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Trimol 40 - Water Based Epoxy Coating

A two-component, water based epoxy coating for floors and walls.

Trimol 40 is typically used to provide a damp proof membrane on walls and floors, either as a stand-alone system as a wearing surface, or in a 'sandwich' construction between sand and cement renders.

The product is suitable for a range of substrates and damp surfaces including brick, concrete, stone and cement renders.

After full cure Trimol 40 resists petrol, oil and mild chemicals.

No reinforcement required.

Specification data
Product Reference

Trimol 40 Water Based Epoxy Coating


Trimol 40

Coverage (maximum)

6 m²/kg

Main coating -
Number of coats


Coverage (maximum)

6 m²/kg

Standard product features

Coverage (primer and main coating):

Ranges from 4–6 m²/kg. It may be necessary to increase the coverage given in the clause, depending on substrate.

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