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Timber Click-on Battens - Facade

Timber Click-on Battens - Facade


Completely customisable, easily adaptable and quick to install—this beautiful system creates stunning linear effects for your walls.

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External walls


The system gives designers incredible flexibility to create linear texture by customising a range of variables such as material, size, shape and spacing.

Battens are simply push-clicked onto mounting tracks that are positioned behind the battens in a concealed manner. The tracks are fixed to the substrate prior to clipping on the battens.

General information


Colours are reproduced as accurately as possible, we recommend that you request product samples before final selection. Each species has their own natural variations of colour, features and characteristics.

Various colours available.


For help choosing the right timber coating for your application, read our detailed guide here. Hydro-flex water-based lacquer with a premium UV top coat.

Hydro-flex water-based lacquer.




Click-on Battens are available in the following sizes in Block, Flute and Dome profiles.





Various sizes available.


The period and terms of the warranties are divided into the four (4) categories below. Your project may include one or more of the following categories. Sculptform – Timber Products: Internal Applications – 7 years. External Applications – 5 years. Sculptform – Aluminium Products: Internal Applications – 15 years – Up to 25 years available on request. External Applications – 10 years – Up to 25 years available on request

External Applications – ten years.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_50_45_30 Facade-aligned brise soleil systems


Specification data - Facade-aligned brise soleil systems Enhanced data




Aluminium brise-soleil carrier members

Mounting brackets

Louvre and shading mounting brackets

Frame fasteners

Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Features a specially designed groove for acoustic backing. Note: Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. Recommended screw fixing centres: 600mm Interior / 450mm Exterior

Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. Recommended screw fixing centres: 600mm Interior / 450mm Exterior

Track system

Mounting track is available in four different options, each suiting a particular application. Typically 25mmx25mm Slim Line track used.


Direct fix frame

When battens are required to be fixed individually without a mounting track, for in-fills, an end detail, when no backing is used, and also when trying to avoid track being visible, this direct fix clip allows versatility by directly screwing to the substrate. Typically fixed to wall substrate which is commonly brick work.

Direct fix clip

Fire performance

All untreated timber achieves a Group 3 rating according to the requirements of AS/NZS 3837-1998 and AS 5637.1-2015 for use as wall and ceiling linings, as per NCC 2019 (Volume 1).

Timber is flammable, so application is limited to building class and fire resistant construction type as prescribed within the NCC, where low fire resistance levels are allowed.



Each timber species achieves different BAL ratings according to AS 3959-2009. See technical data sheet for BAL ratings of the various timber species.



Specifically designed corner clip


Timber battens are available in a range of length options to suit on-site needs. Timber is a natural product, and lengths range from 600mm to 5.2 meters depending on timber species. Cut to increment and set lengths available on request, however at an increased cost.


End treatment

End matching is a small tongue and groove profile on the ends of the battens. When engaged, these profiles help to maintain batten alignment at the butt joins. If your battens are cut to increment, cut the tongue off the first batten where butting to a wall, or the ends will be visible.

Small tongue and groove profile on the ends of the battens

Environmental information

Country of material origin



Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

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