Tufcon 80

Tufcon 80

Conren Ltd

A four component cementitious flooring system formulated from carefully selected acrylic polymer, cement and specially graded high strength aggregates.

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Tufcon 80 is a cement based, polymer resin modified floor screed designed for use in modern industrial plants where normal cement based surfaces may not be adequate. The screed produces an extremely hard-wearing dust free surface capable of withstanding abrasion, impact, heavy traffic and high point loads. It can be laid to new or old concrete and most other substrates without risk of cracking or debonding. It can also be used as a damp-proof membrane and formed into coved skirtings, channel linings, dados, kerbs and to create gradients.

Tufcon 80 is supplied and installed by the Contracting Division of Conren Limited.

Tufcon Pumped Screed and Tufcon Speed Screed are also available. Consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details.

It is important that movement joints are incorporated throughout the entire floor system. Conren produce a joint system to suit all manner of construction methods, including crack induced/ sawn joints and preformed expansion joints, as well as coved skirting details and other finishing requirements.


Tufcon 80 is laid by trowel within a thickness range of 8-30 mm.

General information




Fast curing, durable, chemically resistant, non-slip


Cement Based


Cement based, polymer resin modified


All warranties provided are based on each individual project - dependant on environmental and maintenance factors

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M10/12 Proprietary polymer modified levelling screeds

M10/140 Proprietary polymer modified levelling screeds

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Product Reference

Tufcon 80


Not required

One coat WD Aquatect, quartz blinded

Two coats WD Aquatect, quartz blinded

Contractor's choice

Bonding agent



WD Bonder


One coat

Two coats

Contractor's choice

Standard product features

Properties (28 day test results):

  • Compressive strength: 65.0 N/mm².
  • Tensile strength: 7.8 N/mm².
  • Flexural strength: 18.5 N/mm².
  • Working life: 1–2 hours.
  • Open to light traffic: 24 hours.
  • Open to heavy traffic: 48 hours.
  • Full cure: 28 days.
  • Bond to steel (blasted to S.A.2.5): 12.0 N/mm².
  • Bond to concrete: Concrete fails.

Product Options

Primer/ Moisture suppressant:

Where the moisture content in a new concrete slab exceeds 75% RH, e.g. in fast track construction projects, Conren WD Aquatect, water vapour suppressant/ primer should be used. Consult with Conren for recommendations and details.

Bonding agent:

Tufcon 80 is laid as a fully bonded screed onto WD Bonder, which must be tacky to receive the screed. WD Bonder is a two component, solvent free, epoxy resin system supplied in pre-weighed units of the correct proportions and is ready to mix and use on site. Application is by paintbrush, roller or spray. Number of coats is dependent upon conditions; consult with Conren Ltd for recommendations and details. When applying more than one coat, subsequent coats should not be applied until the first coat has become dry to touch.

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