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Tourniket - Revolving door


The Tourniket is a high quality revolving door with eye-catching features. Its unique design combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of flexibility. It is available with three or four wings and has a manual operation. The three wing models provide a balance of segment size, throat opening and capacity while the four wing versions provide the most efficient bi-directional pedestrian traffic flow because of the wider throat opening. The variety of configurations gives a suitable entrance solution for almost any building. Typical applications include offices, hotels, supermarkets and many types of public buildings.

General information



Powder coated

Insert requirement.

Special order

Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass, other metals or wood; contact manufacturer for more information.


Ø 1600 x 2500 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_50 Manual revolving doorsetsPrimary


L20/500 Manual revolving doors

Product range

Door Systems / Manual Revolving Doors

Specification data - Manual revolving doorsets

Product Reference



Three wing

Four wing



Not available with four wing, provides escape route.


Provides escape route.




1600 mm

1677 mm installation width.

1800 mm

1877 mm installation width.

2000 mm

2077 mm installation width.

2200 mm

2277 mm installation width.

2400 mm

2477 mm installation width.

2600 mm

2677 mm installation width.

2800 mm

2877 mm installation width.

3000 mm

3077 mm installation width.

3200 mm

3277 mm installation width.

3400 mm

3477 mm installation width.

3600 mm

3677 mm installation width.

3800 mm

3877 mm installation width.




Insert requirement, available 2100–3600 mm.


Insert requirement, available 200–1200 mm.



Powder coated

Insert requirement.

Special order

Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass, other metals or wood; contact manufacturer for more information.

Curved panels


Slim aluminium profiles with laminated glass.


High grade aluminium sandwich panels.



Burglary resistance package (ENV 1627)

Ceiling lighting with LED lamps

Ceiling lighting with LED PL lamps

Compressible safety buffers on the leading face of each door wing’s bottom rail (SRD)

For doors <3000 mm in diameter.

Dust covers

Available in plywood, stainless steel or aluminium.

Night locking

Remotely controlled locking

Roof covering for outside use

Standard product features

Throat opening width:

  • 1600 mm diameter: 643 mm (three wing), 1037 mm (four wing).
  • 1800 mm diameter: 743 mm (three wing), 1178 mm (four wing).
  • 2000 mm diameter: 843 mm (three wing), 1320 mm (four wing).
  • 2200 mm diameter: 943 mm (three wing), 1491 mm (four wing).
  • 2400 mm diameter: 1043 mm (three wing), 1603 mm (four wing).
  • 2600 mm diameter: 1143 mm (three wing), 1744 mm (four wing).
  • 2800 mm diameter: 1243 mm (three wing), 1885 mm (four wing).
  • 3000 mm diameter: 1343 mm (three wing), 2027 mm (four wing).
  • 3200 mm diameter: 1443 mm (three wing), 2168 mm (four wing).
  • 3400 mm diameter: 1543 mm (three wing), 2310 mm (four wing).
  • 3600 mm diameter: 1643 mm (three wing), 2451 mm (four wing).
  • 3800 mm diameter: 1743 mm (three wing), 2592 mm (four wing).


Aluminium profiles.


Aluminium profiles, laminated glass and horsehair weather strips around the edges.

Standard safety features:

Compressible safety buffers on the end of the curved walls (SRB).

Emergency escape:

The Tourniket is available with an optional collapsible door set. With this option the door wings will unlock in case of a fire alarm, power failure or other emergency. They can then be collapsed together to create an emergency escape.

Product Options


- Burglary resistance package (ENV 1627):

Boon Edam is the first to offer the option of night locking doors with an approved class 3 Burglary Resistance package on its revolving doors. The burglary resistant system has been developed and tested in compliance with the applicable European (ENV1627) standards and certified by the relevant Notified Body. The class 3 system includes special burglary resistant laminated glass, special locking and reinforced profiles.

- Night locking:

The Tourniket is available with a variety of manual or automated remote controlled night locking options. The automatic locking options can be combined with an access control system, allowing authorized users to enter the building at night. Night locking doors, closing the Tourniket completely, can slide on the outer perimeter of the door, or can be fully integrated into the curved walls, sliding inside the frame, allowing for flexibility in the positioning of the door within the façade.

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Revit 2016


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Tourniket Revolving Door

Tourniket Revolving Door

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