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Trisobuild™ Systems comprise of a pre-finished steel trapezoidal liner profile, a Platinum Plus® approved spacer system, an insulation layer and a Colorcoat® pre-finished steel external weathering profile. A comprehensive range of internal and external profiles are available, all of which have been comprehensively tested, and third party assessed for structural capability by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI).

Tata Steel has created a range of Trisobuild™ System solutions that can achieve high levels of thermal, air-tightness, fire and acoustic performance, to meet the needs of any building envelope application. The systems ancillary components (i.e. fixings, sealants, roof lights, fall arrest, gutters and walkways) are specified from a range of approved Platinum Plus® System Guarantee suppliers who are selected on the basis of their ability to meet stringent technical criteria combined with 25 year product durability. Manufactured in factory conditions operating to BS EN ISO 9001.

General information
Specification data - Metal insulating sandwich panel cladding systems
Product Reference

Trisobuild™ HW

Horizontal wall system.

Trisobuild™ FW15H

Fire wall system; 15 minutes insulation, four hours integrity.

Trisobuild™ FW30H

Fire wall system; 30 minutes insulation, four hours integrity.

Trisobuild™ FW60H

Fire wall system; 60 minutes insulation, four hours integrity.

Trisobuild™ SR

Sound reduction system.

Size/ design

As drawing

As schedule


Knauf Factory Clad, glass fibre

Rockwool Cladding Roll, rock fibre


0.37 W/m²K

0.35 W/m²K

0.32 W/m²K

0.30 W/m²K

0.26 W/m²K

0.24 W/m²K

0.23 W/m²K



Flashings, finish and colour matching external sheet

External profile -




LP 1000

0.4 mm thick.


Not available with Trisobuild™ VW, 0.7 mm thick.



0.9 mm thick.


0.7 mm thick.


Coated aluminium

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

Colorcoat LG®

Steel only.

Colorcoat Prisma®

Steel only.

Plain mill aluminium

Stucco embossed aluminium

Colorcoat High Reflect

Pre-finished steel designed with maximum reflectivity.

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

For aggressive internal atmospheres, not available with LP 1000.

Colorcoat PE15

Pre-finished steel.


Bright white

For Colorcoat PE15 and High Reflect.

Special order

For Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and painted aluminium.

Standard product features

Profile length (internal and external):

1–16 m.

Internal profiles:

1000 mm cover width.


Ash & Lacy, Ashgrid BX48 spacer system.

Manufacturing tolerance (to BS EN 14509):

  • Cover width: ±5 mm.
  • Squareness: 0.5% of cover width.
  • Length: < 3 m (±5 mm).
  • Length: > 3 m (±10 mm).

Acoustic performance:

The sound reduction value of the system will vary dependent on liner, insulation and thickness choices. The SRi range available on these standard systems is 36.5–45.2. Contact manufacturer for more information.

Fire performance:

Trisobuild™ HW/ FW/ SR Systems when using Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products meet the requirements the Building Regulations Approved Document B for internal and external surfaces. Trisobuild™ Systems can also offer a Grade EXT-B and EXT-A approval by the LPCB.

Air tightness:

In laboratory tests in accordance with BS EN 12114, the sealed panel shows evidence of air leakage as low as 0.30 m³/h/m². A practical expectation for a finished building, with effective sealing at all junctions would be 3–5 m³/h/m². However enhanced detailing practises on large shed buildings can realise air leakage performance figures of less than 3 m³/h/m².

Environmental credentials:

The Trisobuild™ HW, FW and SR Systems are a sustainable solution with responsible sourcing and traceability of all component materials. All steel elements are produced within the UK Tata Steel’s steel production, strip processing, galvanizing, coating and profiling facilities. In addition the system’s carbon footprint is further minimised by the manufacturing process being situated adjacent to Colorcoat® pre-finished steel production facility. All steel elements are 100% recyclable back into new steel products, without loss of quality.

Product Options

Product reference:

  • FW15H: 140 mm spacer, two layers of 80 mm glass fibre insulation.
  • FW30H: 140 mm spacer, two layers of 80 mm rock fibre insulation.
  • FW60H: 180 mm spacer, two layers of 100 mm rock fibre insulation.

External profiles:

  • C19: 1067 mm cover width.
  • C32MR: 1000 mm cover width.
  • R13.5/3: 980 mm cover width, sinusoidal profile.