Trovex Ceilings


Hygienic PVC ceiling system which is lightweight and easy to install, either directly to the existing surface or on to a suspended grid. Available in white only, it is fully compatible with Trovex Diamond wall cladding. Its twin-wall construction reduces condensation, and the nature of the surface is such that it can be washed down in situ, offering excellent ease of cleaning.

Especially suited for use in food preparation, leisure and healthcare environments.

System includes a flush-fit ceiling board, a steel sub-grid (supplied by others) or the existing surface, a ceiling board joining section, and a ceiling perimeter trim.

General information


Twin wall hygienic PVC

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_25_10_35 Gypsum board suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K40/10 Unit/ modular suspended ceilings

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

Product range

Ceiling Systems

Specification data - Gypsum board suspended ceiling systems

Product Reference

Trovex Ceilings

Panel length

Insert requirement, sections available up to 4000 mm.

Suspension grid

Existing surface or supplied by others


Trovex Diamond ‘H’ joint sections

For joining sheets end to end.



Trovex Diamond ‘J’ section perimeter profile

For use at wall junctions.

Special order

Insert requirements; contact manufacturer for information.

Standard product features

Board size:

  • Width: 250 mm.
  • Thickness: 9 mm.


Twin wall hygienic PVC.




Trovex Hygienic Compendium

Trovex Hygienic Compendium