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Trisomet® SC is part of the Colorcoat Renew SC® System, an integrated solar air heating solution that encompasses system design, renewable energy generation and control, to provide space heating and ventilation air for any type of building whether it's new build or retrofit, industrial, commercial, public or residential. Components include a Trisomet® backing wall, Colorcoat® solar collector and titan spacer system.

Features/ Benefits:

  • A highly efficient renewable energy system, with up to 75% efficiency converting solar radiation to usable heat energy. 1 m² of Colorcoat® solar collector area can deliver 250 kWh heat per year.
  • The heat produced from the Colorcoat Renew SC® System has been independently proven to provide up to 50% of daytime space heating requirements.
  • With typical capital paybacks of three to seven years and an average four-month embodied carbon payback, the system can deliver the best paybacks of any current renewable energy system for the smallest investment.
  • BRE have recognised the contribution from transpired solar collector system technology and it is included in the SBEM Building Regulations compliance software, this provides the most cost effective solution to achieve target emission rates (TER) defined in Building Regulations Approved Document Part L for new buildings.
  • The reduction in CO2 emissions from operation of Colorcoat Renew SC® System can help achieve national sustainability targets and meet renewable energy usage requirements of Local Authority planning approval procedures.
  • Incorporation of Colorcoat Renew SC® System into the building design can qualify for additional points for schemes such as BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) in both the renewable energy and responsible sourcing sections as the Colorcoat® solar collector is certified to BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard.
  • The specially developed Tata Steel design software uses bespoke system data, such as colour-specific absorption rates for the Colorcoat® solar collector and assessed supply chain profile data, for accurate prediction of renewable energy delivery, CO2 savings and payback periods.
  • The complete renewable energy solution includes a pre-engineered control system to reduce design time and costs, and ensure consistency of performance.
  • The corrosion resistance and colour stability of the Colorcoat® solar collector is guaranteed for up to 25 years, meaning that solar absorption efficiency is maintained for the lifetime of the Colorcoat® solar collector. At the end of the Colorcoat® solar collector’s life it can be infinitely recycled with no deterioration of steel properties.
  • All Tata Steel processes are subject to external audit against quality management system ISO 9001 and also environmental management system ISO 14001.
  • The Trisomet® panel provides a backing wall that can be installed quickly and efficiently, cutting down the installation program and due to its closed cell foam insulation, minimizes disruption during wet conditions.
  • The Trisomet® SC System provides a slim construction maximizing the buildings useable floor area and also a stable structure reducing overall system deflection.
  • The engineered joint of the Trisomet® panel together with its rigid shallow planked liner face provide the ability to joint panels consistently and provide exceptional air tightness at cladding junctions, improving the overall efficiency of the building and the Colorcoat Renew SC® System.
  • Platinum Plus® system guarantee offers a 25 year free material performance cover.

General information
Specification data
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Trisomet® SC System

Size/ design

As drawing

As schedule

Colorcoat® solar collector -




Colour/ Finish

Colorcoat Prisma

Insert colour requirement.

Trisomet® backing wall -
Core insulation panel thickness

40 mm

60 mm

80 mm

100 mm

120 mm

135 mm

Internal facing -

0.4 mm

0.5 mm


Colorcoat High Reflect

Pre-finished steel designed with maximum reflectivity.

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

For aggressive internal atmospheres, not available with LP 1000.

Colorcoat PE15

Pre-finished steel.


Bright white

For Colorcoat PE15 and High Reflect.

Special order

For Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and painted aluminium.

External facing -

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

Colorcoat LG®

Colorcoat Prisma®

Standard product features

Trisomet® backing wall:

- Facing material:

Steel manufactured to BS EN 10326.

- External facing thickness:

0.7 mm.

Panel length:

  • Maximum: 20 m
  • Minimum: 1.8 m (On-line), 300 mm (Off-line).

Panel cover width (standard):

1000 mm.

Panel core:

The PIR insulation within the system has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a very low global warming potential (GWP) of less than five. Both these factors support the achievement of a high BREEAM rating.

Manufacturing tolerance (to BS EN 14509):

  • Cover width: ±2 mm.
  • Thickness: ±2 mm.
  • Squareness: <6 mm.
  • Length: < 3 m (±5 mm).
  • Length: > 3 m (±10 mm).

- Fire performance:

The Trisomet® System carries Grade EXT-B approval by the LPCB. The panel achieves a Grade AA rating in accordance with BS 476-3, which tests for external surface spread of flame and fire penetration (AA is the best result achievable). The internal surface of the panel complies with Class ‘O’ in accordance with the Building regulations when tested to BS 476-6 and BS 476-7 and also achieves a Class B s2 rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

- Water penetration:

Trisomet® System is watertight up to a pressure of 1050 Pa, in accordance BS EN 12865.

- Air tightness:

In laboratory tests in accordance with BS EN 12114, the sealed panel shows evidence of air leakage as low as 0.43 m³/h/m². A practical expectation for a finished building, with effective sealing at all junctions would be 3–5 m³/h/m². However enhanced detailing practises on large shed buildings can realise air leakage performance figures of less than 3 m³/h/m².

- Environmental credentials:

The Trisomet® System is a sustainable solution with responsible sourcing and traceability of all component materials. All steel elements are produced within the UK Tata Steel’s steel production, strip processing, galvanizing, coating and profiling facilities. In addition the system’s carbon footprint is further minimized by the manufacturing process being situated adjacent to Colorcoat® pre-finished steel production facility. All steel elements are 100% recyclable back into new steel products, without loss of quality. The insulation can be separated using existing scrap shredding technology, after which the materials can be recovered or recycled.

Colorcoat® solar collector:

  • Material: 0.7 mm thick steel manufactured to BS EN 10326.
  • Profile length: 1–16 m.

Product Options

Core insulation thickness:

- Weight (kg/m²):

  • 40 mm: 9.23.
  • 60 mm: 10.01.
  • 80 mm: 10.40.
  • 100 mm: 11.22.
  • 120 mm: 12.03.
  • 135 mm: 12.76.

- U-value (W/m²K):

  • 40 mm: 0.46.
  • 60 mm: 0.33.
  • 80 mm:0.25
  • 100 mm: 0.20.
  • 120 mm: 0.16.
  • 135 mm: 0.15.

Panel end cut backs:

Panels will always have one flush end and one cutback end; therefore, they will be handed and should be ordered according to the direction of lay required. Recommended end laps are 50 mm for horizontal, 100 mm for vertical and 150 mm for roof applications.