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A single component injection mortar based on ordinary Portland cement, selected fine quartz aggregates, and active waterproofing chemicals. It is designed to stop rising damp in most types of masonry, including random rubble filled constructions.

Triton Injection Mortar is activated by a chemical reaction between moisture in the masonry and chemical components in the mortar, which form a crystalline growth that blocks the capillaries, pores and fine cracks in the structure. The product is odourless, and gives off no toxic vapours.

A hand caulking gun is used to apply Triton Injection Mortar to predrilled holes, finishing in a mortar bed at dpc level. Thick or rubble infilled walls can be drilled from both sides, at staggered centres, to approximately half the wall width.

Recoating with sand:cement render containing a salt retardant additive, such as Trimix 1, is recommended to hold back hygroscopic salts and residual moisture.

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Triton Injection Mortar

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