concrete modular pavements, comprising tuffbed 2-Pack (SuDS) Permeable Bedding Mortar, tuffbond Priming and Bonding Mortar and tufflow Fully Permeable (SuDS) Jointing Mortar.

Features and benefits:

  • Joints constructed in tufflow can be cleaned without detriment to structure and permeability.
  • Joints require no structural maintenance throughout the service life of the pavement.
  • Aesthetics: tufflow provides the designer with scope to experiment with aesthetics, unrestricted by the limiting generic appearance of unbound herringbone concrete block permeable systems.
  • Bound permeable pavements can be composed of natural stone or concrete elements in a variety of sizes with joints ranging from 10–20 mm width.
  • Completely free of polymers and resin additives.


The manufacturer recommends that permeable paving is designed in accordance with the current edition of the CIRIA SuDS manual, relating to factors such as rainfall, catchment, infiltration and flow rates, attenuation etc.

Trafficking/ Loading:

The manufacturer recommends following the guidelines of BS 7533-4, -7, -10 and -12 in order to construct a structurally sound pavement, according to the ground conditions and intended use.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_60 Paving jointing mortarsPrimary


Q25/440 Ready-mixed mortar

Specification data - Paving jointing mortars

Product Reference

tufflow Fully Permeable (SuDS) Jointing Mortar


Dark grey

Mid grey

Natural grey

Standard product features


The manufacturer recommends dark grey as the aggregate content is also dark and can become exposed with vehicular traffic or heavy footfall over time. However, in the case of domestic patios and driveways, this is less of a concern, and the mid grey and natural grey colours are available as an option.

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