Trilock 900


The Trilock 900 provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access, characterized by its highly reliable mechanism, stylish design and space efficiency. Available in various different models, it is a versatile barrier, providing a suitable security access solution for almost every situation. It consists of a cabinet, comprising electronics and a tripod mechanism, which can be customized with various exchangeable cladding elements. This modular concept provides a variety of models to match existing style elements in all possible surroundings.

The Trilock 900 is always locked in a rest position, but opens in the desired direction when authorization is granted via an access control system or external control panel. Once authorization is given, the mechanism unlocks for a rotation of 120°. By pushing the armset of the mechanism, access is given to one person, after which the mechanism relocks. An optional authorisation display continuously indicates the status of the mechanism with a green arrow or red cross signal. The attractive design makes it particularly suitable for environments such as reception areas in corporate, government and financial offices, museums and passenger terminals.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/500 Manual revolving doors

Product range

Security Access / Waist High Turnstiles

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles

Product Reference

Trilock 900




Filled, angled

Filled, straight




900 mm unit length.


1080 mm unit length.

Arm set


Length: 442 mm, height: 896 mm.


Length: 387 mm, height: 872 mm.

Power failure





Authorization display with a two colour LED pictogram, arrow/cross

Indicates the mechanism status.

Card reader mounting

Electrical counter

In one or two directions.

External soft-touch control panel

Traffic display indicating one or bi-directional passage

Standard product features

Size (w x h):

230 x 1000 mm.

Passage width:

437 mm (rigid armset), 492 mm (collapsible armset).

Capacity (per minute in one direction):

15–20; dependent on authorization system.


The Trilock 900 cabinet is finished in 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, grain 240S, AISI 304, with three push bars constructed from brushed stainless steel. The top cover is detachable to allow easy access to the mechanism below and the possibility of incorporating access control systems. The mechanism is developed for a long life, using self-lubricating parts.

Power supply:

100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.


The Trilock 900 is equipped with a modern control unit which can be accessed through a PDA. This allows the Boon Edam service teams to carry out service and maintenance to the software quickly and with minimal inconvenience to the users.

Product Options

Power failure:

The fail-secure model ensures that the entrance stays closed in case of emergency or power failure. The fail-safe model will free the passage by allowing free rotation of the armset or automatically collapsing the horizontal arm down. Alternatively, if a fire alarm is connected, the fail-safe function can automatically be activated upon receipt of a fire alarm signal.


Trilock 900 Security Turnstile

Trilock 900 Security Turnstile

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