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Triton Tri-Cream DPC Injection Cream

Triton Tri-Cream is a unique blend of silane and siloxanes for injection into brickwork etc, for the control of rising dampness. It can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure equipment. The cream is delivered by hand pressure only from a single displacement pump and injector lance into a series of holes drilled into the mortar course. From here it migrates rapidly into the masonry pores where the injection cream reverts to a liquid phase and polysiloxanes are formed in situ. During the curing period a low molecular weight silane vapour is also produced giving excellent migration through the wall. Curing of the damp proof course starts immediately with the final cure taking 2–6 weeks depending on wall thickness. Extensive field experience with this technology demonstrates that Triton Tri-Cream will perform as well as any conventional liquid injection system against rising damp.

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C45/220 Chemical injection dpc system

C45/30 Chemical injection dpc system

Specification data - Injection mortar damp-proof courses

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Triton Tri-Cream DPC Injection Cream

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