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Triton Aqua Pump Kit - Basement Sumps

A complete, ready-to-use water control system principally designed for use in below ground structures to control water ingress. Comprises a pre-formed sump basin, a single mains powered 230 V submersible pump, internal 40 mm plumbing to sump, including a non-return valve and a battery powered, high water level alarm.

The Triton Aqua Pump Kit is located in the floor at the lowest point in the basement and nearest to a suitable point of discharge for the pump. The sump lid is capable of accepting foot traffic and is easily removed for maintenance and servicing access. Full installation guidelines are provided and these should be read carefully before installation.


  • Pump capacity of 120 L/min at 4 m head.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Standard 40 mm discharge pipes.

General information


Pump capacity of 120 L/min at 4 m head

Quick and easy to install

Standard 40 mm discharge pipes

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_55_76_62 Private packaged pumping stationsPrimary


R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

Specification data - Private packaged pumping stations

Product Reference

Triton Aqua Pump Kit

Standard product features

Tsurumi OMA2 Pump:

Triton uses the Tsurumi OMA2 as the standard pump within its pumping system because of its reliability and its integral float activation mechanism. The OMA2 is capable of pumping up to 195 L/ min to a maximum head of 7.5 m. In most domestic and small commercial basements, the head height to which it pumps is approximately 4 m and the pump’s capacity is 120 L/ min. Where there are greater head heights, higher capacities or long discharge pipes, advice should be sought from Triton on specific pump requirements.

Sump basin:

A black polyethylene pre-formed chamber, measuring 560 mm high, with a 540 mm diameter (top) and 460 mm diameter (base). It is most commonly located into the floor, finishing flush with the surrounding floor level. The sump basin is supplied with a structural foam flat lid, which can accept foot traffic. The lid can be easily removed to allow regular maintenance of the internal submersible pump or pumps.

Non-return valve assembly:

To avoid any discharged water backing-up into the sump basin, a non-return valve assembly is provided. This is fitted directly to the submersible pump outlet via flexible couplings and supplied ready to accept a standard 1½ ” waste pipe.

High water level alarm:

The high water level alarm is an essential component within the Aqua Pump system. In the event of mechanical failure of the pump or an unexpected power failure, the water will continue to fill the sump. When the water reaches the level of the alarm float switch, the 80 db alarm will sound, giving warning of the failure. The alarm is powered by a 9 V battery, which should be positioned in a convenient location such as a kitchen/ lounge where it will be easily heard. Once the alarm is heard, immediate action must be taken to avoid flooding. Additionally, a 12 V battery operated pump can be installed offering peace of mind to the client, while investigations are made into the failure. See Triton Battery Back-up Pump System data.

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